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2013/2014 Unilag Post Utme Cut Off Mark For All Courses Finally Out; Check Now!!!

I told you guys i will publish 2013/2014 unilag post utme cut off as soon as it comes out. Below are the cut off marks for 2013/2014 unilag post utme. Go through them and tell us if you made it or not by using the comment form below.


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  1. Comp engnr n I had 61.88 as aggregate,catchment area z ogun state
    ….guess I don’t av a chance

  2. what about direct entry wen is d list going to be out

  3. Thank you, but the faculty of science is not there. I had 55% for cell biology and genetics and i just try to check it on my mobile now, unfortunately the pdf format is not supported by my phone adobe reader. Pls what’s cbg cut off

  4. …I really appreciate ur efforts Mr Timothy, my aggregrate score is 57.25 and i’m going for physics…

  5. Taiwo Raymond

    With my 52.25% agg., what’s my chance…ECONS.

  6. please is there any way we can get the change of course form before the admission process

  7. I’m very grateful, I have 55% from Oyo for cell biology. Alhamdulillah(I thank God). I appreciate your effort, may God be with you mr Timothy, thank you.

  8. I had a 60 fr phamacy. I filled in for lag as my state. Don’t knw what my chances wud be.

  9. I got 65% in my post utme and a 57.5% aggregate for architecture for lagos. what are my chances? can i use any supporting document to push my chances?

  10. My aggregate is 58.64 4rm ekiti nd goin 4 microbiolgy, do i ve any chance @ all?

  11. Hi, I had 60.5 as my aggregate for Computer Science, and I’m from Ogun State where its cut-off mark is 60.25, will I find my name on the merit list?

  12. Oladimeji olawole

    Pls my aggregate mbbs is 71.00 ondo state. Whats my chance out of 10

  13. thank God and thanx also Tim,i had a 61.00% for quantity surveying and i can see a 45.50 for merit…..please when will the admission list be released?

  14. Pls,ma fone doesnt power pdf format..cn u tel me d cut-off mark for law?

  15. Am going for chemical engineering from Lagos …. I had 60.63 aggregate … Any chance ?

    • The cut off for chemical engineering under Lagos state is 62.50, the lowest is under Oyo which is 59.50 and you had 60.63 from Lagos state. You have a chance Bro! Pray hard, you might still make the list.

  16. I scored 48.75…..Biochemistry.Am from Osun

  17. Thank God! I’m going in for urban and regional planning and my aggregate is 57.50.When is the admission list going to be out?

  18. Scored 65.11 for law from lagos,but cutoff is 65.50 any chance?

  19. i had 68.83 4 mbbs n am from ogun state…wat r ma chances pls

    • Sometimes you might not meet the merit cut off and your name will still be on the merit list. yeah it happened to me during my time. so all i can say right now is that we should all be prayerful even as we expect the merit list.

      • oh…am praying hard o…bt am afraid…bt do u tink d chance ix high wit 3 points difference

  20. I scored 65.00%…..Biz Adm. i’m from Oyo state, please jas tel me my chances of gaining admission dis year bros Timothy………asap response

  21. tanks bro, may God strenthen u more nd more IJN……..(amen) buh, bro timo, i heard from the catchment areas that is jas five people that have high score will only be considered, i want to know if that is true.or i shld jas be xpecting mai name in da merit list shaaa… By God’s graceThanks

  22. Hi Timothy, great work you are doing here…God Bless u. Please what are my chances. I had an aggregate score of 71% to study MBBS(Medicine) from Ogun state. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  23. Am scared o i had 57.38 agg for sociology frm oyo state fear dey catch me o.

  24. I scored 66.00 as aggregate and the cut off for irpm is 66.63 pls is there a chance my name can come out with the merit list. Thanks

  25. 54.88 chemistry any chance

  26. 57.38 for sociology frm oyo state pls reply me.

  27. Sori pls i had 56.5% as my aggregate score and my course is surv. & geo….although i am not 4rm one of the catchment states what are my chances?

    • The lowest is 47.50 and that’s for ogun state and you had 56.5″. I understand you are not from any of the catchment state but you name might still be on the merit list since you beat most of the catchment cut offs. All the best of luck to you!

  28. i scored 65.5% aggregate for computer science from ondo…am i good to go?

  29. pls, wat’s d agg sco 4 mass comm. i can’t access d list. ‘am dead curious 2 know plsssssss ozoheve

  30. bro my aggregate score is 51.38 accounting from lagos state any chance?

  31. ‘am far behind! 55.75, is ma agg score. 4rm lagos state

  32. Pls uncle….i knw its vry hard on me rit nw…ad a 54 goin 4 accountin….4rm lagos whch cutoff z 67…i knw d gap z wide…but pls any chance of me bn givn anoda course pls…pls reply…cuz i knw m in a hot soup nd al op seems lost.

