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2016/2017 Unilag Jambites Supplementary & Direct Entry Admission List Update

This is just to ease the tensions arising, the list is on the way and will be released soon. It’s over due already and any moment from now it will be online. I will post full details right here as soon as the 2016/2017 Unilag supplementary admission list for jambites and Direct entry admission list is online.

I gave detail update HERE(click link to read) few weeks ago on when to expect the list, that same post is still relevant because I updated it yesterday with new details. 

You can read it again now to ease the tension.

2016/2017 Unilag Supplementary Admission List For Jambites Is Out, check Here! 

Via this link;
http://unilagadmissionguide.com/2016/11/23/20162017-unilag-supplementary-admission-list-for-jambites-is-out-check-here/ via @unilag_guide

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  1. Ok thk u Mr timothy 4 ur prompt update regards d admission but Mr timothy if I may ask candidate dat did change of course and pass the course cutoff mark should such candidate expect admission in supplementary list

  2. It should be released quickly ooo. We D.E(jupeb) students are anxious. We’re tired of this long holiday.

  3. Mr Timothy, i heard that some students were disqualified last year because they submitted sworn declaration of age instead of birth certificate..pls i want to confirm, hw true is that??

  4. God bless you bro,people have spreading out news that unilag will not release any list again concerning the jambite admission,and pls sir is true the registration will start before supplementary list comes up…and we that did changing of course what is our chance in this coming list…

  5. Pls what about 2015/2016 foundation list?
    You promised to post about it. But you haven’t

  6. Good Day Mr tim….Mr tim do you have any idea on when Unilag will start registration for the merit list admitted candidate and will the suplimentry list come out before the registration

    • Registration will start in November together with supplementary and direct entry admitted students

  7. Hello Tim, thanks for “easing the tension”. i just wanted to know if it is possible to transfer from biochemistry to medicine after 200l(or at any other point) at unilag.

  8. Nawa o

  9. From first/second week of October to November.. lol

  10. We are tired to waiting oo
    First dey said first week in October now november
    We don tire for una school sef
    Watin gan

  11. Well done bro,how many lists are they likely to release for supplementary nd how Much do u think d acceptance fee could be?????? Above all I pray m favoured ….thanks nd God bless

  12. Enter your comment here…uncle tim is the list going to favor we with coc or special people

  13. Is it possible to change 4rm botany to biochemistry after 200lvl

  14. Mr tim thanks oo..i jus hope they release it in time, pray it favours ooo,,,

  15. bro tim…according to the post… how soon???.. will it probably b released by monday??

  16. Uncle tim,the documents we re to bring for registration.How many photocpies each

  17. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good evening bro tim pls i want to verify something here my name came out on the 2016 unilag merit admission list but when i checked my admission status on jamb website it said no admission given yet what do i do thanks

  18. When is unilag freshers registration likely to commence?

  19. I heard unilag jambite supplementary list is coming out this week uncle Tim

  20. Kudos to you Mr tim,i heard unilag will not broadcast the supplementary list on their portal,how true is that sir,and also please I want to no If it is possible to change course from Education history to economics.

  21. good day sir and tnks for the wonderful work u av bin duin god bless i jst want to confirm about the screenin form to be presented for screenin cuz wen i went to the schools site to thse students login undergraduate login to be precised i was told to change my password after enterin my reg no n surnname….i saw some info that wher not filled lyk my bio data name of sponsor next of kin etc…..m isupposed to fill d form and print it and is that the screenin form to be presented for screenin…may god bless u as u ans

  22. Application form is not enabled for your programme…..Mr Tim I was entering my application page nd saw this.message..^… What should I do…I made it to d unilag jamb merit list

    • The portal is locked

      • gudday sir….so those dah did coc n over passed the cut off mark of the course ko….also HV 50:50 chance dah our names will come awt in the supplementary too….so our money will just burn off lyk dah…cos I did coc to philosophy n I passed the cut off mark

      • Please Mr Tim, I have a question to ask, so my sis got admitted this year and she has changed her surname password cos of security reasons. Now she’s trying to log in we are getting username and password mismatch. Since the portal is not yet official opened for fresher I’d like to know if whatever she has done wasn’t acknowledged and the reason why the stuff is not going is because her data is not in the school system and she can still use her surname once the portal is opened? Or once it’s opened she can do a pword reset and get to reset it via her email (mind you, we’ve done a password reset we got nothing from the school about a reset link). It might be a little confusing but I hope you understand. And I also want to maybe why she was unable to log in is because the portal is not opened for this year. I’d like to know if other freshers can log in. Thanks

        • Timothy Ozovehe

          Don’t worry, just hold on for now. Not yet time for all that. The portal will be opened soon and she will be able to log on again.

