2015/2016 Unilag Jupeb Final Result Is Out, Check Now

2015/2016 Unilag foundation Programme now called Unilag Jupeb final result is out and you can now check yours in your various department in school.

How many of you already checked?

If you applied for 2016/2017 unilag direct entry with the Jupeb result, quickly go get yours and submit it alongside your Jamb direct entry online registration details to Unilag admission office. Submission is currently ongoing for all direct entry applicants.

Wish you guys all the best. 

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  1. Dear Timothy,
    Good morning and thanks for the post on Jupeb result for 2015/2016.
    Please are the cut off points for the direct entry 2016/2017 year out now? Do you happen to know what it is for engineering courses?

  2. Good Morning Mr. Tim. I applied for Medicine and Surgery for 2016/17 foundation programme. Please what are my chances of scaling through?

  3. And could you please clarify the rumors going around about submitting one application form at your respective faculties?

  4. Good morning sir, I was a diploma student. I got 6points DDE. Microbiology. Tho the cut off is not out but using last year own which was 7. I’m a point lower. Will I be considered in my course or I’ll be given education or am I out?

  5. Good morning! Please what about candidates that didn’t run their jupeb in unilag but chose unilag in their d.e form can they also apply?

  6. Pls since Unilag is the corner stone of Jupeb and they’ve released their results, aren’t other school supposed to follow suit? Eg Uniben??

  7. Good morning mr timothy pls I got 7 points and the course which I put I for(business administration) the cut off mark last year was 8 points so I don’t knw if there is any possible step to take I. Other to gain admission in any other courses apart from education

  8. Thanks bro Tim. But Sir, we’ve submitted our D.E form even before exam and (2) we don’t know where to print out the result because online result is not yet out in both jupeb page and unilag website.

  9. Please how do I get past question and answer on DLI or ICE IN UNILAG. I just made my papers and would like to be fully prepared before the form comes out.Thanks

  10. Hello. Pls i really dont understand the last paragraph. What are we to submit along with the DE form? And are there Unilag cutoffs nd DE cut offs?

  11. Haven’t we already submitted DE. We filled it since together with our jupeb numbers and subjects

  12. Gud day Mr Tim. Thk you for a very gud job here. Your updates have bn very helpful.
    Pls do you have any info concerning unilorin utme admission for 2016/17?
    And can you bring in other universities, and not unilag only? All you get about unilorin online is fake updates. Plzzzzzz!!!!
    I’ll appreciate a reply.

  13. Sorry to bother you. The unilorin portal has finally opened for reg for screening. Tnx all the same

  14. I’m waiting for the sandwich program, when is the new form going to be out, I missed this year form.

  15. Hello bro….pls I didn’t buy jamb DE form b4 it closed bcos my ND result wasn’t ready then…now it’s out…is anything still possible?…

  16. Is change of course still possible now that the jupeb results are out? And if it is what’s the process involved. Thanks

  17. Hi but the result isn’t online yet it’s just the General result pasted at the faculties
    Please is there hope for people that got 5 6 4 3 points……

  18. morning Mr.tim…do u no how many pple that applied for diploma in mass communication…and how many of them passed…pls am kinda scared

  19. Unc timothy, u said “If you applied for 2016/2017 unilag direct entry with the Jupeb result, quickly go get yours and submit it alongside your Jamb direct entry online registration details to Unilag admission office. Submission is currently ongoing for all direct entry applicants.”..how do we get our jupeb result ?? … Its not on jupeb official website neither on unilag’s website..

    • Don’t worry, I guess you guys already submitted your details including your Jupeb number and subject combos to Unilag when you registered.

      They should be able to handle it.

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  21. Bro Tim, now that post utme registration has closed, what is the next step?…. Should we wait for admission list or we would be screened first or what else?

  22. Pls sir’ i did my jupeb in unilag,2015/16,i got 8 point for dentistry.what is my chance and also i av submitd my direct entry form both at jamb offiz and unilag before the release of the result. Pls sir, what next?

