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 2016/2017 Unilag Foundation Programme Cut Off Mark For All Courses(Fresh Students)

2016/2017 Unilag foundation cut off marks has been published on the school website and below are the details.

check out some of the screenshots below……If you are not able to view the screenshots, then find the summary after the screenshots.

The Cut Off for all Courses under the Faculty of ART are all 40%
The Cut Off for all Courses under the Faculty of EDUCATION are all 40%
The Cut Off for all Courses under the Faculty of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION are all 40%
The Cut Off for all Courses under the Faculty of ENGINEERING are all 40%
The Cut Off for the Faculty of Law is 55.29%
The Cut Off for all Courses under the Faculty of ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES are all 40% except ARCHITECTURE which is 54.12
The Cut Off for all Courses under the College of MEDICINE are all 40% except Medicine which is 62.35%
The Cut Off for Faculty of PHARMACY is 50.59%
The Cut Off for all Courses under the Faculty of SCIENCE are all 40%
The Cut Off for all Courses under the Faculty of SOCIAL SCIENCE are all 40%

How many of you made it???

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  1. I made the cut 56.47 Mechanical engineering

  2. Zz dese 4 under graduate

  3. I made the cut mech engine 56.4

  4. My result hasn’t been released but they’ve sent me text saying I have been offered a provisional admission into foundation in history and strategic studies

  5. Olugbemiga Abayomi

    Please, when are we expecting the admission list?

  6. Mr Tim,do I av a better chance of getting admitted, cos I scored 35.27 for psychology. Pls what r my chances

  7. I made 37.65 what are my chances Mr timi faculty of art

  8. Orrrrrgh…
    Had 43.25 for pharmacy.

  9. I had 44.71 and I applied for computer science
    Thank You Lord…. Thank you Bro Tim

  10. I made it o.got 56.47 for law(55.29).just by 1 mark.thank you Jesus,thank you sir Timothy.

  11. Mr timothy whats the next step?Wait for admission list?

  12. I got 58.82, Course is Law.

  13. Please reply how comment Mr timi 37.65what are d chance creative art and is any list going to b posted since messages are being sent plzz reply hoo

  14. Thank u Allah made it

  15. Need answers bro 37.65 what ‘re d chances plzzz

  16. Had 55 computer science.. Heard the registration is next week?

  17. thank God oo…..

    I made it …
    medicine and surgery!!✌✌✌

  18. when will the admission list be out please i didnt meet up to the cut off mark and registration begins tomorrow please reply when did the admission got released last year

  19. Bro Tim pls is it possible to change course after you’ve seen your result?

  20. Please i need your help sir i goy 40.00 applying for accounting and i got the text but i cant check it online

  21. I’m going for mbbs foundation and the cut of mark is 62.35 and I got exactly 62.35 am I good to go?? If so what do I do next, thank you and God bless you

  22. Erm I got 49.41 and I want to study law, is it possible for them to take me?

  23. Please the cut off mark for mbbs foundation is 62.35 and that’s exactly what I got, 62.35 .. Please what are my chances of gaining admission. Thank you and God bless you

  24. Abeg when change of course form for foundation go come out ?? Pls

  25. I passed my cutoff by 1.18% but they have not send me any SMS of acceptance.
    Hope is not a problem?
    Because my dad said he will not pay until he c my name.
    Pls reply me.

  26. I’ve seen My result, I passed the cut-off mark and I’ve been given Provisional Admission.. What I just wanna ask is do you have any idea when we are going to resume?

  27. thank God oh I got 45..88 in business admin

  28. i had 58 and i applied for accounting…thank God…Mr
    Tim …will we get the syllabus and textbooks when we resume or what …

  29. I made it. praise God. #MBBS_for_sure..

  30. Bro Tim, I killed every course, I got 63.53 and filled in Pharmacology. I guess I’m in but what next, please drop more info concerning registration. Thanks

  31. I made it!….57.65 fer law!!!…fnk God!

  32. Fnks God!… 57.65 fer law!…made it!

  33. I made the cut off for pharmacy, I got 60.0

  34. I had 60.0 I’m going for pharmacy.

  35. i made it 43.53. social science

  36. I made it!… 69.41 medicine😊

  37. I made it!… 69.41 medicine… Soo happy

  38. Please when are they resuming for classes. Do you have idea of the school fees and mode of payment.

  39. Thank you lord, they sent me a text that I have been admitted for accounting, I wrote 42.something

  40. wow I made. it 45.88.. for business admin

  41. pls I mistakenly filled in B3 for my English instead of C4 while I was doing my diploma registration. I want to know if it’ll affect me and if I can change it during the next registration into jupeb

  42. HI,Bro Tim.
    Please,do you have any idea how they are gonna go about the registration process since 12th and 13th are public holidays?


