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2016/2017 Unilag Supplementary Admission List For Jambites Is Out, check Here! 

It’s finally here guys after the wait. Unilag just released the 2016/2017 supplementary admission list for all Jambites. It’s very simple to check. Just click on the faculty you want to check below and the list will be displayed in PDF format…

The good thing is that the list is for all departments not only those departments advertised in the change of course form.

Go through the list below carefully and let us know waz up via the comment section below and if you want to know if there will be second supplementary admission list, Read This Post; The Possibility of Unilag releasing 2016/2017 second supplementary admission list


Faculty of Arts  

 Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Business Administration 

 Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Dental Sciences 

 Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

 Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Law 

 Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Science 

 Faculty of Social Sciences

Also, check;  2016/2017 Direct entry merit admission List

if you want to know if there will be second supplementary admission list, Read This Post; The Possibility of Unilag releasing 2016/2017 second supplementary admission list

What’s the next after you find your name on the list??? 

For Registration/data capture details for those on supplementary admission list, click Registration/data capture details for those on supplementary list

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  1. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the DE list, we’ve waited long enough

  2. Hello, kindly avail me information about PHD admission list. Precisely on Public health.Thank you!

  3. Timothy, well done. God bless you real well for the social service you’re doing for our youth.

  4. I madeit in the list.
    Up mechanical engineering

  5. Pls sir I want to know if Unilag will still release 2nd supp list…

  6. How long are we to wait for the Direct Entry (JUPEB) admission list

  7. My sis changed her course to philosophy but still got History

  8. Is there another list after supplementary list

  9. Pls, my sister chose masscom and had 68.9 but the catchment score was 69. So we applied for change of course to Philosophy but her name isn’t on the list now. Is there still any hope?

  10. I just downloaded d supplementary list for faculty of education but its not complete, from page 29-36 I cant find anytin n thats where education biology is supposed to be cos dats wat am looking for

  11. I just downloaded d supplementary list for faculty of education but its not complete, from page 29-36 I cant find anytin n thats where education biology is
    supposed to be cos dats wat am looking

  12. I just downloaded d supplementary list for faculty of education but its not complete, from page 29-36 I cant find anytin n thats where education biology is supposed to be cos dats wat am looking

  13. Bro Tim, after unilag Recommended me, now I can’t find my name on the list, damn

  14. florence umukoro

    Gud day Mr Tim. Pls how long is the course pharmacology in unilag?
    Thk you for the updates.

  15. Please is there going to be another list

  16. Mr Timothy i noticed its only people that has the Remark – Supplementary recommendation that made this list…..

    And Faculty of education admission list isnt complete ooo, what are we going to do pls?

    And please do u know if unilag is going to release another list??

  17. Pls Mr Tim ..I want to know if Unilag will still release anoda list….pls I nid reply asap…tnx

  18. Faculty of education biology is not showing

  19. Sir, please I changed my course to physics and I was recommended but my name is not on any of the facilities list

  20. I made it…. Fisheries

  21. Well unfortunately i didn’t make it. Iife goes on

  22. I changed to philosophy with 62.75 but my name is not there…..any other chance for me ? Mr Tims

  23. I can’t see the sup list for nursing, this unilag warp website sef. What’s with the scanty list sef?

  24. Please Why is education biology blank.. And I already know 2pple who did change of course and dey met the cut off but deir name isn’t Dere..please wats the problem?

  25. i cant believe this i cant find my name..this is not good
    I’ll just leave everything in God hand

  26. Mr Timothy, I did a change of course and passed the cutoff for it. When I tried checking my result again, was unable to because it kept saying application form not enabled. Now that supplementary list is out my name is not on the new course, any other course or even my initial course of study despite passing the cutoff for change of course. Is another list coming out or I should just forget about unilag completely. I need a reply from you please

  27. Hello. Supplementary list fir education in biology us not there please

  28. Pls, i changed my course to history education but didn’t find my name. What could have happened

  29. Please Mr tims is the list for education biology still loading because I was recommended and yet they still didn’t give me….anyhope?

