News reaching me from a reliable source said the anticipated Unilag post graduate form will be out by the end of this month, March 2013.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I will keep you guys updated.
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UPDATES!!!: Click HERE to read another updates on Unilag Post Graduate Form for 2013/2014

Latest Updates as at 22/5/2013: Unilag 2013/2014 Post Graduate Form Now out, click HERE for details

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  1. Post graduate form is it pume form’

  2. Nice work

  3. Goodmorning! And thanks for all the info. Was @ unilag on thursday but was told the form isn’t out yet. Pls, when is it going to be available?

  4. Have they started selling Unilag masters form? I want to obtain it.

  5. Pls,Hw do i register even if it comes out,online or I’ll av to go to lagos for it and do u knw if they offer “public health”? pls?

  6. pls, let me know as soon as d form is avaliable for sale, tnk u God bless u

  7. I wish To apply for Masters degree in Medical microbiology or in Public health,pls when will the sale of forms be out? and also how much is the tuition fees?
    and also how much is the Accomodation fees?

  8. Hi,I would love 2 apply for masters degree in Medical microbiology or in public health,pls when will d sale of forms commence? How much is d form and tuition fees for my course? and also accomodation fees?
    I will be grateful To get feedbacks,†̥ånKz a lot.


  10. pls i would appreciate it if you could up-date me about the postgradate form. I want to purchase the form , but don’t i don’t have any realiable source. Appreciate your efforts.big up 2 u.

  11. Have the sale of forms began now?

  12. Ogunlade samson olumide

    Kindly notify me about the pre-requisites for admission.
    Can a B.ED students b given admission for Msc ?

  13. chief Timo, i hail oooo…plz is d form out now & when is d closure date?. thanks, hope to hear from u

  14. hi timo should student with 3rd class also purchase de form?

  15. Is the form out now ?

  16. Pls do they acept anytin les dan 3.0 for masters?

  17. Ebonugwu Precious

    Can someone with 2-1 in Igbo linguistics n Diploma in Adult Education be offered masters admmision in Education

  18. Pls kindly keep me inform when the form is out

  19. Good work

  20. Thanx Tim bt i’d lik to knw specificaly cos i was told d same tin wen i bought d form at nsukka last yr only to b told dat anytin les than 3.0 is nt aceptable. I hav 2.99

  21. Pls can I also get d form nd gain admission?I will b finishing my youth service in October dats wen I will get my certificate.won’t it b too late?

  22. Hi, pls i̶̲̥̅̊s the post graduate form out η☺Ѡ ?? Tnx

  23. Hi, pls i̶̲̥̅̊s ƧЂξ sales of the master form on going? Ʈ♓ªƞƘs. Reply via mail

  24. Can I get the PG prospectus please?

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