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Unilag Foundation Programme 2014/2015 Merit Admission List

It’s finally here, 2014/2015 Unilag Foundation Programme Merit Admission List For All departments;

The list is in PDF format, I have also uploaded the screenshot of the whole admission list below just Incase your device is not able to access the PDF format.

Are you ready!!!

Here it is; click 2014/2015 Unilag Foundation Programme Merit Admission List to download the PDF files from Unilag official website.
If you are finding it difficult to access the PDF files of the list, then check out the screenshot below….





















Further updates on change of course and registration details for those on merit list will be published soon. Click Unilag Admission Quick Updates and follow the guide in order not to miss out on any subsequent INFOS

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  1. damilola abodunrin

    i cant view it even after downloading it

  2. wow..i’ve seen my name thanks tim,u da best

  3. Woow…its jst so fst so happy ryt nw…God must be prasied…tnks boss tim…God will continue 2 enlrge ur coast..n bless u wit ur hrt desires…oose!!!

  4. Yaaay!!!!! Just saw my name!.. God bless you bro Tim!

  5. happy my name is on the list..tanks tim for al ur assitance.

  6. Pls,does unilag admit medical aspirants through supp list (jamb)

  7. Is there going to be a supplementary list for the foundation programme?

  8. I just checked the list and my name is on it tho I avnt seen my result. Thankx for all the update on bbm

  9. When does enquiries for change of course begins?

  10. Please is there anything like change of course for diploma? My sister scored 52.9 and d cut off mark for pharmacy is 58. I will like to know if she has any hope of changing to another department. Thanks

  11. @sir tim do u fink coc form will be out….

  12. Abeg when is the resumption date!!

  13. Timz ow abt d d.e jupeb result n admission list

  14. pls Mr.Timothy i had 56.5 applied for medicine…but can i make a change of course to medical laboratory science?

  15. God bless u ooo broz tim,I just saw ma name nw

  16. tnk u…saw ma name… couldn’t sleep I had to check it

  17. How can I get change of course form

  18. Dose dt xcored two marks below dre cutoff… dre any ohp

  19. Pls we nid d screenshot format…..cnt view d pdf

  20. please any hope of change of course??..please bro tim i need to know

  21. I can’t check my’s telling me application payment was not found.

  22. Number 1 name on the merit list for visual arts. I’m so happy

  23. Y is it nt on d skul website…..cnt view d pdf ova hre

  24. atimes, I wonder if u answer questions based on favouritism, lots of questions had been asked, n you are yet to reply.Just say sth eventhough u might not av all d full details now, we understand d rush n ur efforts to keeping us updated, but replies really does matters. Enquires for change of course in d school begins when? what is d actual mark used in consideration for supplementary list?

  25. Tim, please do you have any idea on how the set of people that make up the supplementary list come about?

    • As of last year, in order to get into the supplementary list, u must purchase the change of course form (which will be out soon), a list of courses wich you can change to will be highlighted for u…so those that didnt make d merit list shudnt bother much, there are many more list still coming, all u have to do is to keep ur ears open for latest news.

  26. The site ain’t opening….can someone add me on BBM and send d list to me7E177C1D

  27. pls guyz d link is not openin here can any1 pls share me d pdf on whatsapp 08022801033

  28. pls mr.Timothy, i had 56.5, applied for medicine….but can i make a change of course to medical laboratory science ?

  29. the link is opening

  30. The school website is down, i will post the screenshot of the admission list soonest

  31. If you are using a small phone to view the screenshot you might not be able to see it clearly. Visit any nearby cafe and check out to view a clearer picture.

  32. Thanks Ooo…Although am still waiting for Law List

  33. Thanks Ooo…Although am still waiting for Law List..pls..thanks for d screenshot…I really helped…pls Law list

  34. Pls Will dere b a supplementary list?
    If Yes pls wen will it be out?
    Pls will dere b a specific cutoff 4 d supplementary list or who will b worthy of being on dat list?
    If dere’ll b change of course and 1 changes 2 a course below cutoff is it certain u’ll gt d course?
    PLEASE do reply..

    • You just have to relax for now, yes there will be all that. More update on that later!