  30. See UI and unilag competing for who would release list last, as UI released theirs yesterday unilag has now released the supplementary Jambites. Anyway thank God. thank you Tim for all the updates, but make them no forget DIRECT ENTRY still dey oh!

  31. Plsssss help biology education is not showing!!!!


  33. If you got recommend remark and your name isn’t on d supplementary list, is anoda list going 2 be released

  34. Hello,I got 62.50 and my course cut off mark for Lagos was also 62.50 for social work and my name is not on the supplementary list…..

  35. Enter your comment here…pls is dere a second supplementary list

  36. Mr. Tim God bless you and thanks for you back to back infos, I’ve been admitted. So happy!

  37. Mr tim the list for education in biology is not posted,

  38. I did COC.
    I saw recommended.
    I beat d cutoff far far.

    Buh my name is nt on d list pls reply me wat wrng

  39. Thanks a lot for this list, I made it.

  40. Yes oooo at last marine science in fisheries😆. Thank you ooo Mr Tim for your updates it helped a lot.

  41. Is there going to be another list?

  42. Pls sir I had change of course form to human kinetic and I beat the cut of mark meeting all requirement but my name is not on the second list is there still hope for me

  43. Pls sir is any other list still coming out I can find my name on the list but I beat the cut of mark on human kinetic.

  44. Those of us that didnt make the cutoff mark of our originally chosen courses had accepted our faith up until UNILAG asked us to pay 1500 for change of course which we did. Now they didnt give us admission. May I know why mr Tim

  45. I made it…. Accounting… Thank JAH!!!

  46. Please ur response is very important please my daughter got 57 point and she changed her cause to chemistry education and her name is not on the supplementary list, does tha mean she’s not admitted

  47. Is this list also for people that changed their course?

  48. I’ve waited so long for this list but now my name isn’t on it ..I just wanna confirm if there’s a second supplementary list

  49. Pls why aren’t the remaining names showing in the faculty of basic medical sciences.pls who knows

    • Are you sure there are more names than you saw?

    • Good evening, I’ve been trying to access the site but it has not been going through. Please if anyone here has the PDF of the medical science list, I’d appreciate it if the person can send it to 07066453946. Thank you.

  50. Pls sir is dere any oder list after this because I can find my name on the supplementary list but I beat the cut of mark to my change of course form.

  51. Ohhhh thank God finally after all these years and stress

  52. Sir, is another list coming out?am so confuse right now,really want dis admission so bad.if yes, what names will the list consist of is change of course candidates alone or everyone including does that didn’t change their course. Ur reply will be much appreciated…..

  53. Please o Bro Tim the list for education is not complete
    What’s happening

  54. Plz would dere be second supplementary list again I need ur reply Plz

  55. Thank God I made the list…I tried logging in the student portal and it keep saying username/password mismatch…bro Tim pls help me out…what does it mean..pls reply

  56. Hello Mr Timothy. What could be wrong? They wrote recommended on my sist result n yet her name not found on the supplementary list

  57. Thank God ah made it, repping Phil… Thanks alot Mr Tim… Please the reg details?

  58. Plz would dere stil be anoda second supplementary list

  59. I changed to zoology with an aggregate of 66.25,still can’t find my name.oh lord

  60. Is this the final list or will there be a second supplimentary list

  61. Enter your comment here…hi Mr Tim
    tnx 4 everything
    may God bless you in plethora

    please sir Tim
    some of the pages in the faculty of education is not showing
    biology edu is blank

    please what how do we check it???

  62. Is there any guarantee that there would be a second supplementary list? Decisions on next steps need to be made. Please reply.


  64. Please when will they release direct entry list

  65. Am really happy sir.. To God be the glory.
    made it into petroleum and gas engineering

  66. Brother Tim! Thanks for keeping in touch with us all. We truly appreciate the excellent work you’re doing. So as it is now, what is the next step, since the supplementary list is out and registrations is still ongoing. Will there be a separate time table for us or we’re gonna join those on merit list? Your response will do a lot for me.

