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Basic Science, Social Science, Commercial & Art Subjects In Unilag

What may be considered as a social science subject in a particular  university might not be considered as such in another university hence I want to quickly list out the basic science , art and social science subjects in Unilag.

For example, Unilag has stated times without number that Commerce is not an acceptable social science subject. 

Notes: The courses below are not all that exist but they are very controversial and hence the need to make clarfications about them and that’s why I titled the post basic……

Social Sciences;
Geography, Economics, Government

Art Subjects;
English, literature in English, C.R.K/I.R.K & Languages

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, AGRIC 

Financial Accounting, Commerce

What even inspires this post is the fact that i saw a reader’s comment in one of my previous post,  she said she once argued with a friend about Geography being an art subject or social science.

There are other subjects not written above and obviously you should know where those ones belong. The above listed subjects at are the ones i felt need to be clarfied.

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  1. Nice post Bro, you are really doing a great job keeping aspirants upto date…. Keep it up Bro ☺.

    Your ads are quite distractive Bro, it’s always opening new tabs on my android device

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Ads? I don’t have such ads, it might be a bug. Thanks for informing me, I will check right away.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      I just checked. It was a bug and now removed. Please let me know if you still have any issue accessing this site. Thanks

  2. What subject do I have to register in jamb to study, business administration

  3. Bro tim what about history is it an art or social science subject.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      As far as Unilag is concern history is pure art.

      • Bro tim you know there are some new subjects introduced by the federal govt into the system. i want to know whether unilag recognise such subjects and accept them e.g civic education, office practice, computer science, marketing etc

      • I obtained Higher National Diploma in Business Administration and Management.I need to know what it entails,if i wanted to pursue my PDG.I have lower credit and i need to know if Unilag admit one with lower credit in any PGD programmes.

        • Timothy Ozovehe

          Unilag does not even accept HND for any of its Pgd programmes at all. You can apply for a straight MBA course though.

  4. Bro. Tim, please what is the subject combination for Mass Comm? Is Lit, Govt and CRS a correct combination?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      English and any three subjects from Arts or Social Sciences. ** Mathematics is accepted

      You are good to go with that too

  5. Mr Tim, good job sir, buh y is government classified as HuMaNITIES in unilag and not ARTS

  6. hi bro, please can I have any update on master programme..

  7. Bros Tim is it possible for me to do mass communication with an E in my literature E in olevel

  8. What are d ssce/jamb requirements for economics in Unilag

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Olevel requirement for economics in Unilag; Five O\Level credit in English, Mathematics, Economics and any two subjects from Arts, Social Science and Science. Commerce is not accepted

      Jamb subject combo; English, Mathematics, Economics and any Arts, Science or Social Sciences subject but does not accept Commerce, CRS/IRS

  9. Mr Tim can i get ur contact including your whatsapp number and your mobile number

  10. so r u tryin to say maths eng econs n commerce is not ok for something like irpm????…pls b clear ..

  11. God bless you sir. you have been really helpful Thank you.

  12. Pls i want to kno wen d unilag supplementary list ll b out..and is der a course one can do without lit in eng n eco…..tenx

  13. i didnt do Govt. in utme and opted for political science earlier this year. All thanks to my sister who noticed the fault, i quickly purchase COC for IRPM. i have just been admitted. You don’t know how much your posts help a lotta guys out there. Thumbs up!

  14. Please I would like to know the subjects I need to read Information Technology. Thanks

  15. hi, mr timi, i have a question about the registration proccess
    when do we get our matric number ?
    when do we do course registration?
    i have done clearance, paid my fee, and have done faculty clearance and have even recieved the prospectus for my department but i don’t have my clearance form ,
    i wasn’t given. so is are they still going to do another clearance or final enrollment or should i start running to the admission office?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      You will be given matric number in your department after your matriculation ceremony.

      Ask your dept for more details….

  16. Hello Mr Tim,my brother’s jamb combo is Eng,maths,eco and fin. acct and has been admitted for accounting,is he good to go for registration?

  17. Hakeem-Habeeb,Abiodon R

    eng lang,maths,civic edu,econs,and geo can go for which course pls

  18. From ur response I can use English,mathematics,economics,commerce as my jamb combination for business administration

    • Timothy Ozovehe


    • URGENT PLS: My Ssce combination is English,Mathematics,Economics,Financial Accounting,Commerce,Biology,Office practice,Civic education,Marketing.
      Is this combination okay for Business administration in Lag. Or do I need to add Government to it in my upcoming Ssce.

  19. please I want to study actuarial science in lag, but I don’t have futhermaths

  20. Thanks so much for d speedy response, u’re a Godsend. May God continue to meet u at ur point of need.

  21. Please what’s the O’level and Utme combination for Botany. Thanks

    • Olevel Requirment; Maths, English, phy, Chem & biology

      Jamb subject combination; phy, Chem, bio,

  22. I am a science student without chemistry in ma o level result……nd I wanna go for economics nd statistics in unilag or geography nd regional planning …….do I meet d requirement

    • Olevel requirement for economics is; English, Maths Economics, & any two of Geography, further Maths, Statistic, Government, History, Chemistry, Biology, Agric Sc. Physics, Lit-in-English. Commerce is not accepted.

