2015/2016 Unilag DLI(Part Time) Application May Close Anytime Soon, How To Apply Now

Hello guys, the information below is now outdated because the details is for the 2015/2016 Unilag DLI Registrations. However, 2016/2017 Unilag DLI application form is now on sale and to get the full registration details, please click…. 2016/2017 Unilag DLI full Registration details/guide

2015/2016 Unilag DLI(part time weekend Programme) application form is still on sale and may close any time soon. If you have the intention of getting the application form, I will advise you to do so now before the close of application.

The Programme is a good one and very flexible too and I will recommend it for anybody especially the working class. It’s also a good one for you if you are the busy type or you intend to get busy soonest. 

Listed below are the programmes available;

(i) B. Sc/Ed in Education/Biology
(ii) B. Sc/Ed in Education/Chemistry
(iii) B. Sc/Ed in Education/Physics
(iv) B.Sc/Ed in Education/Mathematics

For full registration Procedures and requirement click Registration Procedures For 2015/2016 Unilag DLI weekend Programme

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    • First year school fees is around 125-130k, subsequent years till graduation will be reduced and won’t be up to that anymore like 80-100k

  1. Good morning, Mr Timothy. I bought my form and registered through you but I heard people talking about induction CD. Don’t know what itz all about and if its necessary for all DLI students? Cos I don’t av one?

    • There will be an induction CD but they ve not start giving it out. Just hold on for now!

  2. Please bro Tim what subject we be asked during the entrance exam for business administration.

  3. please what are the subjects for the entrance exam for year 3 accounting?

  4. Hello Tim thanks for the updates so far please i want apply for biz admin but don’t have account and commerce in my waec result(i didn’t do either) but have govt and econs will i be accepted for biz admin?

    • No it won’t be accepted. You need accounting and commerce to be eligible for business administration

        • If you have up to five credits including those ones you mention then you can apply for either public admin or economics

  5. Hi Tim,I have my ND in business admin and I want to apply for the DLI,I didn’t do accounting in my O’level but I have commerce,can I still do the same course and is the form still available?

  6. Hello Mr Timothy, I’m a way for spiritual pupose at a camp …And will be back next week…Please when is the closing date for the DLI Form

    • Don’t worry the form is still on. Call me when you get back. Please pray for me ooh

  7. Hi tim, pls I got the form already and I had printed my acknowledgement letter, when is the test date? And what are the subjects for public administration?

    • No date fixed yet. Public admin aspirants normally writes English, maths & government at the entrance exams

  8. Good Morning Mr. Timothy,
    i want to apply for the ongoing DLI form, but am presently outside Lagos base on official assignment i won’t be returning until 14th of January 2016 (next month)
    i want to know if the Dli Form will still be on sale by then.

  9. i wish to apply for dli program @ unilag next year. The program i want to apply for is the one done during the long vacation (between august and september). Is it also called dli or part time or what is it called? *when will the form be likely out? *when is their entrance exam? I need other information about it

    • It’s called Unilag ICE Programme. Watch out for the application form around may/June 2016.

  10. Sir, will the form still be on sale till Feb. cos am hoping to the money for the form on Jan 30

  11. Please have been trying to get the form,I was told its the banks inside the school that sells the form,and I can’t even go to the school,cause of work things,don’t have time at all,I don’t know if there’s any way you can help with the registration and also the break down of the amount of the form and also the school fees.

    • Please follow the link in the post above on how to apply….you will see my email address. Send me a mail