  23. pls are we to print the foundation entrance exam pass in black and white or coloured?….pls reply


  25. mr tim gud morning.i check jamb portal and i saw check admission status.but after i check it said no admission given yet.i just want to know if we can use that portal now or after the admission list is out.

  26. Good evening Mr Timothy, they said graduates are exempted from the exam, so pls do you know how we can check if we are given admission

  27. Good evening Mr Timothy, they said graduates are exempted from the exam, so pls do you know how we can check if we are given admission, that is for the foundation program

  28. Pls, my gurdaian is asking me what next after the online post utme screening registration and how will admission be given?? Pls can u help me shed some more lights on this.

  29. Mr Tim pls is there a problem for me cus in my d.e form am applying with unilag diploma buh I heard most people applied with jupeb buh my exam number in d form is still d jupeb exam number

  30. Dear Tim
    Appreciate ur information.
    I filled EKSU utme screening form.Can l use the same platform for DE form screening in the same EKSU or l should purchase another one for DE screening.
    I got AAB in Unilag Jupeb


  31. Mr Tim… please when would the cut off for direct entry be released for Unilag?and would the screening for direct entry student start anytime soon this month or Next? because my daughter has been asking me… please reply God bless you

  32. Pls bro Tim what next on this lag p.utme? Good luck to all those who are writing the diploma exam now. Pls share ur experience

  33. how to check JUPEB result… I dunno if its onnline already… Can somebody give me an info
    And is there gonna be any entrance exam for medical students to college of medicine???
    I need this info urgently.

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  35. hi. Mr Timothy I had 16 points but I’m not sure if the second exam for medical students will hold

  36. please I have a problem with my result, there’s a subject I got an F in which I am totally sure is not my grade cause I did better than that in the exam, is there anyway the result going to be posted on the portal can be different from the one pasted at the faculties

  37. Please bro tim is it possible to change d institution on my D. E form m to uniben… And i got 14 points do u tink its going to be enough for medicine in uniben…

  38. Hey pls is it possible to change your course after you see your result and it’s ranging with the cut off. Like changing from history to philosophy.

  39. Good afternoon Bro Tim, I recently got my result for the 2015/2016 jupeb programme, 15 points for medicine and surgery, I have so many unanswered questions and your help is highly required:
    1) is this year’s cut off system going to obey the new jamb guideline that employs the use of waec result or is it still going to be strictly based on jupeb points like previous sessions?
    2) is it possible for me to change my institution to a school with lower points requirement in my D.E at this late stage?
    3) if it’s too late, please is there any other way to apply with my jupeb or do I just have to settle with the course unilag is issues me?
    I’m sure a few other candidates are suffering the same curiousity, therefore, a detailed reply will go a long way, as too little information is going around this session. Thank you.

  40. Good afternoon bro Tim. I have same questions as okoro ?… please a detailed reply would be well appreciated thankyou.

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  42. Cut off…. All science course 7pts except geology which is 8pts…… Pharmacy 14pts….all social science course 7pts except mass com which is 11pts……law 14pts…..all environment science course 7pts except architecture which is 10pts…..medicine 16pts….pharmacology n MLS 10pts….physiological n radiography 11pts….physiotherapy 12pts….comp n mech engineering 12pts. … Pet n gas 9pts…. Electrical electronic 11pts….d rest engineering course 7pts…..all arts n education course 7pts…..accounting 14pts, bus admin 8pts and d rest of business administration course 7pts….

  43. Cut off… All science course 7pts except geology which is 8pts, pharmacy is 14pts,medicine is 16pts, all social science course 7pts except mass com which is 11pts… . All environment science course 7pts except architecture which is 10pts. … all education n art courses 7pts…..business administration 8pts… Accounting 14pts and the remaining bus admin course 7pts…..mechanical engineering n computer engineering 12pts.. … . Electrical engineering 11pts…. Pet n gas 9pts .. .. N d remaining engineering courses 7pts