  67. Why did they have to come up with recommendation rubbish. Supplementary recommendation is pretty much the legit one.
    will there still be another list?

  68. Sir, I made merit list but during the course of this screening, I found out that I don’t have my screening result, the one we did in August. And the site is totally locked. Do you have an idea of what my fate is?

    • Don’t worry about that, the site will still be reopened for you to print it out.

      • Good evening bro..There’s something I’m confused about… I initially filled in for Political Science but was disqualified due to wrong subject combo.
        When the supp list came out y/day, my name turned up SOCIOLOGY… And in the list of requirements for the screening procedure, the post utme result is needed. Mine’s the one that they wrote DISQUALIFIED for political science.. And I’ve been trying to get a new one by logging into their portal but its saying “application not enabled for your programme”. How do I go about it now please????!!

  69. Bro TiM,,MY Friend dId ChAnGe 0F course From psychology to philosophy..Philosophy’s cut-off is 60 and hE had 64.50 buh his name is not on the supplementary list! WhY?

  70. Hello Mr Tim! Can we on the merit list who already did registration and generated the payment advice.., pay online via our credit card for the obligatory charges on the school portal.? Thanks. Awaiting response.

  71. Mr Tim. it seems we That had change of course form and beat the cut of mark how name is not on the list. Hoping for the best sha.

  72. Bro. I changed my course to physics which cut off was 57 I scored 67.38 I no still make merit or supplementary list na winsh. Anoder list Dey? Make I know before I go school complain. Bros abeg reply

  73. It has come to my notice that nobody that did change of course was admitted in this list

    Mr Tim please verify this because I haven’t heard of anyone that did change of course that saw his name in this list

  74. Boss timothy God bless
    But I want to ask now that our names are out on the list how do we go about our own screening??…..can we join. The. Merit? For reg?

  75. I don’t just understand
    First you said people that had recommended and supplementary recommendation are likely to make the list
    I had recommended on my result
    I didn’t make the list… What’s wrong

  76. Please bro tim i want to find out where and when to do stage three of the registration procedure please i have done my screening but i have not done stage three and evidence of payment of fees does it include faculty and tuition fees or it is only obligatory fees thank you pls reply asap and when is the deadline for stage three thank you pls reply asap thanks

  77. I have d same issue with most people here..i changed my course passed d cut off..
    I was recommended.. But no admission I feel our name uld still be out soon..or maybe it uld be in d direct entry list…we should all just be hopeful.. And a big thanks to u brother Tim for d great work u doing..

  78. Mr Tim thanks for quick and reliable updates but why unilag dey delay direct entry list abeg I can’t lie ooo…d holiday don too much… Person no get rest of mind abeg..when shld we direct entries be expecting the list..God bless

  79. If you want to know if there will be second supplementary admission list, Read This Post; The Possibility of Unilag releasing 2016/2017 second supplementary admission list

  80. Good morning Mr Tim, please I’m finding it hard to log into the student’s portal.

  81. This nonsense… I still gotta wait after the already long wait. They should update the list ASAP before someone dies from tension

  82. Bros I just saw my name in a different faculty thank God. But the data capture date which is the first stage of registration given on unilag site was between 14 to 18 November, and the list just came out,what do I do? Will another data capture date be released?

  83. if u get the recommended remark and ur name isn’t on d list,is there a second list or we should wait for direct entry list

    • Direct Entry list is for those who did unilag foundation program last year, wrote jupeb exam this year and will be going to 200 level. Its not for utme candidates.

  84. Good afternoon bro Tim please i want to find out something which is very urgent i paid my fees after my screening do i need to take the receipt back to the multipurpose hall since we are supposed to show evidence of payment in stage three and please what evidence of fees are we supposed to show in stage three is it only obligatory fees or it includes faculty and departmental fees thanks

  85. Don’t knw wots happening with unilag again o….my score 68.13 n cutoff for nur sing 71.75 Ogun catchment… So i did coc to chemistry edu..n my score increased to 71.13…my name nt on merit…. Same with this supplementary list again…I’m just so stressed right nw.

