Unilag Obligatory Charges/Tuition fees For All Students 2016/2017 Academic Session

University of Lagos(Unilag) management at its meeting of Monday, November 7, 2016 considered and approved the release of the schedule of obligatory charges and tuition fees for the 2016/2017 Academic Session for undergraduates and postgraduates students.

As a fresh undegraduate student if you want to know how much you will pay, just  check it out now.

Check out the screenshot below;

To check out the tuition fees for all postgraduate courses, click Unilag postgraduate tuition fees

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  1. Are we supposed to make payment without generating pay advice since its not coming up? And are students of college of medicine to pay same as science students?

  2. Please when is the UNILAG merit supplementary admission list coming out. According to one of your posts it was supposed to come out last week

  3. Please when is the UNILAG merit supplementary admission list coming out. According to one of your posts it was supposed to come out last week.

  4. Uncle tim. Good morning.last year D.E students, currently in 300L/returning students have issues wit our pay advice. We r seeing 63K- instead of 14,500. Pls wat r we 2 do??? Balloting is nxt wk nd we must pay 2 be eligible 2 ballot.

  5. ρℓѕ ѕιя,, when i was filling d info for my jamb, I wrote a wrong LGA( state of origin) bt a correct state of origin, is there any problem??

  6. Sir, when I was filling d info for my jamb, I wrote a wrong LGA ( state of origin), bt a correct state of origin, is there any problem?

  7. I have a little problem. In my neco result I didn’t include my second name. Let’s say my name is John Tayo Tosin. I only put John Tayo in my neco. Should I be bothered. Please Mr Tim would it affect anything

  8. I need to clarify something. I didn’t use my last name in my neco and that’s the result I’m using. Let’s say my name is John Tayo Tosin. I used John Tayo in my neco. Please would it affect anything

  9. Good afternoon timothy, when should we expect the supplementary list please? This is actually for my daughter. Thanks

  10. Bro Tim, All listed fees for undergraduate stated 63,500 for science and 53,500 for non science.My ques is; does it include Tuition fee also? because it only state obligatory fees. Thats my concern!

  11. Sir, when I was filling d info for jamb, i wrote a wrong LGA (state of origin), bt my state of origin was correct, is there any problem?

  12. Good evening bro Tim please i have two very big problems here one the site for printing the post ume result slip is still not opened also i did my data capturing today and uploaded my documents but the problem is my admission letter was not uploaded people started printing out their admission letter today but when the cybercafe people in unilag tried printing out my admission letter the site was slow so they asked me to come back tomorrow my biodata form was printed out but my admission letter was not printed out but some people printed theirs out today therefore my admission letter was not uploaded and i paid 4,000 naira at the cybercafe in unilag for both uploading my documents and printing out my admission letter even though i was asked to come for it tomorrow please does this mean i would have to upload my documents again because some people printed out their 2016 jamb admission letter today and must have uploaded their admission letter along with other documents and please has the site for printing out the post ume result slip been closed permanently or it will still be reopened please i need urgent answers as the twenty first of november is fast approaching thank you

  13. Dear mr timothy,when is the undergraduate supplementary list coming out? bcs this is 2nd week u predicted.

  14. Hello Mr. Timothy. Thank you for the good job you are doing on this platform. Please I want to ask a question that might not be related to this topic. I have checked my result for Msc Economics. I got 58.93 and recommended. I want to know if it’s not too late to start processing my transcript. Please what is the next thing for me to do at this point?
    Thank you for your imminent response. God bless you sir.

  15. Good day Mr. Tim, I’m still wondering when the supplementary list will finally be out. I did a change of course and i scored 69 whereas the cut off mark for the course is 53. What are my chances?

  16. Good evening bro Tim please i would like to make a few enquiries i want to find out the dates i am supposed to come for my undergraduate registration as a fresher the registration time table is not there anymore i just got admission to study educational foundations in unilag please what dates am i to come for registration and please what does mop up exercise mean thank you

  17. Sorry Mr Tim bt dis is not for dis post.. I av a waec broad sheet frm MA sec school stamped ND signed by MA principal could dat b used in place of online print out… Tanx

  18. Sir, I wrote a wrong LGA (state of origin) when i wantd to write jamb bt a correct state of origin, is there any problem?

