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Screening Date & Details For 2015/2016 Unilag Postgraduate(Masters & Pgd) Admitted Students 

Finally the official date(period) for screening/registration for all successful 2015/2016 Unilag Postgraduate new students has been announced.

All new students must provide their original credentials for sighting at the point of screening. Bio data form and course form must be in colored form.

Below is the venue, time and duration of the screening excercise…

Venue: Multipurpose Hall C (Beside School of postgraduate studies)

Time: 9am-3pm(Monday – Friday)

Commencement: Monday 11th January 2016

Duration: four(4) Weeks) 

To view all the requirement necessary for successful registration/screening, click….Requirement for 2015/2016 Unilag Postgraduate Clearance

As times goes on, I will feed you guys with more infos/guide if need be.

Below are the links to other infos that might be of help to you;

1. Information on academic transcript 

2. 2015/2016 Unilag Postgraduate admission list(Masters, Pgd & phd)

3. Requirement for screening for all successful students 

4. How to access your own personalized postgraduate students portal to print out your admission letter & pay advise for fees( acceptance/tuition)

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  1. Pls how do we pay the obligatory PG fees to print our course registration form

  2. Pls how can I call you Timothy? I need some verifications asap

  3. Sometimes I just wonder if you get enough remuneration on this stuff you’re doing. Timothy ya blessed, God will reward you, Men will favor you.

  4. wat if only d pg obligatory fee 61500 was paid without d tuition fee for nw. can one legible for d registration/ screening too. bcos u cant print d course form without tuition fee.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      You have to pay up everything including tuition fees before you can be registered fully.

  5. Thanks Mr. You are already a blessing to your generation and you’ll go higher on every side

  6. What about paying online. I noticed an option to pay online. Do I still need to get to the bank to get a teller after paying online?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      If you pay online you will need to present an online receipt. I don’t advise you pay online though

  7. Pls is there any one who has applied for installment payment for MIT? What is d break down and the time line for the payment plan

  8. Bros Timothy Please do you know d installment payment for MIT? What is d break down and the time line for the payment plan

  9. So those whose names isn’t on the list, does it translates to the fact that they are not admitted.

  10. Well done Mr Ozovehe, av bn aving issues printing my pay advice, it is always runtime error. I dnt even knw ao much in total I will b paying (Parasitology and Bioinformatics). Plz help

  11. pls tim wen is the next masters(LLM) form comming out

  12. Please when is the supplementary list coming out?

  13. Thank you once again for the good job you are doing.My question is will the balloting for accommodation be done only after the 6 week registration period? I live in the far North and does not know who to come and stay with while waiting for hostel allocation.So I’m planning to come down to Lagos once and for all towards the close of the registration period so I don’t have to spend much on accommodation outside school before the hostel allocation.Please, what do you advice?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      The hostel allocation will be after the six weeks period….it might come before then but it’s very unlikely.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Anyways, just make sure you show up before the six weeks period elapses to pay up everything and go through with the registration process.

  14. pls, are we to pay both the obligatory and tuition fees before the screening exercise?

  15. 1) Tim, is this comments widget from wordpress or a third party? Sorry it is unrelated.

    2) In 6 weeks, one needs to pay the obligatory fees and the tuition fees right?.

    3) For Part time, are we paying the tuition fee twice. For example Sociology.

    4) For part time Sociology, is it 3 semesters or 2 sessions (i.e 4 semesters).

    5) Do you have a gf?

    Kindly help clarify the following in bullets.
    Great job.

  16. Hi timothy, thanks for standing out to provide us with all the information we need. pls, is it possible that lectures may start within the six weeks, or the screening will end first before anything like lectures.

  17. Thank you so much. It’s such a very useful info for me.Hope to see the great you when we come.

  18. pls does it means no lecture will take place until registration/screening completed?
    how soon wil classes commence?

  19. Good mrg Mr.Timothy. I was at UNILAG on Monday. The banks were not collecting the obligatory fees. Please I want to find if they have started doing so now. Thanks.

