2016/2017 Unilag Jambites Supplementary Admission List, Recommended Or Not Recommended Remarks Explanation 

Yesterday, Unilag reopened the post Utme results portal for those who are yet to print out their results and there are now remarks on the results.

The three kinda remarks on the results are Recommended, Supplementary Recommendation & Not Recommended. Any of the three remarks can be on a student result.

Recommended and supplementary recommendation on your result simply means you are likely to make the 2016/2017 Unilag Jambites Supplementary Admission List which will be released sooner than you think while Not Recommended means you are not likely to make the list but not totally ruled out though. 

If you got Not Recommended on your result and you have the right Olevel and jamb combo for the course you applied for then keep praying cos anything can still happen. If you got the combos wrong then you might as well forget about the admission.

This is just the little explanation I have for you right now concerning the remarks. 

Now, check your result again on the post Utme result portal and use the comment section below to let me know the kinda remark you got on your result.

2016/2017 Unilag Supplementary Admission List For Jambites Is Out, check Here! 

Via this link;
http://unilagadmissionguide.com/2016/11/23/20162017-unilag-supplementary-admission-list-for-jambites-is-out-check-here/ via @unilag_guide

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  1. Mr. Timothy, i followed your advice sequentially and i really appreciate you. the comment on my child is recommended but the name was not on the merit list. thank you.

  2. I am recommended for my initial course even though i didnt meet d cut off buh one of the reason for that remark as they wrote was that i met cut off.wat does that means bro tim?

  3. mine is showing results withheld due to different names the name on my waec is different from what is on my jamb I changed my surname a few years back .
    I’ve gone to unilag to rectify this with affidavit and all .they told me to put it down I writing and till today it’s still showing name mismatch
    I don’t know what else to do

  4. I got 68.00 point for medicine and surgery, I didn’t even collect supplementary for because it was late when I went for it. I checked my result and saw recommended. Sir please sir are the going to give me medicine or another cause I just want to know sir please

  5. I had recommended…. Got 60 n my cut off was 65…. .. It says I met cut off and right combo
    DAT means there’s still hope abi

  6. Plz help when I rechecked again on my page saw dat. have successfully completed your application I didn’t see recommended or anything wht should I do now tanks in anticipation for ur reply

  7. Hi Mr Tim I was recommended…for my initial course….but they said the reason was that o level was gud and I met the cut off….pls sir I don’t understand what it means….pls sir I wnt to knw

  8. Pls I need ur help when I checked mine only saw u have successfully completed ur application I didn’t see recommended or anything wht am going to do again tanks in anticipation Plz help me

  9. Funny enof.. I saw recommended… Meet the requirement cut off mark nd minimum age…. Lol funny enof dt was d remark dey gave dose dt made d merit list… Pls as any one gotten supplementary recommendation in his or her own?

  10. Plz I checked mine Jst saw dat u have successfully completed ur application I didn’t see recommended or anything Plz I need ur reply tanks in anticipation

  11. Course bachelor of education in biology.
    Met AGR requirements and course combinations. And met cut off.Was “Recommended”
    Please wat ar my chances???

  12. Even 68 meets cut off mark nd requirements for mbbs … Why wud unilag raise people hope up… Criously me nt buyin ds deir remark stuff

    but uncle tim if ur name apperas in anoda course asyd mbbs ow wud we know?

  13. I had supplementary recommended for mathematics but I changed chose physics because maths was not available
    Bro tim pls is it possible to get another course not available even when one has registered for a a certain course

  14. Pls I got supplementary recommendation as my remark but it’s showing an entirely different course for me I applied for cell biology and genetics and it’s showing education in home economics now

  15. Bro tim,i seriously dont understand why my course was changed from systemz to maths nd i was jst 0.5markz below..does it mean i cant see my name in systemz in supp list

  16. Sir, i got supplementary recommended on my result and my course has been changed but want to know if i can still go back to medicine maybe after 200 level,thanks you sir

  17. Good Morning MrTim! Checked the putme portal and it says, “Application form not enabled for your programme”. Please what does that mean and is it gonna be a problem?

  18. Mine was supplementary recomended but my course was change to bio edu, dose dat mean dat my name will come in d sub list under d bio edu? Pls i need ur reply urgently.

  19. Hello Timothy,
    I tried checking again as instructed but am getting error “application form is not enabled” Kindly advise

      • I’m unable to login, I can’t see my result to know if I’m recommended or not. Once I get to continue application and fill in my utme number and surname it says application form is not enabled for your programme. please can you tell me what to do or maybe I’m the one not going about it the right way. Please reply…

  20. Enter your comment here…mr tim,i went the page and clicked on continue application and i wrote my reg number and password. it said application nt scheduled for this programme. how will i check naw plsss?

  21. Tried checking as you said, got error message that “Application form not enabled on your programme”. What’s that?

  22. Hello mr tim I’ve been checking but it tell me application form is not enabled for your program
    i really don’t know what’s going on I had 71 in my screening and was given 68 because I was given a wrong ssce result that’s not mine and now this why is the school behaving this way?
    Thank you.

