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Payment Advice/Fees Is Now Up for Admitted 2014/2015 Unilag Postgraduate Students, How To Access It

The payment advice for the newly admitted Unilag postgraduate students is now up and you can print yours when you log into your own personalized portal on Unilag Spgs website.

To those who have been requesting for tuition fees details, you will see it right there on the payment advice.

I have already given detailed guide on how you can access the portal and print your admission letter in one of my previous posts.

To access the guide now click…..
print payment advice/admission letter to access the guide.

After printing the payment advice what next? Take it to the bank and make payment. I recommend any bank inside Unilag though. If you are going to use any bank outside Unilag, make sure you ask them first if they have details of Unilag Spgs payment.

You know after payment, the system will update your portal so that there won’t be any restriction anymore.

Note; Its confirmed, payment is ongoing!!!

Now, if you want to defer your admission you have to pay the obligatory fees first.

Get details when you click How To Defer Unilag Postgraduate Admission.

These are the Infos available to me right now, trust me if there is any change before Monday next week I will give a follow up post right here.

No deadline yet but my advice for you is to do your thing as soon as possible.

More details later on Registration , in order not to miss out on any of my subsequent guide/updates click Unilag Admission Guide Free Subscription and follow the simple guide to subscribe.

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  1. Good job Tim, really good job.

  2. Pls Tim, what abt instalmental Payments?

  3. obligatory fee 61500 nd pg tuition (FT) 75000. tnks tim.

  4. Please when is the deadline for these fees

  5. Hello tim,am finding it hard login into my account, what could be the problem

  6. Please is there any deadline for the obligatory fee and the tuition fee?

  7. Thanks Tim, keep up the good work nd u’ll be duely rewarded

  8. Please would like to confirm, the fees on the payment advice, is it per session or that’s for the full programme.

  9. Please can you help me get the total payment package all through the sessions for MBA part time. Thanks. Jane

  10. Pls, wen shld we b expecting PG supplementary list. Tanx

  11. God Bless u dear… Honestly u’ve been a lifesaver thru out this period. thanks a lot

  12. pls,oga timo,my payment advice is showing blank.wat can i do

  13. U don’t really reply on BBM channel like u do here. Anyway, More strength 2 ur elbow. Good job

  14. @ peace, use d number (Ref No) on d paper u took to bank and NOT the one on ur Exam Slip (Application NO) + ur surname in lowercase. Wit dat, I tink u shld b able 2 login.


  16. Is there any MA.English Language student in d haus? I was unable to view d payment advice on my profile.I wud like sb to tel me the tuitn fee 4 d programme(FT/PT) .

  17. God bless u tim for d good job u’re doing. Pls I want to know if MBA is domicilled in akoka campus or idi-araba campus. I want to pay my obligatory fee. Tenks

  18. Hello. Is the supplementary list out?

    • welldone for the good work oga timothy,pls can you help update with all the course and tuition fees. so we can start planng ahead,my course is Enviromental Management(MEM)….pls any body that has accessed should pls info me here.or beta of pls tell us ur course and the tuition fees.Thanks

  19. The tuition fee quoted on the pay advice, is it for the whole session or just for the first session ?

  20. Oga Tim,any idea on when lectures wil start for PG students…

  21. Please I was trying to apply for Installmental payment and it prompted are u sure that u might not be able to go back, i didn’t apply because i don’t know how it works. kindly advice.

    Part payment.

  22. Please Tim ave downloaded my pay advice. So how do I pay the fees. Thanks

  23. Okay. Tenks. From d unilagspgs site, one ll av to pay inside unilag or idi-araba; obligatory fee. Wia do u think I will pay my mine. MBA full time.

  24. Great job tim, Im wondering why some dept haven’t pasted their list e.g architecture, environment design, urban design. Since payment has proceeded.

  25. Hi, my man, I can see that my pay advice has been generated when I lodge in to my account, can I go ahead and pay both the obligatory fee and my tuition? Msc mass com full time

  26. Public health is giving blank sheet. Do you have any idea of school fees for part time studies?

  27. Thanks for the info. But I’m still unable to get the tuition fee details. As the figures are yet to be uploaded there.but be bn able to print my admission letter. Don’t know if I’m the only one with this issue. Actually got admission I god mph programme. Thanks Timothy. U have been sooo helpful God bless u

  28. Ayodele Adepoju

    hi timo! I applied for Masters of Developments Finance (part-time) which is for two (2)sessions. i was told the tution was for N1,200,000.00. Have seen my payment advice and my fee is N600,000.00. i want to confirm if the fee of N600,000.00 is per session or if it is the full payment for the whole programme. thank you

  29. Ayodele Adepoju

    hi timo! I applied for Masters of Developments Finance (part-time) which is for two (2)sessions. i was told the tution was for N1,200,000.00 as at last year. Have seen my payment advice and my fee is N600,000.00. i want to confirm if the fee of N600,000.00 is per session or if it is the full payment for the whole programme. thank you

  30. Hello timothy, I really wanna appreciate d good work u doing. Ur updates are always answering my questions. Pls I jst want clarification on this, its posted on d unilagspgs website that, I quote “For programmes domiciled in idi-araba
    campus, student should ‘make payment at
    access bank’ idi-araba(except the faculty of
    pharmacy)”. My faculty is Pharmacy, am I to pay at akoka or idi araba.
    kindly respond. kudos to you again.