  20. For those of us in college of medicine, we’ve been unable to pay. We were told they’ve not been told to collect fees yet (Access bank) or are we all to pay at Akoka? Both College and Akoka students?

  21. Thanks a lot sire. For College of Medicine students, our bank (access bank) said they’ve not been given information on whether we’re to pay to them or not. So, are we all to pay at banks in Akoka or we retain our usual bank here in idiaraba?

  22. Hi Timothy, great job, well done, I dey feel you!

    Please, How serious is item 7 on the admission letter:

    7. Candidate are not eligible for admission for Full-Time Studies if they are in paid employment.

    Kindly advice

  23. Pls how much is the accommodation fee

  24. ilukoyenikan tolulope

    Hi Mr timothy, during the whole screening/registration it necessary I come down myself or can I get someone to do it for me, is that allowed?

  25. Pls, I am having challenge opening “civil and environmental engineering (highway and traffic option)” both the full and the part time list. Also I heard people saying admitted student are to pay #150,000 on or before 11th of this month, pls how true is this.

  26. I’m sure ds registration is for those that their names appeared on the first list, how will the registration progress be when the supplementary list is out ?

  27. Good day Tim man, pls my school says the student copy of the transcript is not available for collection, they can only send it to unilag SPGS. My original certificate is not ready. will i be attended to at the screening center since am not with the student copy of the transcript to be sent to unilag from my school.

  28. Good day Timothy, I applied for actuarial science(part- time) but want to change it to full-time. How do I go about that? Kindly respond asap

  29. Hi Tim, I have paid my Obligatory fees and I was only able to download the acceptance letter but when I tried downloading the course form it wrote I should pay PG fee. Do you have idea if one can pay the dues now or is it from Monday?

  30. Job well done Mr Timothy, I beg to ask why the department of Haematology and blood transfusion science in d college of medicine is yet to post d admission list?… we are tired of waiting!


  32. Bros T. Please how can I switch to part time from full time. My name came out in electrical engineering (control option). Thanks for your great job. You v been so wonderful

  33. I paid both tuition fess and the obligatory fess I downloaded receipt for ob but I can get that of tuition fess and all successful. I paid online. I get SMS from Unilag for both payment. What can I do to get my tuition fess receipt. Thanks

  34. Is there going to be another second list and when should we expect it.thanx

  35. Any second list.thanx

  36. Hw much is hostel accommodation?

  37. Hi Tim, ten fingers in the air for u. I even wonder if u are programmed robot cause U have answers to all questions, I dey feel u bro. Please I applied for installment payment and have paid for the obligatory fee and 1st installment online, having only 2nd installment as outstanding. The question is am I eligible to begin registration come 11th? Have printed my receipt online.

  38. Please Mr Tim, will there still be a supplementary list? And when is it likely to be out?

  39. Hi Tim
    I’m having troubles logging into my portal. Keeps giving me an error message(runtime error). What do I do?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Report to pg school

    • i had the same issues, i found out i was using my reference number as application number. your application number is beside your name on the admission list, its different from the ref number you used when logging in to the application portal. check if you made the same mistake.

  40. Hello Mr Tim, the duration has been reduced to 4 weeks on the pg website. Any chance they will extend the deadline?

    • Mr Timothy can I begin the registration process on minday with only the obligatory fees paid? I am yet to pay the school fees. And if yes? Am I mandated to pay the school fees before the exploration of the 4 weeks? Thanks boss.

  41. please if I pay 100k out of the 150k for tuition fee, will I be allowed to complete my registration and attend classes? thnx so much sir

  42. Thanks for the good Job Timothy. I know this is unrelated but I would like to find out if it’s possible and legal to take 2 different direct entry forms for two different schools. Thank you

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Not sure if that’s allowed! You can take one form and then fill the options for first and second choice

  43. Good day Mr Tim. Good work you are doing. Please I need some clarification. I went to Wema bank akoka and was told that those depts in idi araba are to pay in Access bank in idi araba. Went there and was told they have not been advised to collect fees. I then went into the admin building in luth and was told that I am to pay online. Please what do I do?
    Sorry for the long story

  44. Hello Mr Tim pls I saw access bank as one of d banks we can pay our fees to but to my greatest amazement an idiot that works in the bank says they are not collecting the fees. Pls how true?

