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Unilag Postgraduate Admissions; How To Print Out Your Admission Letter/Payment Advice

I thought this will be easy without needing to post any guide but I was wrong. I still get pings and email everyday regarding printing of admission letter.

Have you checked 2014/2015 Unilag Postgraduate merit admission list?

Below is the step by step guide on how to access your own personalize portal on Unilag Spgs website where you can edit your bio data and also print out your admission letter after checking the list.

Kindly let me know in the comment section of this guide works for you

1. Go to Unilag school of postgraduate studies website( and locate the link for Current Students.

2. Enter your details; Application number and surname in lower case as password .

3. After logging in, you will see the link to Edit bio data, course registration, pay advice and print admission letter.

You might need to edit your bio data first before you can print the admission letter. To do this, click on bio data and then make every necessary correction and filled the unfilled spaces if there is any and then save before printing the admission letter.


Click Unilag Spgs current students login and enter your details; Your application number and surname(in lower case) as password.

More updates soon regarding registration processes for fresh students. Click Unilag Admissions Guide free updates to subscribe to relevant updates in order not to miss out on anything .

Please use the comment section below to let me know if the guide works for you and also make related inquiries, I will Reply as soon as possible.

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    Not everyone has seen the list to his or her department!

  2. Hi Timothy, it has been frustrating downloading the admission letter. The error message that comes up is fill the bio data form first, of which that has been done before writing the entrance exam online while registering. Kindly shed more light on this issue. Thanks.

  3. just tried checking but displaying username/password mismatch.

  4. thks for d info. nothing on the payment advice, and do u have an idea of what dept of transportation mgt paid last year

  5. Pls what is the tution fee for msc marketing part time nd full time?

  6. Morning Tim, am really disturbed regarding my PG result. My score is 41.9 Economics, till now I keep on seeing not yet set in the recommendation box. Am really worried.

  7. Thanks bro for all your effort. Pls do you think the MBA list will be out before the new year, because I am sick and tired of all this suspense.


    Good morning,

    Please assist with this, as I have been checking my result online but it is given 0 as scores and showing not set under remarks, see below:

    Application NoU1435172
    Full Name Mr Ayeni, Olalekan Sunkanmi
    Programme Master of Philosophy in Finance (Part Time)
    Aggregate Score0
    Result Remark Not Set

    Urgently assist with this.
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone, powered by Easyblaze

  9. Mine is saying username and password mismatch although my department list is not yet out.

  10. Thanks Tims, am anxiously waiting for ur next compilation. Thanks brotherly

  11. When is MBA admission List for 2014/2015 session come out?

  12. I dnt seem to understand y some depts are yet to set cut off mark….some of us will av to wait till nxt year b4 knwing our fate. They shld pls do dis on time to afford us time to rally round 4 payment

  13. Its unfortunate some of us might av to wait till nxt year b4 knowing our fate…bt these depts shld pls do release d admission list on time to afford us time to rally round 4 payment

  14. Hi Timothy,
    Ur assistance has really been immense nd always yielded positive results. Thanks for all u have done using ur blog in helping so many….wishing u a Hapi new year ahead dat will bring to reality all ur dreams…..bravo

  15. Pls Timo the admission list for master in Environmental Mgt is not in the list of the courses that are out. What can one do to check the list. At least I recommended on the result coment.

  16. Good morning bro pls I have not seen the list for my course which is “industrial and labour relations”…part time…please how do I go about it…thanks a lot

    Sent from my iPhone


  17. I have been checking for the list for about almost 2weeks now but nothing yet.. Its worrying given the fact that we were so few that applied but yet departments that are way larger have their lists out..

  18. good day brother, my name is on the list, and I got recommended, but to open the page to print admission letter is the problem, it’s writing mismatch. what should I do?.

  19. Thanks Tim for all ur updates, u’ve really been a guidian and may God bless nd reward u for ur good deeds. So after printing the admission letter, what next? Also I dnt ve an idea of d fees for organisational behaviour(FT). Is dere a deadline for paying the acceptance fee?

  20. Hello Timothy, Thanks for the information…but I wonder is it just me? I have been trying all day to access the information you posted but I can’t. Please help.

  21. Mr T…gudday…compliments of the season..pls do u know if jamb direct entry forms are on sale now?

  22. uhalla immaculeta

    Tim, thanks alot for ur guide. I hope there is no limited period for one to print admission letter? Do I need to hurry on that?