  33. I had 54.50 as my aggregate score is der any chance for me.chose medicine n surgery.

  34. boma kala otaji

    m from rivers state and my aggregate score is 55.25%….does the catchment mean state of origin or what_

  35. boma kala otaji

    i fillled architecture as my course…..is dere a chance

  36. fidelis solomon

    pls now cutoff for systems eng 4 ebonyi state

    • You are just repeating questions. I have already answered you. There is nothing like cut off for ebonyi state. What you should look at is the merit cut off for system engineering which is 64.00

  37. Plz i scored 56.5 as my aggregate, going for ACTUARIAL SCIENCE… Plz watz d merit cut off and OYO catchment???

  38. Pls how do i kno my own date 4 d upcoming diploma exam

  39. ayomidefreshboybado

    my agg score is is 55.88,bt oyo merit is 65:50,my coarse is physiology

  40. boma kala otaji

    DO i have a chance i chose architecture and chemical engineering…..is dere a chnce,cuz my aggregate score is 55.25% and i live in lagos

  41. what is d merit and catchment for physiotherapy ondo, and physiology ogun and merit

  42. I scored 49.88% ………. biz edu am from oyo state just wanna ask that what are my chances of gaining admission this year ehn my brother

  43. Hey….am from oyo state….I wanna study computer engineering nbmy aggregate score is 65.25. …..am I in?

  44. Am happy . I had an aggregate of 65.13 nd d course cut off for psychology is 61 .. Wil I come out wit merit list mr timothy

  45. isaac Blessing becky

    Pls help me with finance cut off mark pls.

  46. isaac Blessing becky

    i score 62.88 can i still make it.for finance.

  47. Hello Mr. Tim.
    I’m not from any of the catchment areas. Applied 4 Physiology, agg 67.88%. Am I secure?

  48. i made 60 for accounting what are my chances please

  49. To be frank,i scored 50.13 nd i applied for law,shld i kip praying..

  50. Mr timothy am frm oyo n i score 57.38 for sociology leapfrog ekiti,ondo n osun any hope of making d merit list.

  51. I scored 65.13% aggregate 4 accounting frm a/ibom… pls am I gud 2 go?

  52. Pls i ad 59.63 as my aggregate nd d cut-off point 4econs under Oyo state is 60.13,what do u think are mai chances?And can i stl change my course.reply asap plsss

  53. Pls when shud i expect the ist admission list for unilag,reply

  54. Onawola funmilayo

    Pls when is d list going to be out.

  55. but pls wat do u tink of my chances cuz the highest i hav seen so far for accounting is 57.88 tanks

  56. Onawola funmilayo

    I had 46.75 nd am going for linguistics/yoruba do i have any chance of gaining admission.

    • cut off 4 yoruba is 47.63 and it has no catchment @all, so jas pray very wel,u might made the merit list as well….

  57. Mr timothy plz i would like to know the general performance for sociology.

  58. Yea! Thank God finally , Above cut off for my catchment area! I”ll be waiting for the list!

  59. Any info about direct entry students?

  60. welldone Mr Timothy……..i had 54.25 as my aggregate score 4 accounting nd i filled ondo…pls wat r my chances of gaining admission in2 unilag?

  61. pls if d supplementry eventually comes out is it possible to change my course to science dept, will my utme subjects is of social sciences pls reply tenks

  62. 59.38 econs frm oyo any chance

  63. Onawola funmilayo

    Mr timothy I had 46.75 and am going for linguistics/yoruba did i have any chances of gaining admission.

  64. oyedele olapeju

    pls i scored 52.38. and d catchment for ogun is 55.00 for history and stategic studies. shuld i be hopin for d supplementry list or nt

  65. thank you soo much Timothy!

  66. Mr timothy plz i would like to know d statistics for sociology.

  67. Pls bro timothy,is dis jamb subject combination correct for chemistry: eng,physics,biology and chemistry. Pls reply I am really curious

  68. What re my chances to make the first list, i had 71.63, wanting to study economics nd the cutoff mark is 67.63…holla back pls .

  69. had 61 for physiotherapy. Wat my chances. I didnt see d cut off well.pls……..

  70. wat are my chances in political science……..i got 49.18

  71. My daughter had an aggregate of 68.63% she is from Ogun state and wants to study law?

    • She is in! Congrats!! The cut off for law under ogun state is 67.63. Her name should be on the merit list for Law!!!

      • ayomidefreshboybado

        pls i need ur reply my agg is 55.88,am 4rm oyo state my coarse is physiology bt oyo merit is 65.50 is there any hope or nt may GOD be wit u as u reply.

  72. Good day sir,please what is the supplementary list all about?any chance for someone who misses her catchment cutoff by 0.45 marks in the supplementary list?

