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2016/2017 Unilag Admission List For Jambites & Direct Entry Update

I know you all have been expecting the 2016/2017 utme/direct admission list for all Unilag prospective students. I just wanna inform you guys that the list will be released soon. 

From a very reliable source, the list might likely be released before the end of this month(September) or early next month(October).

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In one of my previous post I gave details about the sequence in which the list will be released. You can read the post by clicking this link; About 2016/2017 Unilag Admission List For Jambites & Direct Entry


The list is now out online as indicated below;

 2016/2017 Unilag Merit Admission List For Undergraduates  

Check via this link; http://unilagadmissionguide.com/2016/09/28/20162017-unilag-merit-admission-list-for-undergraduates/ via @unilag_guide

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  1. When are we going to resume school??

  2. sir please sir when is the supplementary list coming out for diploma

    • Maybe next week. Always check the foundation office for updates too. Unilag might not publish the list

  3. Thank you very much uncle. It’s a great work you are doing for us. If you beat the cut off by 1 and that of catchment by 4,whats the chance

  4. Thanks for that info
    Pls has the cut off mark release or they are using the same cut off mark with foundation programme?

  5. Thanks very much sir for the great work. I’m appreciative Sir.

    I have two questions.

    If one beat the merit by 1 and the catchment by 4. What’s up with the admission even with competition?

    Secondly is it true that unilag rejects birth cert gotten the same year of admission?

    Thanks in anticipation

    • Once you beat cut off, you are in. No more competition. Just get a good birth certificate. You can back date it.


  7. More power to ur elbow bro, pls what’s ur opinion about this, I had 71 nd my catchment area cut off point is, 71.13 is there hope for 1st or supp list. Pls reply Mr Tim, God bless

  8. Thank you so much Mr Timothy

  9. Mr tim,my aggregate score and catchment are exactly the same…am i good to go

  10. Elder Abe Samuel

    please , would the catchment area list comes out with the merit list thanks ? .

  11. Is there no screening for direct entry student

  12. Ogunleye Olalekan

    Bro. Tim. With you level of experience and high knowledge of admission processes, what do you think is the fate of someone who is 0.75 point lower than the cutoff and 2.85points higher than the catchment cutoff. Thanks sir

  13. Well done Uncle Tim we just have to be Patient to all applicant be patient. God bless u Sir and all applicant

  14. due to a mistake,my other(third) name ddnt match dat in my birth certificate,will dat be a problem? pl$$$$$$

  15. Hello Mr Tim. There any chance for someone who’s point was by 1 lower than the cut off gain admission? Thank you.

  16. Mr tim pls i didnt beat my merit cut off but i surpassed the cut off for my catchment by one..i’m i good to go?..pls i need a reply ASAP

  17. You answered me up there sir. Thanks.

    I have already got the birth cert and it wasn’t back dated.. ..any problem with having thIs year on birth certificate?

  18. Hello Mr Tim. There any chance for someone who’s point was by 1 lower than the cut off gain admission? Thank you. Like for the jupeb

  19. Hello Uncle Tim, what are my chances of making the adm list when I passed my changed course with 3 marks?

  20. Bro. Tim, please i have a sworn affi davit which i did in the year 2013, my signature and picture aren’t clear….i was thinking of getting another one but it’ll appear as same year of admission….what do you advice i do…pls reply asap.

  21. Uncle Tim thanks ooo…. we have been waiting since for Atleast an update from lag….but still nxt week ends sept…this waiting is another thing….I’m very sure u wud keep us updated thanks once again

  22. My question seems too much. I am sorry. Only for clarification. Thanks in anticipation.

    I have a birth certificate already Sir. It’s dated this year.

    Is there really a problem with having the same year of admission on the birth certificate?

    And can someone be disqualified for that reason and has it happened before?

  23. Hi. Good day. Any update on those who applied but had awaiting o level result.

  24. what happens to those that filled awaiting result, any update on that

  25. Bro Tim pls the date of birth on my jamb form and the one of my birth certificate are the same but there was a typo when I was registering my GCE so d d.o.b on it is diff pls can it affect my admission… Pls reply bro Tim and is it true that Unilag does not accept birth certificate gotten in d admission year

  26. Bro Tim pls the date of birth on my jamb form and the one of my birth certificate are the same but there was a typo when I was registering my GCE so d d.o.b on it is diff pls can it affect my admission and is it true that Unilag does not accept birth certificate gotten in d admission year Bro Tim pls reply

  27. Brah….
    Please how possible is it to switch Courses in Unilag?

  28. sir,my aggregate score is 63 and i changed my course to physics which is 53 my question is will i be in the merit or supplementry list.

