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Ongoing 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam, Share Your Experiences

2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate entrance exam for masters and postgraduate diploma applicants is Currenlty ongoing(17th to 24th September) and this thread is for experiences. If you have already written your exam, then please use the comment section below to share with us briefly your experience.

The experiences you share help us to improve on our services and also help those who are yet to write theirs prepare very well. Don’t worry, God will do it for you! 

We need experiences such as listed below;
1. the organization of the event, how would u rate Unilag? 1-100%.
2. the exams fair , difficult, EASY, very easy.
3. Course.
4. Nos of questions and time allocated.
5. what there issues when u wrote.
6. what are your chances for admission, if you rate yourself 1 to 100%.
7. can you remember the areas of questions that came out, area of Concentration.
8.  what is your advise for others to write next time.
9. what where you glad about the same.
10. what did you regret doing or not doing?
11.  How did Unilag Admission Guide contribute to your good/bad performance – pls be honest it will help us.

12.  what advise do you have for Unilag Admission Guide on how to prepare students for next year admission for candidates, what can we improve on.

Please give as much details as possible. Via the comment section below. Thanks 

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  1. Msc Econs. Saturday 17th Sept. 2016. 50 questions, 45 minutes. Questions relatively easy when compared to past questions. High pass rate expected. Personally finished before the expiration of the alloted time. Few calculation questions. About 10 in all. Preparation was more rigorous and intensive than the level of difficulty of the actual questions.

    • Thank you

    • Hello tony, writing mine tomorrow (same course). Any pointers would be appreciated

      • Let me hint u on d one I can remember:
        1. Who pioneered d idea of consumer surplus- alfred Marshall.
        2. Growth rate formula and calculation (Yt-Yt-1)/Yt-1.
        3. Determination of median-rearrange numbers in ascending or descending order first b4 picking d middle number. There will be 2 numbers in d middle so find their average.
        4. Also d mean. Calculate it.
        5. Poisson distribution calculations
        6. Simple probability.
        7. Calculate unemployment rate. D answer to d question is 5%. Just pick 5% and dont bother to calculate it.
        8. Thoroughly read types of unemployment and their causes.
        9. Economic growth and development.
        10. There will be enough time sha. Take ur time. Take a calculator along. 50 questions, 45 mins.
        11. There is one probability question there I remember d answer is 4/15. 2/3×2/5.
        12. Confidence interval for normal distribution.
        13. MRSxy=du/dx÷du/dy
        That’s d much I can remember.

  2. Msc IRPM… well for one, I didnt like the fact that the time was brought forward by 2hrs, it got me bewildered. The HRM qtns weren’t exactly lifted from past qtns but studying past qtns along side recommended books (i visited the dept and asked students to guide me to select a book) will help you see where to focus on. That plus a sensible guessing method can help. Others Current affairs(rio olympics), Little english, simple maths (i’m good at maths so im speaking for myself). By Gods grace i will scale through. Thanks for your help Tim, you are God sent. I have no contact in unilag and ur blog guided me all through.

  3. Hello! Please when do you think the results will be coming out? Thanks

  4. Msc IRPM. I was pretty much surprised by the level of questions. The Maths were just 5 and had more of English, current affairs and sports(Rio Olympics). I reckon a large number of people will pass but how many will end up admitted.

    Thanks to your blog Tim!!! More power to your elbow

  5. Hi timothy, according to the schedule u posted, my exam is tomorrow 22nd but I have not been able to print my exam pass. It keeps telling me I have not been schedule for the exam, that I should try again in the next few hours. Please I don’t know what to do, it should have come out by now. Can u advise me on what to do…thanks

    • Try later in the evening

      • Good evening mr tim, i have an issue. I was not scheduled all this while for an exam (m.sc econs) all of a sudden i checked today and the exam was on the 17th. What can i do? This is really upsetting, is that how it works? No prompt or anything?

  6. I took the exam last Saturday (MBA ). There were 50 questions for 45 minutes. 35 english and critical reasoning questions 15 quantitative(maths) questions and 5 current affairs.
    The past questions was more of a guide and there was similar question from the past question that was set for the exam.
    I had a major problem with the NEXT icon in the monitor that was malfunctioning.
    As an advice, don’t bother clicking next just click on the number of the question. The NEXT icon needed to be clicked like 3 -4 times before it moves to the next question, so with the limited time your do not want to be pressured during the exam because the next icon delayed like 3-4 seconds. How many question will you then answer when the system is lagging.
    All the best.