  86. Bros T ..pls I did coc and my name came out on a different list which is igbo ….can I chg my course in 200lv

  87. Thanks uncle Tim… I made the list(philosophy)

  88. When is the Unilag Supplementary candidates registration start & when the Acceptance to be paid? Tnx

  89. Hmmmmm

    Mr ozovehe here’s ma story. I can’t find the testimony thread I’ll do it here to inspire odas. Well I I actually applied law. Didn’t reach cutoff cuz I scored 67.13 nd we kno law is 70.75. So I just hopefully changed the course to philosophy. But then when I viewed my result on monday I say ” previous course: philosophy. I was guessing it was an error. I also saw “supplementOry recommendation as remark. Pple don’t understand dat recommended and recommendation are two different words. Well I saw ma name on the list under faculty of law, and am happy. Some pple did not see their name nd are worried. I also feel bad cuz my good friend who did “COC” to botany was recommended but not admitted. U all shudnt give up. I have seen alotta post nd complain. Mr tim is just here to analyse what we all know. Here to explain better. Remember at the beginning we were told dat “COC” is a 50:50 thing. Nd we were ready to take chances. Some pple re lucky odas GOD have better plan for. If u didn’t make it this year u’d be glad u didn’t next year when u make it. Just pray nd always ask for GOD’s directions. #hope_for_d_best. *grateful heart.

    Moreover mr tim pls reply. What’s the next step.

  90. good evening boss. I hail ooo

  91. Hi Bro Tim!, so I’m a DE student (and I’m currently waiting on my list), but I’ve been trying to get started on my application for the past three weeks, its either saying, ‘Application has been closed’ or the page isn’t opening altogether. Am I clicking the wrong links or did something happen?
    Thank you for the swift response 🙂

  92. Thank you so much Mr.Tim, the blog is very helpful and a fantastic source of First hand information, God bless you. Pls, when will the registration commence for those who made the supplementary?

    • More update will be posted soon. We are waiting for the school authority to decide

      • Guys, chill… A correction list will still be released.. I heard from a senior staff shortly afterthe supplementary post was released..he said that the number of students required for certain course is not reached yet nd that Unilag will release another one possibly a correction list.. I didn’t believe it then because I knew Unilag to be releasing just merit and supplementary list. But after personally considering various logistics nd hearing from trusted source. It will be that The D.E list will be coming out with the correction supplementary list.. nd all of una wey de ask for supplementary registration date.. both the correction list, nd the already supplementary list we have on ground and the D.E list ..all will do registration at a scheduled date together.. Unilag is not giving a date for registration for this supplementary list then schedule another one again for correction nd DE after the merit list have done Thiers it is a waste of resources nd time. So I announce to you brothers nd sisters, although it isn’t official but Unilag is releasing another list which will be coming out with the D.E list and all will have registration together.. There is hope Guys. Cheer up..

  93. if u cant find ur name on d list….just go to unilag website…click on undergraduate login….type in ur reg num nd surname in low case as password…u re able 2 login..it means ur name is on d omitted pages..

  94. Mr tim i hail ooo, welldone no b small work u dey do here oo. Jus got a congratulatory msg that i have been offered admission (to a course i didnt even change to but thank God its a good course still under college of medicine) and that i sud check d school site to confirm my data capture and for my screening procedures.but on d site no update yet ….., congrats to everyone else who saw their names on d list

    • Unfortunately I did coc frm nursing to chemistry edu.,…what’s ur initial course n wot cours e were u given?

  95. Pls bro tim i just recived am message from unilag to confirm data capture and screening schedules what does that mean?….Thanks

  96. please i need clarification on this…i registered for someone (unilag screening) accounting and he didnt meet up with the cut off mark, and he did not do change of course either and his name appeared on the supplementary list on another course entirely and he’s asked to do change of course online to the course they gave him within 2 weeks or else the admission will be revoked…..please i need advise, how do i go about it.

