When Will 2016/2017 Unilag Foundation Programme Students Start Lectures 

Now that the 2016/2017 Unilag foundation Programme entrance exam results has been published and cut off points released the next thing is when will lecture starts for the successful students.

I published a post recently on what next to if you are part of those that beats the cut off point for your course and also how to login to student portal to update your biodata  generate payment advice for acceptance fees and tuition fees. Please read the post via this link; 2016/2017 Student portal login/payment of acceptance fees.

After payment of acceptance fees and verification of admission at foundation office the next step will be lectures and that brought about the question above which is the main subject of this post.

According to the previous info released by Unilag during sale of application form, lectures is suppose to begin in all faculties by Monday September 19th 2016 and this date still remain valid for now till Unilag says other wise. If there is any change in this date, be rest assured that I will update everyone as soon as possible via this site UnilagAdmissionGuide.com.

No penalty if you start lectures late but try and start early for your own good. Start making plans to pay your acceptance/tuition fees now so that you can resume lectures as soon as possible.

If you are part of those that beats the cut off point for your course and you are wondering what next to do, please read this post; What Next To Do After Beating 2016/2017 Unilag foundation Cut off Point

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  1. Bro tim. Please ooo when should utme students be expecting the admission list. Moreover can those that haven’t pay the tuition fee still attend lectures for foundation student

  2. good day sir pls I applied for law both in foundation n utme n passed d cut off points for both n ystday I did a recheck of my screening result n I saw change of course of law to education .pls Sir I didn’t do change of course.pls wat might have happened n ow will I rectify it.cos am confused…

  3. Pls sir reply me wit d name of God. I score 36.47 going for nursing is there still hope for me for d suplimentry list. Pls sir reply me thanks.

      • My qstn av been asking and still asking is this. I scored 67.13 in the putme screening and I applied law. I know itz off the topic. But I swapped to philosophy which is 61.00. Am I on a safe side? If yes which list will bear my admission. Merit? Supp 1?

  4. Hi timothy, my friend applied for masters and his exam is on Saturday. He hasn’t been able to pay the 1000 naira he is to pay. Pls what should he do? Thanks

  5. good morning mr tim,can those who just did the change of course for foundation resume and start lectures with others that meet their cutoff mark and have registered?

  6. Hey Morning sir. Please i got 37.65 as my result for the foundation program and you said if you didn’t meet the cut off.mark you should change course but what i saw on the cut off.mark list there is no course lower than 40.00 and my course is Irpm and the cut off.mark is 40.00 can i still hope on my name being on the supplementary for the same IRPM with my 37.65 or i shouldn’t bother again unilag can’t pick me. Please i need your response to know the next step to take.

  7. Hello uncle Tim, please what about the students who did the change of course? can they start lectures too? or should they wait for the list? when will the list be out?

  8. Bro Tim I scored 62.13 for architecture wat is d possibilty of me making d admission list for supplementary even though I didn’t make the cutoff

  9. Please mr timothy I didn’t meet up to cut off mark , I want to change my course how do i go about it please?

  10. How much is the fees? and what am I supposed to take when going to foundation office after I pay the acceptance fees

  11. How much is the fees? and what am I supposed to take when going to foundation office after I pay the acceptance fees?
    Thank you for all the help. God bless

  12. Bro, tim, could you pls explain Diploma Admission into Social development and administration:if one can through it get into B.sc social work. is the course okay. pls i need your guide on this.

  13. pls answer me now! about the diploma that can take some one into B.sc in social work. i heard that the course is for 2 years before one can use Direct entry. is it Okay?

  14. I jes wrote neco this year nd im doing foundation.so pls can i still enter with awaiting result???
    Pls reply ASAP

  15. Good evening Mr Tim. What of those that are awaiting their neco result, can we still proceed with the registration? Because I heard only those with their results can register

  16. plz, mr. Tim…wil i encounter any problem if i am unable to complete my registration before monday…and also…z there any penalty for those that are unable to resume on monday?

  17. Good evening bro tim pls can i verify something here i passed both the post ume and foundation cut off for guidance and counselling can i start the foundation lectures without paying the acceptance fee pending the time the post ume list will be out.what i mean is that can i attend the foundation lectures without paying the acceptance and tuition fee at all untill the post ume merit list is out because i do not want to pay the acceptance fee and then my name comes out on the post ume list which will result in my switching over and the money paid for both acceptance and tuition fee wasted

  18. I got this post today, and I did not go to Unilag for registration. Any solution,pls???
    Is this registration for aspirants or direct entry candidates??

  19. Bro Tim… Please when should we be expecting the foundation syllabus… Besides… Where can we get it from… Unilag is wasting our time