  43. I got 50.59 for mass communication

  44. I got 44.71 for computer science and I haven’t received any message. Please I’m worried

  45. I made the cut mean 62.35 computer engineering

  46. what if dont receive a text confirming admission

  47. I scored 48.25 …pleas did i bit d cut off for elect engineering

  48. I got 41.18 for industrial relations and personal management… Wat is my next step bro tim

  49. hi.i passed the cut off mark formy department. i also passed the cut off mark for another department i desire to study. is it possible for me to change my applicationto the other desired department.

  50. i made cut off. but iwould like to change my faculty to nother faculty which i also made cut off. is this possible. but they have given me provisional admission for the first faculty can i still change.

  51. 57.65 Accounting. Thank God, Thanks Tim. For the regular info.

  52. I can’t see the cut-off mark for Pharmacy, could someone help me out please?

  53. Bro timothy i passed my cut off buh i’ve not gotten any message. Should i go ahead with registration

  54. Please,what’s happening? I made the cutoff but haven’t seen any notification regarding been given admission. Can someone tells me what’s going pls?

  55. Can you change course? And how much is the change of course form and when will it be on sale

  56. please if u are interestd in getin accommodation….law stu especially plz messge me on whatsapp…09094884467fnkz..m a gal tho

  57. Oluwatomi Ilesanmi

    I made it. Thank God I passed d exam. Got 67.06.

  58. pls wat do i nid for d registration and who knows how much the skul fees is

  59. please mr.Tim. when will the change of course be on sale

  60. Urgent one ! Mr.Tim. please when will the change of course form be on sale? On the notice, the registration/verification is supposed to start on the 12th and lecture begins on 19th accordingly. but now some of us are in the dark because nothing on the unilag website to suggest this would take place, please, what do we do???

  61. Hi Tim. i got 48.24 and med/sur is 62.35, can i change to the other course with lower cut off under medicine, and when will the form come out? God bless you

  62. Pls can I change my program from dentistry to medicine and surgery.. I made medicine cutoff

  63. Pls I made 37.65 for estate management ..how many chances do I have pls Mr timothy

  64. Pls I made 37.65 for estate management ..how many chances do I have pls Mr timothy reply

  65. Pls any hope for us..I’m just 3 marks below for estate management 37.65 pls Mr Timothy

  66. I got the cutoff for Medicine. I had 71.76

  67. Mr Timothy this thing is unfair hioh… you told us to leave a reply on our result and you are not replying its unfair…. I scored 45.88 for business admin and I’ve not seen any message…… hope it doesn’t mean???

  68. I passed the cut off for medicine. I got 71.56.

  69. Please anyone has registration started???

  70. Pls what does ur result remark say ;mine say NOT SET Pls reply me

  71. Mr Timothy, thank you so very much for the regular update it has been helpful. I was given provinsal admission for law but I don’t know how to continue registration. Please what next?.

  72. got exactly 62.35 qualified for medicine but haven’t got any message.

  73. pls i scored 54.12 as against 55.29 in law bt avnt got a text…wht shld i do

  74. Pls i had 36.47 and the cutoff for finance is 40, pls do i still have a chance? Nd my result remark says Not set. Pls what does it mean

  75. You all should try to login, via the student login, change password and generate fees,if truly you passed,youd be asked to generate acceptance fee. I was asked to, uncle Tim can you pleade put is through?

  76. geez guyz juz divide ur score by 100 and multiply by 85 to get ur percentage to all does asking if they meet d cut off

  77. Thanks be to God.. I made it into my dreamed preferred course of choice, FACULTY OF LAW.. I got 56.47%

  78. i got 50.59 for law pls do you think i hv any chance of gettin in bro tim

  79. Bro Tim…thank you for all the info so far.. from my past questions to other details of the foundation entrance exam you’ve been wonderful…..I made my course’s cut off..though I didn’t get my any congratulatory message ……I proceeded with registration and it worked…I updated my biodata…. I’ve even paid the acceptance fee…now I want to know what the next move is…God bless you.

  80. Pls reply me ..I got 37.5 just 3 marks below my cut off for estate mgt..pls what can I do

  81. I got 36.75,what are my chances for faculty of environmental science

  82. Pls add me on WhatsApp 08128331945 is there any how I can get d course 37.75 just 3 marks below

  83. I made it for physiotherapy 50.59

  84. pls is there change of course form for foundation and is it free if there is when is it closing

  85. is there Chang of course form for foundation if there is,is it free and when is it closing

  86. Successful 2016/2017 Unilag Foundation Applicants Can Now Pay Their Acceptance Fees, Read Procedures Here;

    http://unilagadmissionguide.com/2016/09/14/successful-20162017-unilag-foundation-applicants-can-now-pay-their-acceptance-fees-read-procedures-here/ via @unilag_guide

  87. sir I got 61.18 in my foundation result and I applied for medicine & surgery (62.35)…plz can u help me out….

  88. I’m trying to check the admission list for college of medicine… And it’s not there. I saw faculty of science and social science..

  89. sir I got 61.18 in my foundation result and
    I applied for medicine & surgery (62.35)…
    plz can u help me out….plz nid ur reply ASAP..

  90. Sir why is it dat mass com has a different cutoff

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