The Next Unilag DLI Part Time Form For 2016/2017 Academic Session Updates

Unilag Dli means Unilag Distance Learning Institute, it’s a 5/6 years weekend and online degree Programme offered in Unilag 

The regular courses offered are;






(i) B. Sc. in Education/Biology

(ii) B. Sc. in Education/Chemistry

(iii) B. Sc. in Education/Physics

(iv) B.Sc. in Education/Mathematics

There is an ongoing plan to add more courses to the list above but for now the ones listed above are the regular courses offered.

The next application form for the 2016/2017 academic session will likely be on sale around Novemeber 2016. If you are interested in the Programme then make sure you follow us here for updates. You can also subscribe via the link below in order not to miss out on any updates at all or better still click here to subscribe to updates 

There will be an entrance exam after purchase of application form, you can get the past questions and answers now to start your preparation. Get it via this link; How To Get Unilag Dli Entrance Exam Past Questions & Answers.

Hello guys, the information above is now outdated because 2016/2017 Unilag DLI application form is now on sale and to get the full registration details, please click…. 2016/2017 Unilag DLI full Registration details/guide

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  1. Please how much is the form and do they have provisions for NCE holders…secondly, can you please update me about the ICE (institute of continuing education) programme, when is the form for the next academic section (2017/2018) likely to be on sale? Thanks

    • The last DLI form sold for 18,000 naira. Yes, NCE graduates can start from 200level.

      ICE form form 2017/2018 will be on sale around June next year.

      • Please what’s the duration for the ICE and do you have an idea of what it would cost for the first year of the programme (just an estimates of the cost)

      • Please can you enlighten me on the estimates cost of what it would take to run this programme, atleast how much does the first year cost, and also what is the duration of the programme….and how is the programme run? (ie, is it during holidays, or just every weekend from January to December etc)

    • Almost 100%. Unilag DLI Admission isn’t that competitive. With relevant guidance you will scale through easily

      • Sir,

        Most respect to you for your works.
        I’ve subscribed to your stuffs since inception. Kudos again!

        I will like to know when the DLI 16/17 will likely resume and an idea of the school fees for first year; I mean all kinds of fee inclusive.

        I’d be glad for a sooner and explanatory reply.


        • They will resume around September/October next year and the fees for the first year is around 125-130k.

          Subsequent years till graduation will be around 100-120k per session.

          • thanks, i will like to know if there is a way to interact with you personally, if any medium is availble

  2. Aside from this courses listed above,will there be room for more courses like mass communication,english language,and sociology.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the job well done. I have an ND in computer science and I wish to apply for economics with it. I read somewhere that I could. Just want to clarify that.

    Thanks again.

  4. Can one apply for Bsc Economics with OND in computer science? Heard it’s possible, kindly confirm. Thanks

  5. Thank you for the job well done.

    Pls i want to find out if there is any age limit for DLI part time.

    Thank you

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