  23. Thanks for the information, so easy to access. I just edited my bio data form and downlo
    aded my admission letter now.

  24. Hi bro. Now I think I am a little bit worried. I initially had an upgraded score of 44.25 for MBA full tine, my remark was still not set…then the next day my score was upgraded to 49.19 and the remarks became recommended…. suddenly I checked 2 days later, the scores remained the same but my remark became not recommended . Why is unilag doing this, they wan give person pikin hypertension ni?… pls bro. just tell me I have a great hope with that score and I should ignore my remarks.

  25. Mr Tim. I scored 48.89 and I have not even seen the placement for educational psychology to now talk of if I am admitted. Pls are u sure we are safe. Am scared.

  26. Uncle Timmy, please from ur previous experience will the 2014/15 academic calendar for pg & undergrads at unilag run concurrently/ simultaneously ie will both categories of students commence &end d session at d same time?

  27. Hello timothy,
    Why is there so much delay in the release of mass communications department’s admission list. I believe we’ve waited enough to know what our faith is..

  28. Good day Mr Timothy, Please do you know the cut-off mark for masters in operation and production management (full time). I scored 44.

  29. Thank you Timothy for all your assistance its been of a great deal and help to all. Mostly thanks for sacrifice of going out of your way to give out information. I have a question though not related to this (the above) I was offered admission into unilag for the 2014/2015. Session and unluckily I wasn’t given hostel accomodation during balloting. Please I need help to get emerald hostel I live far and can’t get easy access to the information I need I’ve checked online and google but couldn’t get specifice information like amount if space is still available terms and conditions and all of that . I would be grateful if you could please help me out or preferrably refer me to someone who would help me. Thank you.

  30. omotoyinbo samuel

    hi Tim, tanx for everything uve been doing bout dis whole admission ish..u r one in a million. pls I wanna ask some questions which I will b happy if u can help me out with.
    1) I am enrolling for a 18months programme, is the tuition I’m going to pay cover d whole programme or I’m going to pay for 2 sessions?
    2) the accommodation fee! is it per session or for d period u r expected to graduate?
    I will b looking forward for ur reply.God bless u

  31. I don’t understand what is meant by hall of residence in the biodata

  32. The step works. I ve downloaded mine. Tnks

  33. hi tim pls hv they started payment of fees n clearance please let me know am far from lag

  34. pls,i havnt seen d list for my department that is Mass Communication

  35. Boss I notice phy dept was nt on the admission list for 2013/2014 pgd and is not on this current one it possible that some dept do not post theirs, cos I have been checking. Doh I have chked my result and I got recommended as remark.

  36. Goodday. Mr T.. Just want to thank u and God bless you for all u’ve been doing…..Wishing a Prosperous New Year

  37. my oga thanx for the info, u have bin a blessing. i have tried printing the admission letter as you directed but could not even log in. kept saying username/password mismatch. my name is on the admission list for my dept. i am sure i did not make any mistake cos i used the same ref number and surname to recheck my result after. tnx

  38. Hi Tim, how long do we have before we print out our admission letter and complete the registration process. I am not available at the moment to do it. Anticipating your response and will really appreciate it.
    Also I hear there’s going to be a date fixed for screening, any ideas when that will be.
    Thanks a whole lot.

  39. happy 2015

  40. Happy new year. May you find fulfilment in 2015. You are destined for the top in Jesus name. AMEN.

  41. Uncle T…gudmorning n appy nu year..wishig u gud tidings dt lyf can afford…pls help…do u knw if jamb direct forms are on sales nw? & wia can one get it?

  42. Happy New Year bro.Thanks for your support so are highly appreciated.

  43. When is the deadline for paying Acceptance fee

  44. Sorry whts d screening all abt

  45. hello Timothy
    I applied for masters in law and I scored 55 in d entrance exam but my name is not in d admission list released. pls any hope for me. tnx

  46. Hi Timothy.

    Thanks so much for the info.

    I want to know if Unilag will still consider bringing another admission list for postgraduate students?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  47. please can i get the details on the total of msc microbiology school fees,eg acceptance fee….,then what is the essence of the obligatory fee they compulsory.thanks

  48. Please Mr will i pay 61k i saw in my admission letter .

  49. Hi Tim, we can’t thank you enough for the privilege given to us by ur posts. I say thank you. Pls, we need the break down of all payments for different departments even if it is last session’s. So that we will have insight of what to expect before the latest update on the fees proper. Thanks in anticipation

  50. Aren’t unilag suppose to have upgraded their website to date by now? so that all information regarding payments and registrations be known?.