      Even the school’s official website just crashed and they are currently working on it.

      So guys don’t wear me out please, I will give detail update as soon as I get them

  35. Cnt c it clearly…wud appreciate if xumone cheks it awt 4 me…..MICHAEL OLAITAN…ACCOUNTANCY

  36. pls bro TIM is there any hope of change of course form dis yr….and do you still have to write an exam for dat too??

    • good morning MR.TIM, please their is a rumour that unilag will admit all aspirant for foundation programme please how true is it…cos dey say their will be lot of supplimentary please really need your reply

  37. Am done with the merit list upload. Check out the screenshot above

  38. I’m Dead . Just a mark to my cut off , Sir is there any suplementary ?

  39. uncle Tim may God bless you and all your family cause you are a blessing to many people in this world , i dont we for do if you were not there for us , IF and “ONLY” if everybody were like you the world would have been a safe haven for HUMAN BEING.

  40. uncle Tim…have 65.9 for medicine…can i make the supplementary list?

  41. uncle tim please u havent replied my initial post…please i need answers

  42. Thanks to God for av seen my name for estate management, m so api, my apiness knows no bounds rite now, its just GOD I give all the glory and thanks mr tim for this wonderful updates, the lord will continue to increase u

  43. pls let someone help me check my name. okobia gift rachel; accounting.

  44. fakoya toyin damilola

    Those that their names are not on the merit admission list now are not getting in at all…. Or Is there any other list apart from the merit list ? I scored 43.5 and I put in for psychology ……please what are the chances of getting in at all……..please reply me

  45. Mr TIM please when is there going to be news or updates on change of course form…please replyy

  46. wow!!! i made the list.

  47. Hi. Please what is the certainty of getting in, even after purchasing the form for the supplementary list? I’ll appreciate a reply, thank you.

  48. Br Tim, plz ma aggregate was 57.6, but 70.2 for Medicine & surgery. What’z ma fate bro.?

  49. pls kindly post wen the change of course form is out

  50. and where the form can b gotten

  51. gosh..xo api… name was listed 4 economics & I dashed unilag 13 marks…Thank u Lord.


    Hi timothy is there still going supplementary list for unilag foundation my daughter scored 61.2 for Medicine and surgery . Thanks
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN


    Please sir is there going to be a supplementary for courses
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  54. YaaaaaaaY! I passed!!! I’m in for LAW. Just saw my name on the list. 😀

  55. M name is in it thank God

    A friend of mine chose Botany
    The list is not in it.. Why??

  56. i dont know any stafff so please is it still possible for me to get change of course form succesfully? dats if its out…cuz i heard kits for only peolple who know staff

  57. I got 38.8 do U tink dere’s any chances of me being admitted

  58. Pls, kindly give the detail information on when unilag part-time programme will be out for the next academic session…

  59. if u get 58.9 nd d cut off is 60 for law… can ur name b on d supplementary list..or its only wen u apply for d change of course…..plz reply

  60. hi pls i did not get up to the cut off mark for d course that i wanted to study and i am blank of ideas, i do not know what to do now am on d edge, pls can u or do u know any solutions ………and how may get the supplementry list and also change of course.

  61. plz sir, watz d total fee range for Law in d unilag foundatn program?

  62. i wud like to appreciate you for the quick updates on the unilag admissions,God bless u. Pls sir, i wud like to ask when the change of course form would be out and how to get it because i didn’t get up to the cut-off for the course i want to study. thank you.

  63. pls wat abt d change of course?

  64. barry akaninyene

    please when will lecture for Diploma start

  65. please sir Does diploma have supplementary list? and is there change of course?

  66. tnk god my name is on the list…..pls how do i go about the registration and hostel accomodation

  67. bro tim,thnks for the good work. its unfortunate i couldnt see ma name on the merit list ,ma aggregate was 57.6, medicine n surgery. plss bro will there be a supplementary list? and whats ma fate? pls repy bro.

  68. Christy Ucha Obasi

    Well done. Please will there be a supplementary list? Thanks.