        • They would send her new password to the email she use to register for her post jamb…this same thing happened to me and they sent my new password to my email

  23. Pls wat is d cut-off 4 educatn course am a d.e stdt n my aggregate is 14

  24. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good evening bro tim please i would want to find out what is the meaning of screening form does it mean unilag post ume admission screening form and when and how are we going to download it thank you

  25. Good day Mr Tim…Mr tim is the statement of result for 2015 gce ready and is it compulsory to stamp my GCE result from ma secondary school..

  26. Someone said following last year’s sequence, merit list students will be registered first so as to know the available spaces for others to b on the supp list. ..

  27. Bros, what is happening, as at this time last year registration was almost over. I hope is not d recent issues of expulsion rustication and rustication of april protest student that has been hindering this registration sha. Please, your reply will be appreciated

  28. Hello Tim, this is about your post on documents required for registration. Please will a company CEO’s reference letter with the companies letterhead be accepted or must it be from those you mentioned in the post(i.e clergyman, imam, lawyer, or senior civil servant).

  29. mr tim my son got philosophy on merit list i want to know if it will be possible for him to change to law in his second semester or can he do it now in his first year.

  30. Good day,wetin dey go on bros, as at this time last year registration was almost over. I hope is not d recent issues of expulsion rustification and rustification of april protest student. Pls your reply would b appreciated

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Nothing dey happen brother

      • mr tim thanks for the updates..i tried checking my admission status on jamb website but it appears that i haven’t yet been admitted..i also do not know if unilag would maintain it’s previous clearance fee…thanks for your time and effort..

  31. will the listbe out this week

  32. Na wa oh……please wake those uploading the list na…..are they sleeping on the keyboard????…..the school sef want to be forming boss ……oda schools are not on slow motion

  33. Please bro Tim I’m a D/E aspirant would like to know if there will be a supplementary list for D/E like last year or it would just be the merit list this year would really appreciate a reply thank you

  34. hello Mr Tim, my son got admission on merit list for unilag, when would registration begin for merit list please.

  35. i would like to know if it is still possible to apply for direct entry into the school of foundation studies with Cambridge A’ level (in case the direct entry admission list does not show my name)

  36. From a right source, Unilag 2nd batch list coming out 2nd week of November.

  37. Please Mr Tim… How are you… Thank you for a good job… My daughter was given pharmacology in Unilag this year… Is there any chance that she can change to pharmacy in her second year without writing jamb

  38. Good day Tim, how long more to wait for this supplementary list. Na wa o

  39. Please Mr Tim can you confirm the exact date Registration for 2016/2017 merit Admitted student will commence?

  40. Please when is jamb going to release their admission letter cuz its part of the requirements for registration

  41. I heard the list came out today how true is this

  42. I heard the list is out how true is that ?

  43. Olugbade Oluwatobiloba

    Good morning,pls i heard the portal for registration for freshers is now opened but registration has not commenced,please how true is that and when will the registration start.Thank you.

  44. Look like dlist is cumin out today or 2mao

  45. Mr. Tim, is it all department that the supplementary list will be released?

  46. Please i would be travelling this month mr tim and I would really like to know if I should be expecting it this week would be travelling next week…. ignoring msg… would not be acceptable

  47. Good day.

    I’m a direct entry applicant. I hope we see the list soonest, the wait has been long and hasn’t been easy. Though, I heard its going to be towards month end that the list would be released, I hope it comes sooner as you’ve hinted us (latest next week).

    God bless your work. Its helping many.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      You will see the list soon. Thanks for the prayers

      • Hello mr Tim I just wanted to know what you have been hearing about this supplementary list for undergraduates… I mean you are the eyes and ears from inside unilag. I have been calm and reading comments but I just want to ask what exactly is the cause of the delay. Itz a week or two over due, as we all know

        Do enter ur comments here.

  48. Good Morning Mr Tim, Sir I have a little problem. I just went to collect my original waec result and I discovered that it carries different DOB(1995) from the one on my birth certificate and jamb(1994). What should I do Sir?

  49. Mr tim..I will really appreciate if you reply me back ..my daughter got 14/15 points she didn’t make it for medical..a professor in the engineering department that’s a cousin to us is trying to work out her admission to either dentistry or pharmacy is it possible her name will be out in the merit list ..

  50. Mr tim good evening..I would really appreciate if you reply me back my daughter got 14/15 points and she didn’t make it for medicine..a professor in the engineering department is helping her work admission in either pharmacy or dentistry..is it possible her name will be out in the merit list ..