  7. Hello Tim

    Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. Its lovely to see selfless people around

    I am scheduled to write exams tomorrow 22/9/2016 but have no idea of what the questions might look like. i do even have access to past questions.

    Kindly assist in sending e-copy of past questions to enable me prepare for the exams

    Security and intelligence studies (under psychology ) is the course i enrolled for

    Best Regard

  8. Had mine on tuesday, like 30% of the past question was repeated & use of calculator was allowed… the experience is just for candidate to read around any topic in the past question

  9. pls when is M.SC Psychology writing? i saw 23rd on the school portal. ive not been able to print out exam pass. i keep seeing reference or password not valid. im cofussed. pls when is M.SC Psychology writing. pls someone should respond on time

    • If you don’t know you don’t have access to your password anymore, please visit the school of postgraduate studies office for complains

  10. Hello Timkthy. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

    For those who have sat the exams, is the exam docket accepted in black and white or coloured?

    • The exam docket is accepted in any form you decide to print it. Its your exam pass which will remain with you after the exams.

  11. Fakulujo Ajibade

    Good day to everyone,i’m scheduled to write my exam on Saturday 24th MIT(master in Information technology) and don’t have any experience writing the exam,please anyone who could be of help with materials.Thank you

  12. by Mr. Tim
    I had my exam on d 17th. and was on question 42 when it said time elapsed after I clicked next. please hope it submitted my exam? am worried.

  13. Hi, missed my entrance examination (educational psychology), didn’t get to know the timetable was out on time, only to know that the day I was slotted for has passed, which was 21st September, 2016

  14. Wrote the MA Literature exam last Thursday.It was delayed briefly due to late arrival of the question papers.The atmosphere of the hall was conducive enough for exams.Contrary to general insinuation,the questions were not often repeated.Going through past questions could help,though but should not be relied upon 100% .The questions were hypothetical that require deep thoughts and understanding of literature.Familiarization with at least 2 novels/drama/poetry texts was a good idea.Hope and pray the assessment will be fair enough.

  15. Thanks so much Tim, the exam was not what I really expected because none of what I read in the past question came out.

    Plz again I am scheduled for interview today by 4pm plz what am I expected of. MTP&M.

  16. Mine was MA English. Relatively simple except for one dat i answered partially others were simple. The arrangment ws fairly good but there s need to improve a lot as regads planing and timing. Trust me unilag has more prospect.

  17. The exam was funny. I couldn’t believe a gud number of exact questions came from the past questions. I wasted plenty of time reading and revising mass communication text books I used during my undergraduate days. If I had know I would have stuck to the past questions to save my time.
    All the same it went well. Thanks God. At least in preparing broadly, I was more confident.

  18. Morning sir, I just got information now that my original certificate is ready for collection after I have already used my statement of result in my application. Do you think I can still use the certificate instead of transcript. Advice me to save me money and time.

  19. The exam was fairly ok

  20. operation research 5oquestion comprises of maths 45question 15 questn on use of english,d maths question have element of physic question,two question repeated itself wit same question,d question is moderate wit calculator one can beat up d time, am not wit calculator so d time was not enough,4d next applicant read mathematical economis and busmath and bearing question.we are just 6opple dat wrote on or,i am expectant and i trust GOD I WIL B ADMITTED TO OR PROGRAM BY HIS GRACE

    • Hw do u know u were only 6 I know of I nd another 2 dat were course mates during undergraduate studies. I just know we re not many but was quite disappointed with the questions, dere where no specialisation question on OR. With God we shall be admitted. I envy others oooo

  21. Well done Tim. Please do u know if there will be the usual follow-up interviews or we should just keep waiting for the results? They just told us to go home after writing the exam on 24th Sept 2016. Thanks.

  22. When would the reschedule of exam stop?

  23. Hello Tim, I missed my exam went to postgraduate for a reschedule was been told to write letter to my department which I did, later on checked back, the reply I was being given was that the letter isn’t recommended that there’s no reschedule.

  24. Anyone who wrote for MSc Biochemistry here

  25. Has anyone who wrote for M.sc Biochemistry been contacted

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