  69. Wen wil suplimentry list 4 diploma be out

  70. Well done o! Please my child had 63.5 for medicine. Is it possible for her to change to another course e.g. pharmacy which is 58.8. Your urgent response will be appreciated. Thanks.

  71. Pls I got 34 for mathematics and the cut off is 40 pls is there hope for me pls and pls reply

  72. PLEASE REPLY!!! I just saw here that you have to get the change of course form (for jambites) before someone would be considered for supplementary list. How true is that please? God bless you plenty!

  73. uncle tim like is it only supplementary list that should be expected as d nxt or final list?..for diploma

  74. pls sir , I will love 2 know if there’s a change of course because I did not meet my cut off mark .Thank you sir.waiting 4 ur reply.

  75. PLEASE is change of course 100% guarantee??

  76. Please bro tim I had 38.8 is there any hope or course I can change to..I applied for sociology mainly

  77. Please bro tim I had 38.8 is there any hope or course I can change to..I applied for sociology mainly..thanks please reply

  78. Pls How much is d school fees for the unilag foundation And acceptance fees

  79. . HEY BROS TIM .When r
    we gonna start
    registration oo. Nd i saw
    some jupeb candidates
    comments nd ur post
    too, i want to ask:. Iz it
    just three subjects dat
    we’re gonna be tested
    on. Coz i saw A-5 , B-4 ,

  80. Pls have they started paying acceptance fee for 1st batch? And when is it going to expire?

  81. Good afternoon, please will I need a credit pass in further maths to study actuarial science for diploma.Thanks and I just voted for you.

  82. Thank u bro tim, I have seen my name there

  83. Bro Tim pls update us on the registration details

  84. Pls Mr.tim d next list that is going to be released does it require a change of course form..pls I need an answer urgently

  85. Hey guys. did you apply for the foundation program and did not see your name on the merit list. did you score at most 10 (medicine/law-5) below your cut off. then, congrats you can now put a smile on your face cos you are in.
    Yesterday, I met with the director of unilag foundation and he told me that they are planning of admitting at least 100 candidate per course because …..(maybe they want maximum profit) so they are likely to release at least 4 lists. and the 2nd should b out by Oct.10
    so u gat hope!!!

  86. Is diploma change of course form out? Becous I heard its out

  87. @ortega nwachukwu so with 64.7 for medicine are u in

  88. pls any info about the diploma fee for this year?

  89. greetings Mr. Tim, happy belated birthday; any updates on the COC yet?

  90. Okay it has already been calculated 4 us? Xo no need 2 calculate it? Tnx mr tim..can I plz get ur number sir?

  91. Well done on a good job. Please Mr. Tim try your best to keep us posted on developments as it concerns this issue of change of course/supplementary list. My child had 63.5 in med. I want her to change course to avoid struggling in future. The tension is thick. Remain blessed my son.

  92. I heard that unilag does not accept neco result.
    Pls,how true is this.?

  93. Pls I need help .. I don’t understand dis supplementry list ish but I know I go 42.6 nd my cut off is 49… I wanna change course .. Pls I don’t know wat to do .. Pls help me … Pls !!!!!

  94. please i qot 5o.6..and i chose med..ani hope?

  95. pls i got 5O.6 for med..any hope

  96. Please, what next if my name appears on the merit list? My name appeared but i don’t know what to do next?

  97. Please do you have an idea of when the registration for the diploma programme will start and how much is the acceptance fee

  98. Please when is the registration??
    Unilag’s site isn’t updated

  99. 2014/2015 Unilag Foundation Programme Change Of Course Form, How To Apply; Follow this link:

  100. pls i had 63.5 for medicine..if i buy d COC, Whats d probability dat i get my initial course??…pls i need a reply am really bothered

    • I don’t understand your question. Unilag can still give you medicine if they wanna give you either you change your course or not. Please check my previous reply above for better understanding.

  101. Pls when is foundation programme resuming nd when is regristration starting

  102. wen is registration starting for those dat thier name is on the foundation merit list

  103. Still hanging in here for my daughter. Made 63.5 for medicine of 70.1. All the vacant courses are not appealing neither has the long awaited supplementary list been released. Maybe she should buy another JAMB form. Any hope Mr. Tim? Distraught parent.