  51. temitope olabisi

    Hi Timothy, please is there a deadline for printing of admission letter and the acceptance fee payment? Tnks

  52. finally, MSC Accounting is out andddd i made the merit list. Timo, how much are we going to pay for the whole Master? Cos me is showing pay obligatory fee first. I don’t really understand it . pls help me explain.

  53. Bro. Chai..i got 49.17 MBA (Full Time) . My name is not on the list. I don’t know if I still have a little bit of hope for second list

  54. Dear Tim, thanks for all. I saw my name on the list this morning and I’ve printed my admission letter. But please, how do we pay the obligatory fee? Is it online or we have to get to unilag first. Please help out

  55. Thank you for everything Tim, you’ve been really helpful. Printed my admission letter this morning. Pls how do we pay our obligatory Fee? Is it online or we have to get to unilag first. Please help. Thank you

  56. Yeah timothy pls I’m able to print the admission letter
    And bbio data but the payment advice isn’t going through. How do I know what account to pay the 61k to? Is it something I need to chill on or am I expected to go to a bank in Unilag soonest? Because I can’t register courses online without payment. Has the regjstartion even started yet?

  57. bro timo saw sumfn about acceptance letter…isit after we have paid the acceptance fee bfore we can get the acceptance letter or befor?.

  58. Hi, thanks for all the useful info. I have been trying to log in to get my details, I have tried all the steps but it still says ‘username/password mismatch’. My name is on the list although it was released Friday. Is it possible it is still being processed or do I need to go to spgs at Yaba? Thanks

    • What did you log in with? Note that your application number is not the same as the reference number you used in purchasing the form. Also ur surname as it appears on your form in lower case is your password.

  59. Hi,I went through your instructions and it has positively yielded results.I have successfully printed out the provisional admission.Please my question exactly is what next should be done after printing and when is the last date for paying the acceptance fee

  60. Hi Timothy,I went through the comments and have successfully printed out the provisional admission letter.My question exactly is what next after printing out the letter and when is the deadline for paying the acceptance fee.Thanks.

  61. Hapy New Year Timothy! Here’s wishin u a prosperous 2015..I was able to print out my admission letter dis aft’nun by followin d guidelines u gave. As 4d payment advise, medical form,etc wz unable 2get it. Do u av an idea on hw much is d fees 4 masters of Development Science? A breakdown of sch fees wil b highly appreciated so as 2av an idea.
    D acceptance fee of 61k is der deadline yet? Many tanks in anticipation of your ressponse.

  62. Happy new year,Mr Tim pls what is the meaning of provisional admission and what is the screening process about.

  63. Hello Tim.i was at ecobank unilag yesterday to make payment for the 61500.obligatory fee for Pg.but was askd to go nd get d payment advice. Before now been trying to print it out but d page is blank.still tried y/day.same.i went back to the bank to tell them that, was told to hold on.pls I just want to know if anyone in this forum has made payment without the payment advice.tanx.

  64. Hollammide Okafor

    good afternoon am olamide please i finish my national diploma this year and i dnt want to do hnd i want to do in Unilag what program will i apply for and what are the steps and also Requirement.Thank you 

  65. Hollammide Okafor

    good afternoon am olamide please i finish my national diploma this year and i dnt want nto do hnd i want to do in Unilag what program will i apply for and what are the steps and also Requirement.Thank you 

  66. Mr. Timo, gud aftanoon! Pls i wnt to knw d postal address of unilag post graduate studies where we are to send our transcript! Thanks

  67. Plz any idea if supplimentary list for post graduate mba will be released? I had 44.33

  68. In the instruction on spgs website, it said degree certificate or transcript, not statement of result. So does that mean they will accept certificate, and transcript isn’t necessary?

  69. Thanks Mr Tim. You’ve been a great help so far. Left alone, we wud av been goin around in circles. The spgs website just gives very vague and confusing information. Thanks again. Keep up d gud work. Hapy nü year.

  70. Hi Tim, i just printed out the payment advice.Though i have been unable to print out the medical form as it seems i have to pay the obligatory fee first. i am also unable to apply for the installmental payments

  71. omotoyinbo samuel

    Hy Tim, I’ve printed out d pay advise, but its bringing out both d obligatory fee and d school fees. Must we pay both d obligatory n d school fees before downloading d medical form? or we can pay d obligatory fee first to continue d registration process? tanks a lot.