  45. Hello mr tim… Evening… Want to ask dat.. Since reg has started… When will the supplementary list b out,since the time for has bin cut to a month(4weeks).. Will b glad for a reply.. Thanks

  46. Good job bro, thank you.

  47. Hello Tim, should i still expect part time list in educational psychology? cos i can see the list for only full time and sandwich

  48. Thanks Mr Tim for all the updates. Pls I want to know if the Prospectus is available for collection. I paid on Tuesday but I was told it will be available today. I need it for my department course registration.


  49. Tim. Why did unilag reduced duration for registration from 6wks to 4wks? What will be the faith of anybody that fail to register within the stipulated time. pls i need you reply urgently. Thanks in anticipation

  50. Mr Timothy please do u hv an idea of how much departmental nd faculty fees cost. So I can prepare fully. My course is edu admin and planning. Thanks

  51. Please can u deip ur number. Hav some urgent questions to ask.thanks

  52. Ishokare Catherine

    Thanks Mr Tim for your support so far . please is there a time limit a time limit to pay fees after generating it. For instance if I generate my fees today can I pay next week? Thanks

  53. adebayo Abolanle

    Hey Tim. Weldon sir… Pls Like how much shd we have in mind for D hostel accommodation. And pls I need to knw D duration of mass communication full time course. And when ar we likely to start lectures

  54. Plz if I did not pay the tuition fee can I go for d screening av payed for d acceptance fee

  55. adebayo Abolanle

    Hello Tim. … Pls av asked u Ds bfor but thr was no reply. I knw u av got alot of questions to answer. I really need to know how much we shd have in mind for D hostel accommodation.
    And pls I need to knw D duration of mass
    communication full time course. And when ar
    we likely to start lecture. Av

  56. Hello Tim, thanks for the info, you are doing a great job. I have applied for my transcript but i don’t think it can get to unilag before the stipulated 4 weeks registration dead line, as a result of that i have been waiting on paying the obligatory and tuition fees, please advice on what to do..

  57. Pls sir. how much ar we likely to pay for D hostel accommodation . And when is D commencement of lectures.

  58. After paying the obligatory fee and installmental payment for tuition fee, I tried registering my courses, yet it’s telling me to pay for course material which is 60k, for applied geophysics. Why na?

    • Pls kindly assist with the list of courses to register for Msc economics (part time) every effort to get it in the department proved abortive. Thanks for your anticipated support.

  59. Good afternoon. Is there any M. A. English Language full time student in the house? Please I need course list. I saw five courses online and someone told me it’s four. I couldn’t get the course list @ the department. Pls I need clarification before I select and submit the course form. Mr Tim, you are blessed. Thank you.

  60. pls can someone defer admission? if possible how do I GI about it Sir? good morning.

  61. pls sir is deferment of admission possible now? if yes ao do I go about it sir?

  62. Hi Timothy, thanks for ur assistance all along, God bless you. Pls I want to know if there is any update on accommodation and what the price is likely to be. I heard d allocatn of hostel favors pple that are not living in Lagos. Don’t know how true it is. Pls shed more lights. Tanks a lot.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      No update on allocation yet. All full time students will be allowed to ballot for hostel whether in or outside Lagos.

  63. Timothy, thank you for all the update you have been posting. Please confirm if UNILAG accepts combined honours degree. I have B.SC Economics/Political Science – applying for M.Sc Operations Research(full time). thank you

  64. hi timothy, please is the screening period 6wks or 4? also please please and pleaseeeeee, can you get info on cost of departmental dues for process engineering? must we also pay dept dues b4 screening?

    I saw that we have to take the course for to the HOD, bursar and head of school of PG, how long/strenuous is this process, also, is it possible for someone who pays tomorow and start all this process to finish before the last day of screening.


  65. Not yet there still hope? and what is the deadline now…i am so desperate…na money things oo

  66. pls I can’t access the portal. it was just saying surname and password mismatch.

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