      Chemistry is not needed compulsorily

  23. Adebayo Sulaimon

    Hello Timothy. I have asked you on this platform before that is the requirements for radiography and physiotherapy different from the usual physics,chemistry, biology.English and mathematics. And the utme subjects physics,chemistry,biology and English, but I have not gotten any reply from you. Your reply will be highly appreciated

  24. Ohiokhie Florence

    please aaround what time can i apply for direct entry next year?

  25. Can unilag accept Neco result for Accounting?

  26. is this result good for psychology: maths, english, biology, geography and financial accounting

  27. yes i saw the link but i want you to please tell me personally if Financial accounting will be accepted.Thank you in advance

    • English, Maths, Biology, Plus two (2) Arts, Science or Social Sciences Subject.

      Financial accounting does not belong to any of those categories.

  28. Tim, please I would like to know the O’levels and Jamb combo for education economics in unilag?…

    • Olevel combination for education economics; Five O/Level credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, Economics and 2 other subjects from Geography, Government and accounting.

      Jamb combo; English Language, Economics, Mathematics, and one other subject from Geography, History, Government and Literature in English

  29. Hello bro tim ..please whats the right combination for LINGUSTIC/YORUBA and what are waec subjects? for 2016/2017 Please note I don’t have government and CRK in my waec but I have(eng, math, Yoruba, economics, lit eng, computer education.

    • Olevel requirement for linguistic/Yoruba;
      Five O/L Credit in Arts English, Maths, and subjects which includes Yoruba, Social Science and Science subjects

      Jamb combo; English, Yoruba and Any other 2 subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.

  30. Gud day Mr Tim…I need to know what grades I should have in my ssce to study industrial relations in unilag

  31. Bro Tim….what courses can diz ssce results go for in Unilag? English, Mathematics, Financial Accounts, Economics and Biology…

  32. udochukwu Ariwa

    pls is crk compulsory for English language cus I did nt do crk in my olevel and I want to study English language in unilag

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      It’s not…..Five O/L Credits in English, Maths, Lit. In English and one of CRS/IRS/French/Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa/ History and any other arts or soc. Science subject.

  33. Mr.Tim plz wt z d requirement for masscom and philosophy in o-level and their jamb combination in unilag

    am I qualified 4 mass-comm usin a pass in economics in Unilag

  34. pls sir thank u for ur assistance u really helped me to choose a course in unilag but my friend need ur help as well. he want to study law but no CRK in his o level is CRK Compulsory? for law in unilag or UI Pls help UI especially

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      I don’t know about UI but it’s not compulsory in Unilag;

      Five O/L credits in English Language, Maths, Lit. in English and two other subjects of which one must be a Social Science subject

  35. hi bro, what course can diz ssce result go for in unilag. English, math, phy, chem, agric, yor. pls note that there’s no bio. thanks

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Check environmental science courses e.g urban and regional planning, estate management, building etc

  36. Bro Tim
    pls help me..
    wonna reg. for jamb 2moro.. but i don’t know if Unilag will accept ma o’lev result.. (Commerce B3, financial_acc D7, Economics B3, EnglishC6, Maths B3, Agricsc C4, BiologyC6,)
    cuz I wish to study phsycology,sociology or Actuarial science.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Olevel requirement for psychology;
      Five O \ Level Biology, And Science s credit Tw o in English, Mathematics, (2)A rts, Science or Social ubjects at not more than one (1) sitting

      Jamb combo; English and any three (3)subjects from Mathematics, Biology, Phy sics, Chemistry, Economics, Government Lit eraturein English

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Olevel requirement for sociology;
      English, Maths, Plus two Social Science subject and one Arts subject. Acceptable Social Science subjects are Geography, Econs, and Govt. Arts Subjects are History, Lit-in-English, CRS/IRS, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, French

      Jamb combo; English, Plus 2 Social Science Subjects and one Arts Subject **Maths is accepted.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Olevel requirement for actuarial science; English, Mathematics, Economics, plus any two (2) relevant Subjects

      Jamb combo;
      English, Mathematics, Economics, plus one other Subject

  37. Please what course can i apply for with the following subjects:
    Maths, English, Government, Economics, Animal HouseBandary

  38. pls bro tim,is maths compulsory 2 study english/education in unilag?..nd wot are d jamb combo?

  39. pls sir,i need o’level sbj update for d study of english education in unilag

  40. Pls sir, can i apply for Economics with credit in maths, English, Government, Economics, Animal HouseBandary. Kindly confirm to enable me register for the UTME.

    • Olevel requirement for economics is Five O\Level credit in English, Mathematics, Economics and any two subjects from Arts, Social Science and Science. Commerce is not accepted.

      You should be good to apply with that.

  41. Pls what subjects do i need for international relations in unilag

  42. Hi bro timi, I av been messaging buh I gat no reply,,,,Pls sir, was the jamb combination 4 education administration in unilag , pls sir is very urgent cos av registered I want to know weda am @ the right path, pls reply asap

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Engli sh language, any three of Literature in English, History, French, Geography, Mathematics, Yoruba/Igbo, CRS/IRS, Economics, Government, Commerce.

  43. Bro Timo pls sir wat course wil my O/L result – English,Math,Ecno,Govt,Comm,Geogr,Bio bt ma lit n Eng-D7 offer nd I wanna offer course under education. And jamb combos 4 t in Unilag. Tank

  44. I want to study computer science my jamb subject combo r maths, eng, phy and chem..
    m I good to go