  23. I’m unable to login, I can’t see my result to know if I’m recommended or not. Once I get to continue application and fill in my utme number and surname it says application form is not enabled for your programme. please can you tell me what to do or maybe I’m the one not going about it the right way. Please reply

  24. Hi, Mr Tim I Tried Checking My Result It Said ‘ Application Not Available For This Programme’ Please What Does It Mean

  25. Mr Timothy, I have been checking that site particularly before your posting it now that we should check to know if we are recommended or not but it says “application form not enabled for your programme” I didn’t pay attention to it then cause I felt they had closed that particular portal. Upon seeing your post now and trying it again it’s still saying the same thing, I did a change of course and passed the cutoff for it. Can you advice me on what to do maybe I’m not getting it right somewhere

  26. Good day mr tim, tried checking the post utme result portal. to see if i was recommended but keeps telling me ”application form not enabled for your program.. please what could be the problem

  27. Mr. T pls just a snappy one, should maths be picked from o level result for d purpose of post-utme screening for Law program even when maths wasn’t part of Jamb courses for Law? Thks

  28. Mr Timothy.. ..i got supplementary recommendation.. But not for my course I applied for zoology but was given human kinetics.. .what’s going to happen? ?

  29. Good Day Mr. Timothy pls I just check for my sister now and it’s saying application foam not enabled ………what can we do?thank you I await your reply

  30. Please Mr.timothy. something happened right about now. I checked for my result this morning and I was recommended. I checked back this evening and it’s saying application form is not enabled for your program. Please what is wrong?

    • Pls dose of u that saw `application form is not enabled for your programme’, any development?Hv you checked again and ur result is displayed with the remark?

  31. I initially applied for physiotherapy.
    My post utme screening score was 64
    I didn’t purchase the unilag change of course form wen it was available.

    And was patiently awaiting the supplementary admission list.

    When i checked my result yesterday i saw
    Course – B. Sc Fisheries
    Remark- Recommended

    Then i also clicked on pay advice.
    I noticed unilag had payed for change of course form for me nd changed my course to fisheries.

    What does this mean pls?

  32. hello.. I am based on his..plateau state. my son applied to do MASS COMMUNICATION & JOURNALISM. He had B’sAND credits in all except P7 in maths while his jamb score was 251.
    Now..NECO result came much later after the unilag admission portal had closed and in his NECO .. he had all credits inclusive of maths and English.
    I have tried to have this result loaded on to the unilag portal to improve his status but no success.
    just what are my chances please?

  33. my course is mechanical engineering and its saying application form is not enabled for your programme. Please what do I do.

  34. good evening sir,i logged in to check the result again but it was saying the application form is not enabled for my program ….i did change of course tho

  35. the site is not down… its been like that for a while now… help us to find out what the problem is….. pls!!!

  36. please i did D.E i tried checking the portal typed the utme no and password but showing ref no or password invalid. How can i check?

  37. Pls I so need a reply on this before i faint, I just checked mine and it said application form not enable. Somebody should tell me what is wrong, I did change of course hope it not the one affecting it

  38. For those that d site is showing application not enabled …its showing this cause d site is down ….pls any mbbs aspirant that didnt change course and had A lower mark to d cut off been recommended for d same course if yes pls share score…and for those who got supplementary recommendation pls cud u kindly tell us d course u picked initial and what they changed u to…..thanks

  39. So i wud like to know if any one who did change of course got supplementory recommendation for another course again pls what was ur initial course what course did u change to and what course is lag recommending for you?

    This recommended thing i dont get why most are taking it as admission…some already over excited pls calm down its still likely admission. Its a general thing and i dont think lag is willing to admit all aspirant,,,, lag is definitely up to something but lets keep our fingers crossed

  40. Hello Mr timothy….wen I log in its still saying application nt enabled for course…since yesterday ,hope there is no problem

  41. Mr Timothy this was the Reply i got cause the portal did not even open for me to check “Application form is not enabled for your programme” please what does this means

  42. Bro.T the portal isn’t going been trying to login but it’s saying application forms not available for your program

    • Wooooow people pls lets try to read previous comments b4 post ours on this application form not enabled mr tim has replied it like 100times yet people are still asking …..THERE IS NO PROBLEM IF U SEE APPLICATION NOT ENABLED ITS JUS TECHNICAL ISSUES, THE SITE IS DOWN,NO WAHALA

  43. I tried checking my result but its sayin dat my application form is nt enabled for my program pls wat does dat means

  44. Mr.Tim please I need your help…I’ve been trying to log in to see my supplementary list remark but the portal is not responding… Please could you tell me how to go about it…thanks

  45. Good evening bro Tim please i want to find out something here when are we going to do stage three of the registration procedures and do we need to pay faculty and departmental dues before stage three that is the evidence of paymentto be sdoes it include fees from faculty and departmental registration thank you

  46. Application form is not enable for Your program that’s what i saw when i try to log in please explain this to me bro

  47. Please bro tim i want to find out where and when stage three of the registration process will commence i have done my screening but i havent done stage three thanks does evidence of payment in stage three include department and faculty dues thank you

  48. Please I tried checking my result now and I was told Application form is not enabled for your programme. Those that mean am not recommended because having been trying to check since Tuesday now the list is out & my name is not there.

  49. I tried checking my result now but nothing was written on it. The three kinda remarks on the results (Recommended, Supplementary Recommendation & Not Recommended) were not there. What will likely be the problem on my result? Please I need your assistance, Mr. Tim!

  50. Good afternoon Mr. Timothy, thanks a lot for the updates. My sister did change of course from MBBS to Botany but her name is not on d Supplementary list and her score is 62.38 which is higher than some of those whose names appeared on the list. There is also no remark on her result whether recommended or not. Is there anything we need to do?

  51. Pls i cant find any remark on mine and I also wanna ask:if applied for biz admin and later change course due to cut of mark issh which will my name come out for

  52. I didn’t see any remark on my result.. Pls where are you guys seeing yours??.. Bro Tim pls answer ASAP

  53. hi mr timothy pls i cant find any recomendation on my result dat i just printed out again…….kindly assist me wit dis.thnks