  29. Pls sir wat are they going to use to judge direct entry before the list

  30. bro timo….

    I’ll like to message you privately……
    I’m confused about something…..

    how can I get to chat with you…..??

    thanks a lot

  31. Bro tim,am scared about this your pray pray pray about the change of course,does it mean all the applicant that goes for change of course will not gain admission,plesse give us a response,cos am highly tense right now,my agg was 66.66 I choose economics d cut of was 70, I change my course to education history,now my agg was beat down to 60.69 and d cut for edu history was 55 with no catchment area,so what is my hope on the admission..please sir I really need your response sir

  32. Sir Tim please how does unilag intend to admit 2015/2016 jupeb candidates that made the required point for each department. Previous years once you beat beat the cutoff you’ll be admitted in that department. Is it going to be the same thing this year or are we going to see an entirely new thing this year

  33. well done bro Tim, my daughter got 67.25 her screening exam but d cut off mark for biz admin is 69.38 ,will she gain admission .

  34. you are evenly good to go, because they needed people to fill up the lacuna in the named course.. you beat the cutoff you’d changed to, by 10.. You will surely gain admission come what may, because that was just a clear chance and opportunity been given- and because you’ve done the right thing and at the right time, at times you don’t even needed prayers as the blogger suggested, because God is neither mute nor deaf nor blind to seeing the heart beat of His children and will not fiasco to aid when they’ve played their part aright.. just suspend everything to Him, and forget about it, have you wondered why a door will close and instantly another opens, the very day the cutoff marks were released for each courses,some were heartsick,some were in anguish and some in the same hour, were overwhelmingly elated- but the next day of it C.O.C was released and it’s duration was just but only three days, 7-9 september, it’s the work of God; that was just to revive lost hope,you went and did c.o.c and was successful,by and large,not only being successful but beating the changed course by far, common bloke why wouldn’t you be given admission even on merit, you didn’t ask for it, it was divinely apportioned- this year came with utter change both in education,economy, jurisprudence,politics and in worship methodology- emphatically, some wouldn’t have made their course cutoff if the post utme was not trauncated,many would have shad tears and categorically could have be despondent- all of this is the work of God, sing to Him, He doesn’t wanna see you clamour or gnash ignorantly- you are in school already just start collecting your documents,and believe in the power of the written word of God, in john 19vs30, where it was stressed “it is finished”..

  35. My Score Equals Catchment’s, 71 For Accounting. Pple Told Me Dat Unilag Does Nt Consider Catchment. “dey Only Publish It For Publishing Sake”, Dey Added. How Valid Is Dis Master Timothy?

  36. Pls my aggregate score was 65 and my cut off is 71 which is accounting pls can i make d supplementary list

  37. pls how can someone switch to another course

  38. Hello Sir, I scored 65.5 while the course cut off is 68.38 and my catchment Cut off is 66.88. Just 2.8 and 1.38 Diff.
    What are my chances for supplementary list.

  39. Mr tim, i got a slot from a professor 4 systems eng, i did’nt get up to d cut-off mark, will i still get the admission.

    • don’t ask Tim question that could land him in trouble abeg keep your professor your yourself.do what you have to do but you must buy change of course form o.

  40. Sir Tim, i got a slot from a professor 4 systems eng, did’nt get the cut-off mark, will i get the admission, pls sir i need ur reply.

  41. Sir Tim, got a slot from professor for systems eng, i did’nt get to the cut-off mark, am i good to go.

  42. Mr Tim, i got a slot from a professor 4 systems eng, am i good to go even if i did’nt reach cut-off mark.

  43. Is it possible to change from biochemistry to pharmacy after 200l in unilag

  44. Good afternoon Mr Tim..you said that possibly the foundation office will post the supp list for foundation entrance exam and if not we should check foundation office..does that mean they will post it at their office

  45. Pls my aggregate score was 65 and my cut off is 71 which is accounting pls can i make d supplementary list pls i nid ur reply

  46. pls my cut off is 63 and I had 61 is there stil hope

  47. okay…..
    not about admission but I’m running an undergraduate 100l and wish to end it after second semester because I’ve entered for foundation programme for my desired course…..
    pls how will I stop the one for 100l after second semester exams ?
    is it necessary to meet with my department head or course advisor or write a letter to senate

  48. pls sir, is the any cut off for de candidates? is d submission of transcript ddetermines d admission? what are my chances of making the list, I have credit – B in all my NCE courses including education, biology n int. science which is 12 points out of possible 15. my jamb aggregate is 13 and my o’level is complete in one sitting. I applied for biology edcation. Thanking you in anticipation for your response.