  72. pls i hav bin able to print my paymnt advice bt am presently in Abuja,do i need to travel down to lag immediately so as to pay my obligatory nd school fees to start my registration or d process has not began.

  73. pls sir,Must d Transcript b sent directly frm my skul,cant i send it thru DHL sealed frm school cos if i hav to wait for my skul to send it,it might tak mi mnts

  74. good day house..please am goin for msc irpm and I jus saw the pay advice..the sch fee is 75k..please is this d whole. fee for the full duration of the course or is it for jus a semester. ..please help..thk you

  75. Hi Tim,u have been of greet help to us thru dis blog.pls i want to knw if banks av started collecting d obligatory fee and sch fee.Thanks

  76. Pls sir tim, what is our hope? Not recommended,

  77. Payment Advice/Fees Is Now Up for Admitted 2014/2015 Unilag Postgraduate Students, How To Access The Guide.

    follow the link below;

  78. tim wen is the commencement of payments f obligation fee n school fee what of accommodation for distance students Like us. also r we supposed to print payment advice before going to d bank pls advice


  80. Pls, when ll the supplementary admission list for MBA be out.
    I scored 46.02 in my remarks (not recommended) but know of people that scored below my score but are recommended. Thou, it is like different cut-off for MBA Executive, Full Time and Part Time…

  81. Hi Timothy, good work you are doing here. I received a message from UnilagSPGS saying I have been granted admission for MBA and should proceed to the portal for next steps but there is nothing new on the portal. Please advise.

  82. Hi Timothy,is there any info on hostel accommodation for postgraduate students yet?

  83. Falade temitope

    dear administrator, thanks for your updates. Am a fresher.
    please I have difficulties accessing the current student portal for registration.
    the portal is not accepting my password. have tried severally but it not accepting it. kindly assist.

  84. Shayo Ajiborisha

    Hello, my name is Shayo Ajiborisha. I was hoping to get in touch with other applicants who have been granted admission to study MIT. If we can keep in touch and update each other with registration info, i’m sure it will go a long way. My number is 08023770589.

  85. Anyone in Pharmaceutical Chemistry should please contact me on 08072905143 or add me 26C94420 …. Let’s roll 2geda

    • Reading the comments from the beginning answered all my questions. .. you are fantastic Tim. God bless you! Going for MPIA.

  86. geophysics abd geology admission list is not dere, please why? i’m worried cos i got recommended on my result. thanks

  87. Oga Tim! Well done.. Having an issue with the payment advice.. Gained admission for Masters in Public Health (General option) – part time, but the payment advice is yet to be uploaded as at this morning.. Any advise on what i should do?

  88. abraham motunrayo

    i want to know the bank to be use for the payment of PG obligatory fee and tuition fee

  89. Hi Timothy, this was really helpful but i would like to know the process of changing from FT to PT cos its actually FT i applied for but i want to change to PT. Please i would appreciate if i could get a break down. Thanks in advance.

  90. Morning oga Timothy, are there supplementary lists, and if there are, when?

  91. Its very okay. U r doing a good job, God bless u.

  92. i am trying to update the biodata form now, buti am stuck cos there is a tab that is requesting for old matriculation number since i was once an undergraduate in unila back in 2007. How can i find that cos i can remember the matriculation number

  93. Hi Timothy uve bn so helpful n I’m Rili grateful. Was just able to view my payment advice after waiting for over a week. Thanks a bunch. Gid bless u

  94. Hi Timothy uve bn so helpful n I’m Rili grateful. Was just able to view my payment advice after waiting for over a week. Thanks a bunch. God bless u

  95. hello people. payment has started. y’al beta act fast.

  96. Hello Bro!!!
    Please help. Its now urgent. I have not been able to access my portal from the current student link. I even try to recall my password as another strategy if that will work, but it says my matric number was not found. But I am able to access my information from the 2014/2015 application form link. Although, my result is there, but my admission letter and the payment advice is not there except for the application fee payment advice.
    May be I am missing out on something, kindly help out.

    Thank you.

  97. I can’t find my name on d admission list. my appl no is W1425138. my surname is raimi. masters, measurement and evaluation. only 12 names on d list, is that possible?

    • Bro thanks so much for the great job.
      I hv been busy and far from lagos since and just found out nw that d list is out since december.
      My name is there though bt, is it not late ? Plz whn is d deadline for d registration n payment ?

  98. pls any one in Mass Communication FT,pls contact mi on 08067345848

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