  51. Sorry Mr tim I really appreciate the reply but I don’t think you got me ..she got 14/15 points in the jupeb result ..and she applied for medicine ..someone is helping her work her way in pharmacy or dentistry is it possible her name will come out in the merit list in the direct entry list..sorry for much trouble

  52. Ah Unilag y na

  53. Mr. Tim is it possible for someone who met all the requirements for elect/elect but under aged by 2months and 21days to be given admission on the suplimentary list. Please your reply will be highly appreciated

  54. ud day sir
    I did coc from irpm to philosophy n I had 62.50 for philosophy I passed the cut off mark…is it possible for me not to be registerable to philosophy.. I message u on Facebook Instagram n on ur page unilag admission guide u didn’t reply sir is it possible… I will be happy if u reply me asap thank you sir

  55. Hello Mr Tim. Pls I heard there’ll be no admision for people with only Cs. Pls is that true? I almost gv up bt going tru d comments here, no one mentioned it so I felt its not true. Or is it?

  56. pls give us another update on the unilag supplemeantary list……i pray i am on the list

  57. hello mr tim……is unilag having ani link wit mountain top university….bcus day sent a message consigning admission i wonder ow they get m info…..plstel m more abt dat…..ur reply mata most sir

  58. Mr Tim pls help my frnd out he meetup wit d cutoff of his catchment and he wasnt given admission on d merit list nd many of his frnds dat meetup under catchment were offered admission pls does he av hope on supplementary list.

  59. Hello mr tim please when will this list come out, this is the 2nd week of November, don’t you know the specific date it will be out……please sir I will appreciate your reply

  60. my daughter filled the change of course from law to philosophy. but now her portal isn’t opening. will her name appear in the supplementary list and when is it coming out?

  61. hi, mr timothy i think i might be having a issue with my account cos after have uploaded my credentials den 2 generate my payment it gave me account has been suspended… pls advice me in what to do….. RGDS taiwo

  62. hi mr Tim plss can i use a company my reference letter…..

  63. Hope supplementary list will come out tomorrow.

    Bro tim pls ansa me

  64. Please why is the supplementary list delaying?

  65. Pls i ned ur reply urgently,in my jamb print out,i had d wrong local governmt area bt d state of origin,hop dis wnt afect or shld i go 4 declaration?…..tnx in anticipation

  66. Unilag wetin nah you no one release your direct entry merit list. I go soon go your office go thief the list and release am by myself oh.

  67. Good day bro.. ….. …. I heard about a news
    …… Nd I’ll like to know if youve heard about it too or even confirm its authenticity……. i heard that there will be a technical meeting by jamb and the universities which has to do with the SUPPLEMENTARY LIST…. and scrapping of vc list and staff quota……. could these be the cause of the delay…… Or what do you think about it bro??

  68. Pls mr Tim do u have d idea of wen this list will be out? 2

  69. Pls this is the second week in November, any updates on when the supplementary list will be out

  70. Adegboye oluwatosin

    Nawa o
    Wetin these people dey do for office nah
    Abeg Bro Tim, help us beg them they should release this thing
    It’s getting too late o
    House don tire me

  71. this is the end of 2nd week o
    no list yet
    ask them wen exactly the list will come out cos many ppl are waiting for this list
    sir let us know the particular date pls sir
    cos some ppl didn’t HV anoda option dah Unilag admission

    pls sir

    • This is the third week. I am getting frustrated. Every single thing is out apart from the list !Most federal Universities have started this November but u people are yet to release the list. How Hilarious is this?!! Please we need to hear from Unilag as soon as possible. It is not easy just staying at home or watching other people start registration. Is the list still coming out this November? Or should we await it in December so we can all plan ourselves and the future. Thank u

  72. Please Mr. Tim I need the correct web address to access unilag

  73. Mr tim,pls wen is d supplementary list coming out oo,we r still waiting.y d delay?

  74. Mr. Tim…please when would the supplementary list be out??

  75. pls Tim if there is anything going on that is responsible for the delay,i beg you,tell us heaven will not fall bcos i can not understand why it is taking a whole year to compile list o,everythin is nit right in the country but this one is strange o.

  76. Sir please… Are you sure there will be a supplementary list?

    • I saw recommended on my utme result and i did coc and its still the same course with recommended wat does that mean ?

  77. 2016/2017 Unilag Supplementary Admission List For Jambites Is Out, check Here! 

    Via this link;
    http://unilagadmissionguide.com/2016/11/23/20162017-unilag-supplementary-admission-list-for-jambites-is-out-check-here/ via @unilag_guide

  78. mr timothy am having problem with my post utme result slip is saying application close

  79. Can’t find adult education

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