  49. Mr Tim pls do you have any idea abt when we are to resume

  50. timmy pls am happy u that u re attending to us,I beat my cutoff with 0.25,aggregate score 65 cutoff 64.75 pls shud I expect my name 2b on d admission list

  51. Please bro Timothy,can I make supplementary list coz I had 66.75 as aggregate and my catchment is 69.13 for accountancy????

  52. Mr. Timo, God bless you for your enlightenment. Please, I need your reply. My daughter is one point higher in is catchment area but less than o.8 in Merit list in Medicine. What is her chances. God bless.

  53. bro tim pls my birth certificate is dated dis year hope dat won’t be a problem. so scared!

  54. Pls can someone gain admission for another course in another faculty. Like in the supplementary list if you don’t meet your department’s cut off… But met the requirements for the other faculty. In the jupeb exam. Thank you

  55. Hello guys..Am nt trying to discourage anyone here or make something out of nothing but the truth has to be told..thumbs up to Bro.Tim..he can only say what he knows and advise us…All you need to gain admission into Unilag if u don’t meet ur cutoff is 100% Prayer and Luck..if you did meet or pass ur cutoff..be rest assured of ur admission..saying 4rm experience..I got 51.00 last year and my catchment cutoff 4 Finance was 51.13..I never made it to the 3lists unilag released(Merit..,1st Supp..,2nd Supp)..while a friend of mine who was 4points way off the catchment cutoff 4 Accounting..made the 2nd supp list..And again..Unilag redistribute..if you don’t meet ur dept.cutoff..you might be given another course..most especially..under Faculty of BA..Accounting,Biz-Admin aspirants that didn’t meet d cutoff might be given another course under Faculty of BA..Economics aspirants who didn’t make the cutoff might be given either Finance or Economics Edu…..so I’ll advise y’ll that didn’t meet d cutoff..Pray and hope for Luck..

  56. Mr Tim. I had 71 for MBBS and my cutoff was 79.35. I’m in elds. Pls whats my chance in life?? Pls Sir, reply me am panicking. Is supplementary list possible?

  57. Bro tim.i am 4rm ogun state.course is pol science.i didnt meet d merit cut off 4 pol science which is 64.75.buh i met d@ 0f my catchment ogun state 63.00 nd i had 64.38. W@ are my chances.tnx in advance

  58. Pls do unilag give one course aside d one he choose in jamb

  59. mr tim good day.please this is my first comment on ure page….please i choose systems engineering and i didnt meet the cutoff and wasnt able to apply for coc ….please is der any bleak of hope …..thanks for the reply

  60. All the ones av been commenting I never see reply. I derive comfort from reading applicants qstns. And prayer. No need to ask qstns now notn can be changed untill list is released.

  61. Long Leg, Connection, Man-know-man, And The Like, What Do These Av To Do With Unilag Admission. Pple Ar Really Terrorising Me Here. Dey Say: I Shud Nt Sit Home Checking Blogs And Websites Luking For Admin List. “U Had Better Go To “Smbody” For Help To Make D List Or U Keep Waiting To See Those With Lower Scores Admitted”, They Conclude. Master Timothy, Shudn’t I Believe This?

  62. mr tim good day,really hope to hear from you…i didnt meet the merit cutoff mark and catchment….and before i could change my course..it was too late i applied for systems engineering..and really m confused because have been hearing professors giving student space on the list…please i just need ure advice on what next i scored 55.38 too low i guess buh is der at least a chance i can get in for systems through supplementary

  63. please I didn’t meet the cut off for history and did the change of course to Russian. unilag changed my score from 59 to 64 which is higher than Russian cut off marks. will my name come out in merit or supplementary list?

  64. good day mr tim..please i need ure solid advice on what i should do next..i applied for systems engineering..i didnt meet the cutoff and catchment…and the change of course form had closed before i knew about it..i am really confused..i had 55.38..please a reply would be appreciated

  65. Am 0.50 differentfrom my catchment any chance.

  66. sorry bro tim,Am 0.50 different from my catchment cutoff point any chance

  67. plsss….can sm1 check unilag website….it nt opening…

  68. If the list doesn’t come out on Wednesday,Thursday or Friday then it has to be first week of October.

  69. Gd morning people, please is there need for me to get state of Origin certificate.Am not using catchment, I did change of course.Thanks for prompt response.