    • I guess it means faculty of pharmacy can pay in akoka. Infos available to me are still sketchy. Will verify and post before Monday.

    • Hiii modupe, I did nt see d info pertaining 2 dat…. Can u pls flash me or send a txt 08072905143 cos my course is also unda d faculty of Pharmacy…. Pls let’s do dis 2geda….. Will be expecting ur call/msg.

  31. Hello Oga Timo, you have been so helpful in this period, thanks for all your support, advices, and all. I am happy that finally the list is out nd my nAme is there.
    I applied for part time MbA but will be needing a hostel, I heard that PT students r not usually given hostels, so if u or anyone knows anyone who is willing to sell her hostel, please holla……..

  32. Olakunle 07066347579

    sir . I Just received a text message from unilag spgs dat I sud disregard the earlier admission notice …Wat does it mean ??? I got 75 master in educational administration nd planning full time

    friends , has anyone received such too????

  33. @ Olakunle, I also received the message last night. I scored 68. Did u notice that the list has been removed for the page that contains all the list for masters programme?

  34. Hello Tim, do u know if there’ll still be additional admission list for masters of law full time, my name is not on d first list.

  35. Pls can I change to part time after applying for full time for my masters. Tnks

  36. Bro Tim ..u have helped us ..may you be helped too…i have an observation to ALL OF US..its about payment in akoka or idi araba etc///as well as about paying obligatory or skool fees one after the other or paying at once….”TODAY,9TH OF JAN,,I WALKED IN TO A FIRST BANK IN IBADAN(UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN BRANCH TO BE PRECISE) JUST TO MAKE ENQUIRY IF THEY DO ACCEP UNILAG TUITION FEES…AFTER TAKING MY PAYMENT SLIP AND GLUE TO THEIR SYSTEM,,THEY SAW MY INFORMATION AND SAID “AS SOON AS YOU HAVE THE CASH,YOU CAN MAKE PAYMENT,YOUR INFORMATION IS CLEAR AND YOU CAN PAY”….I NOW ASKED HOW MUCH AND THEY SAID “OUR SYSTEM READS 151,750naira”….WHICH IS EQUIVALENT TO MY TOTAL FEES TO BE PAID (BOTH OBLIGATORY AND TUITION)… pls lets confirm well if we can pay anywhere so far the BANK TO PAY INTO has the platform to dop such transaction..i think that will help students and save us from travelling to lag and also prevents congestion in UNILAG BANKS….make una comment on this ooo


  38. pls,mr timo,my payment advice is blank for biochemistry.dnt knw y it is like dat.pls,are dey still uploading some dept fees

  39. tim plz, since my status was not qualified for the initial course I applied for, can I use the result to re-apply for another course? from msc econs to msc finance. kindly reply. score is 56.45.

  40. @Hammed with the present it despensation I believe you can pay from any state except where they state a specific branch. I paid my registration fee from Abuja Access bank,so the most important thing is make sure the bank branch you use can see your information like yours was seen.My thoughts oo.

  41. Olakunle 07066347579

    @Aire yes. master in educational administration and planning (full time) has been expunged …. I don’t kno y……. I kno ure busy mr Tim …pls Wats goin on

  42. Thanks Tim for your help. Please d’you have any idea about the payment plan? Any installmental payments?

  43. thanks so much trying to open my payment advice but wasn’t open, pls how much am i to pay for Master in public Adm and was the deadline for payment

  44. Oga T,i need an accomodation,any idea on how to get one in or outside d school a pg ful tym students

  45. Kudos 2 mr Tim…..Pls are we 2 pay obligatory n tuition fees 2geda or seperately cos I av only #61’500 wit me presently…pls I need reply

  46. I’ve made payment but my profile is not yet update, although ive been able to print out my receipt but when I click on registration it still refers me to go back and pay for obligatory

    • @Temi pls did u made all payment or obligatory fee alone first… Pls I need clearification

      • Hello tim,can I pay the obligatory fee for now and pay the sch fees much later?cos some ppl said that we are to pay for both at the same time.