  73. D cut off mark for cell biology and genetics is not there.deos unilag sell change of course form?

  74. I got 55.13 (aggregate).pharmacology is my first choice.i also chose unilag as 2nd choice and i chose cell biology and genetics,and am not from any of the catchment areas.what do you think is my chance?

  75. plz bros……i score 61 applyng 4 mbbs 4rm ogun watz ma fate……….and wen wil chang of course be out….reply me bak sir

  76. Onawola funmilayo

    Pls when is the changing of course form going to out ?

  77. Onawola funmilayo

    Pls when is d changing of course form going to be out?

  78. babalola kehinde

    i scored 65.13 course pharmacy my catchment area ogun says 65.60.do i av a chance

  79. try downloding it,bt its nt opening.pls what is d cut off mark for finance.ekiti

  80. Jaiwo augustina

    I score 63.63% on aggegriate for m.b.b.s from ondo state what are my chances

  81. maurice ipheanyi

    pls i got 58.25 for pysiotherapy bt i didnt make the merit is dere any possibility of change of course form

  82. i score 52.75..my course is history and strategic study..is there any chance 4 me dis year ??

  83. jenny cinderson

    pls my post utme unilag aggregate is 48.25 and course is english edu in unilag , pls any hope for me ?

  84. wow….my score is 52.75…i chose history and stra, study….do i have any hope of admission this year….coz am seeing 58 here

  85. my aggregate score is 54.38 and i want to go for accounting. my 2nd choice is economics. pls what are my chances?

  86. Pls i ave 54:13,as ma aggregrate mark for english art nd d catchment cutoff is 54:13….am in ???..fanx

  87. Hi.i had 51.63 for history and strategic studies.i’m from ondo state

  88. hafsah o. balogun

    i had 60.68,what other course can i get since my mark is below my course choice(finance).

  89. Hullo mr timothy,Pls who are those who make the supplementary list? Any chance for someone who miss her catchement cutoff by 0.39 marks in there?

  90. Pls mr timothy answer me nao..i ave 54:13,as ma aggregrate mark for english lang..nd nd ma catchment cutoff mark for osun is also 54.13,am i on d merit list??

  91. damilola adegoke

    pls mr timothy i had 52.25 for econs and am 4rm lagos, is there any chance 4 me plssssssss.

    • Dammy, like its d same wit me…52.25% 4 econs, I think d change of course suits us. Pray it should be dis yr o!

  92. Mr timothy wen is the merit list coming out?

  93. jamb subject for chemistry phy chem bio am i save? cos admision requirement in sch website is Phy chem bio

  94. Had 65% 4 mbbs 4rm osun wat re my chances

  95. Pls does ebonyi state have any advantage at all in the admission process

  96. Pls mr timothy i have an aggregate score of 66.5 for law,merit pls what are my chances for admission

  97. mr timothy i had 49.88 for creative art…nd ondo state catchment is 55.63..sir what are my chances of gaining admission sir.


  99. Plz mr timothy, 62.88 is my aggregate mark, Econs, ondo as cashment area… what are my chance?

  100. I had 58.25 as aggregate score pls sir,what is my chances to study accounting from oyo state

  101. Ohmg! My post utme score was 61.3 and I put in for Mass Communication. I really dont want to be at home for a whole year. *sad*

  102. pls bro timothy am totally out of energy am really down here…pls i am just 3 marks below ma cut off…iz there any help u cn render partainin to ds see ds ma 3rd year n have totally given it all it takes i dnt wana waste ds mark…cn u pls gimme ur phone number

  103. Mr timothy is the merit list out?

  104. pls heip me i cant print my post utme result i had 54.88 but when i want to check to print it was saying invalid reg or not yet to make payment heip me o

  105. Pls what are the requirement to study computer engineering in unilag and what is jamb cutt-off mark ?

  106. i had 82.8 in ma pst utme nd am studyin english language,is it good? nd wen is d list comin out naa

  107. Pls Mr timothy I scored 62.50% as my post utme score and 56.75% as my aggregate score and applied for masscom, so pls I wanna know my chances.

  108. I scored 60% out of the 63.38 merit cut off and my catchment area (ogun) is 61.72% for geology.any chance?

  109. I got 55.13 (aggregate).pharmacology is my first choice.i also chose unilag as 2nd choice and i chose cell biology and genetics,as second choice course and am not from any of the catchment areas.what do you think is my chance?

  110. Nwabueze kayinebi

    Hw can one buy d change of course form in unilag

  111. Mine is 52.75 in law from Benue state. Any hope 4 me

  112. Hi bro!!! , i ad 66.43% as my agg score 4 accounting from ogun state. pls wat are chances. May God alm strength u. Urgent reply pls……

    • bros Timo gud marwni, please i need a confirmation from you, i was told that those candidates that score below merit cut off that score maybe the exact catchement cut off, that their names will neva come out, or else they go for change of course form. plzzzzzzz, can that b trueee!!!!!

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