  70. Hello sir I sent you a mail on your gmail but you didn’t reply…… I scored 62.25 but the cut off for maths is 65.25….please, what are my chances??? I’m not on the catchment…… Please, sir replllllyyyy thank you

  71. sir plz my score is 1.38 lower than my catchment area 4 economics.am i good 2 go

  72. What about Elds?? Will they be on merit list?

  73. Uncle Tim nothing new yet?

  74. What about Elds?

  75. Should I use my birth certificate gotten in 2012 or the one gotten at birth? The former was gotten from Health Centre, Ijanikin while the latter from a private hospital.

  76. good day bro tim please is it possible for once name to be on supplementary list withiout changing course

    • Yes, very well

      • bro Tim, please is the cutoff mark posted on the schools web is for only ume candidates because am a de aspirant who had 12points in a possible 15 and complete olevel result in one sitting..applied tru nce though I studied business education but applied fr edu administration..so please how will they calculate the stuff fr us
        what is our chance of gaining admission..

      • my certificate of birth was re.. issued dis yr cus i misplaced d original.. its like dis::year of registration is 2000..bt d date of reissuement is dz yr.. july… pls wat can i do

  77. I had 70.13 as my agg score but my cut off is 70.75 then I did a change of course would my name be on the second choice or first choice course

  78. I just can’t wait for it

  79. Hello sir, what if one didn’t meet cutoff but beat catchment by 2point what are my chances sir?

  80. Good day Mr Tim. The date of issue on my birth certificate reads 01/09/2015. Am I good to go?

  81. Good day Mr Tim is it possible to do jupeb exam with out registering with any institution??? Like without diploma

  82. GOOD DAY Mr.Tim….pls I need your response this is first time of writing to you.
    My agg. Score is 60.61 and my cutoff for edu.econs is 61.13. What is my fate am I good to go??
    Just yesterday morning I got a text msg from JAMB that I shld log on to their website to print my admission letter, I went to do so but its showing “no admission given yet” pls ur response will do me good…. God bless

  83. Accounting MERIT cutoff is 72.50 and i score exact 72.50, my name will be on the MERIT list sir???????

  84. Hi Bros Timo I need an urgent reply to this. The course am going for is quantity surveying and they said the 5 o level requirements are maths English physics or Chem economic tec draw geo. Please I want to know if I can replace d Chem for further maths.

    • Five O/Level credit in English Language, Mathematics, Physics and any TWO of Geography, Chemistry, Land Surveying, Technical Drawing and Economics.

  85. Please Bros Timo can I replace chemistry for further maths in the five o level required for quantity surveying

    • Five O/Level credit in English Language, Mathematics, Physics and any TWO of Geography, Chemistry, Land Surveying, Technical Drawing and Economics.

  86. most of the cutoffs for diploma are 40

  87. my mark is the same with the catchment cut off .do I av a chance

  88. Gud mawnin sir.pls I asked a question earlier but I didn’t get a reply.I am from ogun state and my course is political science.I didn’t meet d merit cut off which is 64.75. My aggregate score is 64.38.nd I passed d catchment cut off which is 63.00.pls w@ are my chances and am I good 2 go.sir ur reply will really do me good.tnx in advance.

  89. Pls what are the required results nd certs we’ll be asked to bring. Can i use my neco statement of result? Pls inbox me thru my email.

  90. when exactly Is the admission list coming out.cuz am in.haste

  91. the other name on my birth certificate is different from the one I used to register.please am I save.hope it won’t affect me ooo

  92. Mr tim,dis is my 1st comment nd I wud rily appreciate ur reply.I passed my catchment cut off with almost 2 points.am I good 2 go.nd also wen is d admission list coming out.tnx in advance.

  93. Sir.I didn’t meet my merit cutt off.but I passed my catchment cut off.am I good 2 go.tnk u

  94. the other name is used to for the screening is different from the one on my birth certificate.hope it won’t affect me

  95. Admission list is out live and direct

  96. Admission list is out o. Uncle timo take note 👌

  97. Admission list is out o. Uncle Timo take note

  98. The Long Awaited Merit List Has Finally Been Released!!! Even if u dint see ur name, don’t be discouraged yet. Jes pray and be hopeful for the supplementary list(s)..

  99. Bros merit list z out iooh

  100. Wat re my chances wen i passd my changed course with 7marks

  101. Mr tim,my sister got 65 but the cut off mark is 72, is dere a chance she might make d supplementary list,she z really sad

  102. morin😃😃😃

    Pls when is the supp list for jambites going to be out

  103. Pls wen is de admission list going to b out plssssssssssssssssdd