  97. help me me Thank God people,up URP,
    now the question is, mr tim,i have all documents now except for admission letter and the screening form,but i dont know how to go about getting screening form,and unilags site aint going thru…help a brother out sir

    • Approach any cafe inside Unilag for help

      • Enter your comment here…sir pls i nid ur reply asap i paid sumone fr my sis admission her name didnt cme out n d list he said d nxt list re fr staffs dts were her name wud be is it true pls

  98. Enter your comment here…sir i paid someone to work my sis admission bt her name was nt on d list i met d person nd he said d nxt list dt is coming out re for staffs is dt true

  99. Mr Tim does d VC have a special list dis year

  100. Good day uncle Tim.. Please I am having problems downloading the list for faculty of education, even any list at all.. I have tried this on three different devices. My name is okelue amaechi patrick and I applied for change of course to biology education ,please, any help?

  101. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good morning bro tim pls i want to make a few enquiries the procedures for registration in the 2016 full time undergraduate admission brochure is different from the one on the schools website which one are we meant to follow thanks pls reply asap

  102. Please I try downloading the PDF for engineering i was not able to download it.i will appreciate if u can send the engineering PDF to my Whatsapp number 08095976678. Thank u mr timothy

  103. Please can you send the PDF of education it’s not opening

  104. Please I need the Arts supplementary list or help me check Oyeniyi Olajumoke.

  105. I can’t download d pdf files.its not opening

  106. Mr Tim,can u please upload d list,d site is very bad

  107. Hi, Pls help me send d PDF on my what’s app, it has refused to open here08063282580

  108. Mr Tim I can’t access the supplementary list

  109. brother tim can u ols send d pdf od faculty of sience to my whatsapp number 08096698041… plsss

  110. bro Tim,,please can U tell me what will happen to those dat did COC nd beat d Cut-0FF but their names ain’t 0n the supplementary list??

  111. Sir the lists are not opening

  112. Good day Mr. Tim, I hope I am not going to be snubbed this year? I had 62.25 as my POST-UTME point when I did a change of course from MBBS to Biology education which has its cutoff as 59.00. my point is, I am actually finding it difficult to find biology education’s list, talk less of my name in the supplementary admission list at all. please sir, what is going on? I will be anticipating your earnest response.

  113. what of those ppl,dat was recommence without seeing their name on d list bros tim

  114. My waec date of birth is different from my jamb……
    what should I do

  115. so there is no more admission list from unilag we should stop expecting…..pls your response will save a soul pls

  116. i just checked my post utme result, nothing was written on it. I choose pysiology from ekiti state. I scored 66 in my putme while ekiti catchment point is 66.66 . Is there any hope since jamb have closed admission for this year

  117. Uncle Tim.. Pls can you check for my name?? It’s not opening… I applied for accounting had 70.25 and the cut off was 71.13 or something… Can you pls check for my name in the updated supplementary list?? Aiyegbusi Tope is my name sir!

  118. Weldone uncle Tim! The site is not coming up sir….. I’ve tried countless time sir…. Your swift response would be beneficial sir! 😊😊😊

  119. Weldone uncle Tim…. I’ve tried and tried downloading the supplementary list sir but it’s still to no avail sir….. I had 70. 25 and i went for accounting… Do you think i still stand a chance sir? :

  120. Great Job sir, i’ve tried opening the list again as you said sir but all to no avail. what is the way forward sir? Your response would be effective sir

  121. Is there still hope for admission this year, since jamb have closed all admission on 28th November.
    Moreso, is it possible for any school to bring out admission list again?

  122. Tim!!Please your response to this comment would be greatly appreciated. The question is:Would there still be a 2nd supplementary list for jambites this year? Be factual please

  123. The list is not opening again.

  124. Please, I got supplementary recommended on my name Buh couldn’t find my name in the new supplementary list
    Mr Tim what’s happening please

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