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2015/2016 Unilag Postgraduate Supplementary Admission List Is Here

To all those waiting for 2015/2016 Unilag Postgraduate supplementary admission list, below is a screenshot of an update I got from a  current student. Read the details below in the screenshot and also follow the links after the screenshot to check out more recent updates about the supplementary admission list… 

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update: 29/02/2016

Finally Unilag Release 2015/2016 Supplementary Admission List For Postgraduate Students

Follow this link to check;

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  1. I know you mostly give admission info. However, i’d like to know if it’s compulsory to pay for the convocation gown (postgraduate) if the person is not attending? Will the payment be a prequisite for collecting the person’s certificate later on?

  2. Baba T, I am not able to view the supplementary list you talked about, please could you give a link to it. I checked the formal list is not there… please I await your response

  3. Tim, I was told that, what had been delaying the release of the pg supplementary admission had been that, some department delayed in submitting their supplementary list, consequently, the pg school could not afford release it in tranches… so lets still keep praying while we wait on them.

  4. Hi Tim, I help a friend checked his result and they wrote recomend for supplementary. Does that meaned his name will be on the supplementary list?

  5. Fingers are seriously crossed.
    Well done, Tim’Oz.

  6. Mr T. I would like to confirm if there is going to be a supplementary list for full time postgraduates in MBA… Some people are just saying yes and no.. Am just confused.. Pls help

  7. Now, that’s comforting.
    Well done, Tim’Oz.

  8. All this whining and suspense sef for the past 6 weeks I hope they will release list before exam because I have already miss 3weeks lecture and now Mass Comm. said no supplementary list for Full Time.

    • My advice to people who are hopefully going to be on the supp. list is to start attending classes so as not to miss out too much. I doubt any lecturer will send them out. Just that they may not be able to sign the attendance list due to lack of matric. number. Pls who has an idea of how much pg hostel costs? Thanks

  9. Hi Tim, thanks again for the update. Please, any idea as to when precisely the supplementary list will be released or updated? The wait is really killing me. Thanks once more.

  10. Hello Tim, I am yet to pay my school fees and the obligatory fees. Please I want to know if the registration process will extended to next week cos that’s when I would pay for the fees. msc programme.

  11. There had not been serious lectures yet in most of Msc class

  12. why is UNILAG keeping us in so much suspense ? Tim , are you sure this supplementary list will be out soon?

  13. i am tired of waiting,when is the supplementary going to be out?

    • Dont just sit and wait for the list, it could be frustrating to wait endlessly, my opinion will be if you are confident of you making the list,, then go to your department ask questions … you will be amazed at what information you could get, possibly star attending lectures and get busy.

  14. I really do not like this school for one bit. It’s just cause am working… the Merit list came out and it was 29 Names in MSc. Management, on that same list A name appeared twice first name, middle and last name. that is not a coincidence. Gradually that list is now 39. I have never heard where merit list comes out publicly and the school still adds names into that list.
    My score is 39.55. my status was recommended, now it has changed to not recommended. Please are the IT engineers playing with the portal or what. As far as I am concerned this is CORRUPTION. I know someone who scored 44. 5 and her name is on the merit list and I scored 39.55. is UNILAG SPGS telling me that a difference of 4.95 will not make it to the supplementary list. Usually around 150 students are admitted for the part-time class and currently only 39 student are admitted at the moment, that leaves around 111. So if I do not make it, is UNILAG telling me all 111 students who are going to be on that supplementary list scored 41-43 and above. That’s impossible. I initially took a screen shot of my remark showing Supplementary recommendation. I don’t mind escalating this issue

  15. Lol… Bros yours is better, I scored 64.71 and cut off is 65 and I was not recommended for Full Time while people that scored 50 and the rest were recommended and later I was advised to switch to PT cos my dept said they are not releasing list for Full Time. Pls. Tell me what is the essence of the exam. Well me am tired and fed up. Unilag is all about who you know and God on your side. Am sure February gonna end and we not gonna see the list. They successfully spoil my plans. God dey…

  16. Last time i was in the school, there where people who said they are expecting their names on the supplementary list and they have already started lectures, the lecture we had last time with an associate professor, no body was sent out for what ever reason, the list will definitely come out I got that from a very reliable source. lets be a step ahead of pg school. start attending lecture if you are confidence of your name be on the list… after all no knowledge is lost.

  17. update: 29/02/2016

    Finally Unilag Release 2015/2016 Supplementary Admission List For Postgraduate Students

    Follow this link to check;

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