All Undergraduate Admission List Should Be Online Before November 30th, Here Is Why;

Jamb announced that the deadline for the 2016/2017 Admission exercise is November 30th which means all admission list should have been released by then.

They also said no institution should exceed its quota in admission; as JAMB will start issuing penalties to defaulting institutions.

Following this instruction simply means that the remaining admission list yet to be released by all schools should be online before November 30th. This includes Unilag direct entry admission list for 2016/2017 and also hopefully the second supplementary admission list for 2016/2017 Jambites. 

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  1. Good morning bro Tim please i would like to find out an issue here i am a unilag fresher and i was screened on monday but the problem is that i paid school fees after the screening so i was not able to present my evidence of payment do i still need to present my evidence of payment or i should just forget about it since it was not requested for at the screening hall if i need to present evidence of payment does it include faculty and departmental fees or it is only obligatory fees they need thanks pls reply asap

    • No need to present evidence of payment at the screening hall but faculty or department might request for it.

      • The evidence of payment will be needed for final enrolment along with your receipt and the student information form

  2. I like the hopefully part on the 2nd supplementary list. It’s obvious some qualified candidate’s are missing from the list. Make ojoro no de o.. Well, exodus 14:14 will be mine. Thank you mr Tim, God bless you.

  3. Good morning bro Tim please i would like to find out something the registration procedure in the 2016 full time undergraduate admission brochure given to us after the screening and the ones on the schools website are different please which do i follow i am confused thank you

  4. Good morning bro Tim please i have a slight problem here i paid my school fees as a fresher some days ago and i wrote Fifty three thousand seven hundred naira instead of fifty three thousand five hundred naira my school fees is fifty three thousand five hundred naira and bank charges was two hundred naira so instead of writing just the fifty three thousand five hundred naira on the teller i added the bank charge amount and wrote on the teller but when i printed out my receipt it was fifty three thousand five hundred naira written on it please what do i do because i have already paid will this pose a problem for me thank you

  5. Does the reference letter have to be directly addressed to the school or can I just put to whom it nay concern?

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  7. Mr Tim jamb also issued this same deadline last year, but unilag didn’t adhere to it.
    And realeased the last list dec. 9.

    So they might not adhere to it like wise this year.

  8. sir timi, the same thing also happened to me, i applied for LAW i was given PHILOSOPHY. PLEASE ACT FAST. THANKS

  9. Good morning. I have been screen and in the procedure, am to pay school fees before departmental registration after which am to revisit the school for my final enrollment. The issue now is that I don’t have my fees ready can I make payment after the date of my final enrollment cos am part of those for the merit list. Pls I need answers ASAP.

  10. Pls is it possible for a person who is admitted through utme, who also registered for direct entry to also get admission and if so what can such a person do to that.

  11. Please I got 70.25 in my Unilag computation… Is there any chance that u can get admission into Unilag with my course with a merit cutoff of 74.50(mechanical engineering)

  12. hello i heard some news about direct entry students checking jamb website for admission update and i passed the cut off for marine tho i did a change of course after the results came out …but when i check the jamb website it says “no admission given yet” please is there any cause for alarm?

  13. hello sir i heard some news about d.e students checking jamb website for admission status and i had 8 points and changed to marine science after results dropped but when i check admission stats it say “no admission given yet” please any cause for alarm ?

  14. Please sir Tim, faculty of education isn’t complete, biology isn’t there and they asked us to come for reg….please have u updated it abi it’s my phone that’s doing like that

  15. Mr. Tim please the upload is not there for us to upload the documents what do we do and tomorrow is my data capturing what do i do thanks

  16. Mr. Tim good morning please we have an issue i can find the upload and where to enter the subjects offered with their score and tomorrow is my data capturing what do i do please its urgent. Thanks

  17. Good day, Please i want to ask Is the Unilag portal opening Today, cos have tried tried and tried but all resources not yielding

  18. Please mr tims what of does of us that applied for biology education and our list is not on the supplementry list,what are we to di

  19. Hey Bro timi….I got 8piont in jupeb BT did not reach the cut off of my initial course then I did a coc to biochemistry when both the merit and supplementary list came out my name was not on any of the list even education sef…will their still be a second supplementary list for DE