  19. Enter your comment here…So as an art student for English will pay 63500 too
    thought twas meant for sci students only
    pls enlighten me more about this

  20. Pls Mr Tim dis is Nt for dis post…. I have a waec broad sheet stamped ND signed by my principal could dat b used in place of an online print out… Tanx

  21. Pls I upload my documents and I wnt to print the screening form out but I was unable to do so. Pls what should I do

  22. pls is it true payment closes Friday for fresh undergraduate? i am having issues generating fees.. its saying “account suspended”. so i cant pay.

  23. Sir,, I wrote a wrong LGA ( state of origin) wen I wanted 2 write jamb bt a correct state of origin, is there any problem??

  24. Mr Tim. I got in for Economics. So I’m kinda confused about which category my fees fall to. Is the social science faculty regarded as science or non-science in the listing?

  25. please how can i print my post utme result, the site is not going through, please Mr. tim i need it before monday.

  26. bro timothy plz i nidt reply urgently….do we all need to attend the unilag mop up execise after thumb prrinting ended yesterday

    • Bro tim when are we to pay the obligatory fee for the fresh undergraduate am getting confused aren’t we gonna pay bfore the registration pliss bro need a quick reply from uu

  27. mr timothy the qualification part which says enter your qualification is already going.please tell others.i.e the part that shows when you want to print your screening form

    • The supplementary list was supposed to be out on Friday.. But due to the strike..it was postponed.. So maybe Wednesday.. Thursday

  28. Hello,

    Please I am having problem updating my qualification on unilag website therefore I can’t print my screening form and the screening is starting by monday. Please help about this ..

  29. Pls Mr Tim, how do I go about editting my qualifications? Anytym i try 2 save it, it tells me ‘Records yet 2 be inserted ID=0’ Pls whats d meanin of that? Pls i need ur reply urgently coz i intend 2 print my screening frm b4 monday!

  30. Pls mr tim, i was trying to upload my qualification document this evening, it has already uploaded to 20% n i dnt knw what went wrong with the network.. so i tried to redo the uploading bur no “edit qualification” there again bur i was able to download screening form… so my question is v i uploaded d document?

    • Almost the same thing that happened to me too, buh mine said it has not been submitted and the next time I tried logging it, it downloaded my screening form for me, buh am on my way to the sch to complain at the CITS

  31. Good evening bro Tim please this is very urgent i want to find out if anybody that is unilag freshers has generated and paid their fees and when the closing date for payment of fees for the 2016 unilag freshers is also what qualifications are we supposed to upload on our screening forms is it waec result and please has anybody downloaded their screening forms if yes can i download and print mine out from any cyber cafe apart from the ones in unilag thank you please i need an urgent reply thanks

  32. Good evening mr tim please can we download our screening forms from cybercafes outside the ones in unilag and when is the deadline for generating payment advice and paying fees for the 2016 unilag freshers pls reply asap

  33. Pls, my cousin has been having problems printing his admission letter. Can he still pay the school fees and continue with his registration?

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  35. Any time i want to generate my fees on unilags website it shows “my account has been suspended”,but i have already done my registration..please do you know why this is happening.

  36. Pls can someone tell me where to upload my documents cos i have done my data capturing and i cnt generate fees

  37. help please. how do i upload documents, I’m a DE applicant and i’ve done data capture yesterday, but i cannot find the option to upload documents, and my screening is tomorrow. also, my payment advice generation is saying account suspended. i need quick help please

  38. Bro tim
    Will supplementary list candidates be informed when to generate pay advice because I’ve been trying mine but the reply is “account: suspended ”
    “reason: ”

    Please I need your reply
    Thank you

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  42. Hello timothy,

    Just saw that m.sc economics(part time) is finally out and from your posts total tuition and obligatory fess total 200k plus, are the fees for the 4 semesters? And what is the dadline for payment? Also i tried logging in through current students on the website and i jept get an error message.