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Unilag Really Did Some Funny Admission Stuff This Year, Check This Out;

I have seen so many funny enquiries this year regarding the Unilag undergraduate admission for 2016/2017 academic session. I don’t even know how to address some really.

Check out this screenshot below, a comment posted by one of my followers after sharing this post on Facebook… 

Adegoke’s comment stated that the brother applied for estate management with pure science subjects without even Yoruba in Olevel subjects and yet the brother was given Yoruba as course of study. How do we explain this???

Read for yourself below and I want you guys to share this post till it get to Unilag authority.

If you have got similar issue, please share in the comment section below. We really need Unilag to correct all this probably by releasing Correction admission list just like they did last year. 

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  1. My sister’s is devastating,she applied for mechanical engeneering and unilag gave her intergrated science in education please give us a solution to this problem thank yhu very much

  2. Mine is worse tho
    I checked my screening result and saw 68 checking the marks given to me for save weren’t mine and was lower I calculated with the my real score and had 75 went there to complain and was asked to write a letter of complaint which I did with my original waec ,jamb and screening results but still haven’t heard from them only for me to check again and saw 0.00 how is that just fair.i passed my o level and jamb greatly so why would they do such .was my result sold out that’s what I keep asking myself
    Unilag is really sad and I don’t think I consider it to be prestigious as before.

  3. Same thing oooo.Infact Guru Tim…. I sent you texts via my phone numbers and I have not yet gotten any reply. My youngest sister registered for Business-administration with a high score of 72 and they gave her Igbo to study… Why? …It is absurd. She has no Literature in English in her WAEC so how come instead of a course in the Faculty of Business-administration which she applied for. They now gave her Linguistic/Igbo which is in the Faculty of Arts to study(when even candidates with scores ranging from 55 to 60 got admission to study Business-administration. I am so confused as to what is the relationship between these two!!….Unilag, Why?…..

    • Guru Tim….. You have not replied for days all the texts I sent you via my different numbers or even the ones I sent you on your social media. Really not fair…. Recently you have started acting differently…. Pride is the fastest way to come down. It’s never right when you ignore people’s message unlike the former Timothy.

      • Timothy Ozovehe

        Na wa ooh! You people can be very funny atimes. Despite all my posts trying to explain everything here. Must I reply everybody individually.

        What haven’t I talked about in my posts here. Just go through all my posts here and you will see that I have tried to answer all question through all the posts.

        I can’t believe this is coming from you John…..

  4. Thre shld b a 2nd supp. list o,cuz I meet al d requirement n funny enuf my name did not appear in d list…..very heartbreaking. Pls Mr tims ,Students were recommended but ddnt make it to d list

  5. Thank God tho but unilag do me self oo….I entered for medicine got my jamb on point….Was given Them edu…Unilag…really!

  6. Unilag is up to something this year in terms of admission. My Daughter applied for law with UTME score of 65.5 and hoping to meet supplementary. She was given educational foundations without applying for change of course. How did they arrived at EF from law, an resemblance? Unilag really need to come up with realistic, fair and necessary correction admission list. Thks Timo

  7. Same issue,a friend of mine applied for botany got above d cutoff and they still gave her education(Human kinetics)

  8. I registered for zoology but I was given human kinetics instead

  9. I registered for zoology but was given human kinetics instead….

  10. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good afternoon bro Tim please i would like to find out something very urgent i heard that people who did screening were given their files to take home but i wasnt given mine pls how true is this i am worried also i thought all the passport photographs were supposed to be collected from me at the hall but only few passports which were stapled to my documents and file were collected from me the rest were returned to me pls i am very worried and confused pls reply asap

    • You are just worried for nothing. Please just relax!!!

      Your remaining passport will be collected at the department and faculty registration

  11. your’re right stevee i don’t think unilag is worth praising with everything they did this year i don’t think they’re what they call themselves but I won’t make the mistake I made this year next year all I have to do now is to prepare for next’s jamb and leave everything in God’s hand

  12. Bro Tim how do I knw if i was given another course?? Do i check each list one after d other or is there a easy way to check..