  47. Dear Sir,
    When I opened my payment I found that the sch fee is 250k for full time Criminology. Pls, do u know it is true or it is an error? I am so confused bcos I av been hearing ppl saying their is 75k.

  48. I was at the pg school today and I saw the notice pasted on the notice board stating that screening exercise for 2014/2015 begins on Monday 12th January, and it will last for 6weeks.

  49. Hello tim…. thanks for all the info.. I got admission in biomedical engineering under college of medicine, I have been trying to print my payment advice…..but it’s been blank all the way. Any help plsssss!!!!!

  50. Good day Tim. Can one be screened before paying the acceptance fee and tuition fee or u must pay before being screened? And which one is prospectus and abstract fee pls?

  51. Nice information. I’m so lucky to see this information on time. Thanks a lot @ Mr. Timothy !
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  52. Dear Tim, i must commend you for the good and selfless work you have been doing. I applied for MBA part time and I have printed my payment advice slip. I would like to confirm where I should pay the obligatory fee & tuition fees. I don’t know if it is Yaba,Akoka,or Idi Araba? And also the bank to pay to. Your kind response would be appreciated.

  53. Akinlosotu paul

    PGA Tim, I hail sir, old for us that our transcript was sent to the deputy registrar in the dogs school… How re they gonna clear us?

  54. Hi Tim,pls my pay advice has being blank nd am reply confused since registration starts 2morrow.I applied dere anyway u can help?

  55. Very helpful. Thank u

  56. it is possible to pay out side lagos.I am presently in Abuja.

  57. Hello Mr Tim, please could you tell me how long part-time studies in Diplomacy and strategic studies is for? 12 months or 18 months? Also i paid my fees today and i got a text confirming the payment, and i’ve printed my receipt online, but i can’t proceed with my registration and download other forms as it keeps telling me to go and pay the obligatory fee. Please expand on this if you can. Thanks.

  58. Sir Tim.pls what’s happening to Edu Admin and planning full time.the department is no longer on departmental admit.list .and I received a text telling me to disregard the admission message sent to me

  59. Any body admitted into mediçal microbiology here, I want to know if I are able to access ur payment advice and to knows fees
    oga Tim d websites isn’t loading, I can’t access my account to know my school fee.pls wot can I do

  60. i dnt have furthermath in my o level nd am going 4 petroleum engineerin in unilag can they acept me am scard because hve registerd jamb

  61. Hello Tim. I have made payment for the obligatory and tuition fees and have equally printed the online receipts in acknowledgement of the payment. However, I could not do course registration because the portal because of this remark “Please pay the obligatory fee before registration.” What could be responsible for this and what do I need to do please?

  62. @Lovina, a friend of mine in med microbiology has already printed his payment you can now check yours.the fee is 90k

  63. my pay advice has not shown anything,biochemistry, wat do I do?

  64. Hello house, pls can I pay the obligatory fee first b4 my tuition fees?

  65. pls, is registration supposed to be sessional ie. first and second semester or just first semester for now

  66. biochemistry pay advice is now going thru.just printed luv.tanks sir timo

  67. Pls im seeing Prospectus receipt among screening docs.. Pls how much is it and gv more info on it.. Thanks. Urgent response PLZ.

  68. okebugwu Gospel

    pls where will i get the course form.its nt on my page.

  69. Tim gud job,u’v really helped me alot,plz is it possible to change a course option d course is public health n my friend wants to change from(health management options)to(epidemiology options)Thanks.

  70. Please Ipaid my obligatory fee on Friday and my school fees on Monday. I have also received my acknowledgement SMS from Unilag. Each time I try registering they will tell me I have to pay obligatory fee please I don’t know what to do. I need help badly

  71. Good morning Tim as well as everyone else here. Pls I’ve got a question. Do I have to pay full tuition before I can do my registration or can I do it with part payment? Pls I need an answer ASAP

  72. Good morning Tim as well as everyone else here. Pls I’ve got a question. Do I have to pay full tuition before I can do my registration or can I do it with part payment? Pls I need an answer ASAP

  73. gudevening,pls wen will the suplementry list be out.

  74. pls mr Timi, my certificate of exemption is nt ready yet nw nd its part of d document which i need 4 registration. Av paid d skul fees. What shud i do sir?

  75. is there any extension for the registration after today?

  76. Please is there any extension for the registration?

  77. Dear Tim,

    Many thanks for you information, Your effort is very much appreciated. I have some questions below.
    1. i would want to the estimated month in which M.S.C application form will be available for 2015/2016 session.
    2. i want to know how much is the estimated school fees for MASTERS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.
    3. I want to know the estimated month for 2015/2016 session to begin.

    I need all the above to prepare myself properly. Once again thank you for your selfless effort.

  78. Hello house and Tim. Please can anyone in the house say if MSC. Microbiology have started lectures. Thanks

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