How To Check Online; 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Examination Result 

2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance examination results will be online soon and below is the detail guide on how to check your result online via the registration portal.  Also, now that I have given you guys the details, it’s your responsibility to always check to see if they are online already.

As soon as you able to check yours, let us know in the comment section below.

1. Click 2016/2017 Unilag postgraduate Entrance Results

Enter your application number or reference number and surname(in small letters) as password.

After login on, check the top of the page and click on ‘view result’
You result and remark will be displayed. 

There will be remarks on the results, you can check out the explanation of the remarks via this link; Unilag Postgraduate entrance examination remarks explained 

Note: Your application number is on your printed application form and your reference number was what you used to purchase the form.

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  2. Hello Timothy, there is nothing like “view remark” on the page after logging in with my ref number and password. kindly advice what can be done

  3. pls I tried to ask someone to help check my performance @ d department n was tld my performance was poor does dat mean no hope or I shld still wait for release of results n admission list.

  4. I am scared like shit cos the entrance exam look somehow to me. God into your hands I commit my success #scared

  5. I hope we that were not able to print our exam pass especially the entire Mechanical Engineering Dept will be able to see our scores and remark online….
    Cant wait….

  6. Hi, Teems thank you so much for the update, though the exams is somehow but I believe ot he that willet or he that runnet but it’s by the grace of God almighty he will help us to pass it, it’s ot easy though. Am always anticipating for the better day

  7. Hello Mr Timothy, My friend in chemistry was able to check his result yesterday online,, have not seen mine ( Electrical engineering ). How long will it take to upload other departments

  8. Nice job you’re doing on here bro. I was surfing through the internet this morning for news updates on the Unilag spgs admission exams because I hadn’t received any mail reminding me for a test since I made payment. To cut the long story short, I found out that I missed the test. Pls is there anyway I can take the test before the results are released? I need urgent help please.

  9. Hi I just helped my sister to check hers but I can’t find the view result on her page… She wrote the exam for Msc economics..
    Has anybody the wrote for economics been able to see theirs cause I’m getting worried

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  11. Hi Tim, Thanks for the good works.
    I have just logged in line with this your directions for checking the exams score,
    but i can’t find the view result button. How do i check for my scores?

  12. Good day Timothy,

    I applied for MRM and i equally sat for the entrance exam. I tried checking my candidate page this evening but i got a message: “application form not enabled for your programme”.

    I do not understand. Can you please assist with information on what is going no?


  13. Please i cant log on to check my result. It says application form not enabled for your programme. Please do anyone knows why????

  14. I am experiencing the same problem as well “application form not enabled for your programme”… What could be the issue please?

    • Hi, I was able to check my result online, scored 55.89 and was not recommended, (educational psychology) and I m in shock as to why? What’s d cut off mark? Anyway, can I switch program to sand which? If yes, what r d things I v to do…


      • Recommended or not recommended you can still make the list so you all should wait for the first list.

        • 59.56 too… not recommended for M.Ed edu admi and planning. scared tho. dnt want wot happened last year to repeat itself ooo

        • I checked the result again today online and I saw that my score was increased to 59.18 and still not recommended, do you have an idea of when the list would be out?

          And can I also have ur contact….


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  16. Thanks for the updates Tim, i just checked my result following your procedures, i saw the score and the result remark.. Thanks.

  17. Hello Mr Tim, I checked mine and it says “not set”.What am I suppose to do pls? There is no score displayed.I applied for PGD .

  18. Thank you for the service that you are providing. I just checked my result now with the link that you posted.

  19. Thanks Tim, my remark is Recommended thank God at last pls wanna know the sch fees for Medical parasitology