  13. See my own story o… I had my aggregate score to be 69.38 and i chose mass communication… Was just 0.6 points below the cut-off and my name wasn’t included in the list…thanks

  14. I got 62% screening point and changed my course to physics which is 53% but cant find my name on supplementary list

  15. I am so so upset right now , i got recommended for integrated science education with the right subject requirment , and i can’t find my name anywhere on any of the lists. What would i do now?

  16. Hello Mr Tim, is it possible for me to do a change of course? i was given business education and i’ll like to change to pol science..

  17. My situation is same I was given linguistic Ugoo and I didn’t put do Ugoo any where not even waec

  18. I was given linguistic igbo and I didn’t do igbo at all in waec. Then on my jamb letter Chinese studies was written there and I applied for law.. According to the new post time they said I applied for change of course which I never did am just so confused

  19. I think I’ll better go to the senate house on Monday to render my complaints …..they should just give me one reason why my name is not on the supplementary list…..my aggregate score is 66.88.. My previous course was mass comm …I didn’t meet the cut off …I had to change to philosophy with 61:00 cut off mark…. I think I passed that cut off with 5Good marks…. I checked my result …I was recommended for philosophy… Now I can’t find my name on the list……na court go help us judge the case….

  20. I chose petroleum and gas engr and i was given technology education hmmmmm can’t laugh and can’t cry

  21. Unilag will not kill someone after getting
    I think their system is faulty

  22. Bro Tim what is wrong with unilag this year we that apply for COC and meet all requirement wasn’t admitted but those that didn’t even bother taking the COC is given with different O level or jamb na waoooooo. I still believe in God all will be resolve soon.

  23. Me, i put mechanical engineering and got 74 nd my cut off was 74.5 yet they carried me from engineering to physics

  24. Same with me. I applied for nursing. My agg was 66.8. They gave me home Economics education..I cannot cry. Home Economics of all courses. Smh.

  25. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good afternoon bro Tim pls i want to verify something here my reference letter the heading is introduction letter instead of reference letter but it is a reference letter and there is a mistake in my surname it says Chukwuka Ondora instead of Chukwuka Onuora and i have already uploaded my documents and have already been screened please what do i do i didnt notice this till after the screening when i looked at my photocopy pls reply asap thanks

  26. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good afternoon bro Tim please i want to confirm if people were given their files to take home after the screening because someone said some people took their files home and i wasnt given mine pls reply asap

  27. plz sir, hav been trying to check my admission screening in the utme portal but it tell me your application is nt available 4 dis program 4 d past 5 day nw it telling me d same story plz sir wen would d portal b open

  28. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good afternoon bro Tim please will the post ume site be opened for those who are yet to print out their results

  29. Please sir.. I met the cut off mark for Medicine 76.75.. yet I was given zoology I’m grateful but I really want to study Medicine.. please help

  30. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good afternoon bro Tim please i want to verify something here please it is about the nuesa dues for faculty of education i paid 1,500 naira into an account number remita but some people are saying that i should have gotten another number into which i should have paid nuesa dues into and i shouldnt have written just Remita on the teller as the account number to pay the dues into pls i am worried have i paid 1,500 naira as nuesa dues into the wrong account thank you as i wrote just REMITA as the account number on the teller thank you

  31. I did change of course to philosophy still yet I did nt see my name, and i reach the cut off mark for philosophy. Still hoping the 2nd supp list will be out or they should gv me another course or what??

  32. Here is mine…my score was 69.38 while the cut-off for the course was 70.00 (mass communication)… I was just 0.6 points away from the cut-off and I couldn’t find my name in the list…it’s really painful… Thanks tho

  33. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good evening bro Tim please i want to verify something here i was screened on monday the 21st of november my department has two days to be screened do i need to attend both days thank you

  34. Hi,Mr. Tim. I was given Human kinetics. I actually wanna go do the course instead of sitting at home.. But then I want to write utme again and swap to another course in unilag. Is it still possible because I’ve heard people saying you cannot matriculate twice in the same school.. Please reply asap.. Thank you!!!

  35. Hi Mr Timothy, I’m DE student, I just checked my admission status and I was given fisheries, I got 12points and did a change of course from nursing to physiotherapy, still awaiting for the list can I still be considered for physiotherapy? Please reply thanks

    • Wait for the list

    • where did you check your admission status at ( was it the Jamb website). If yes Tim does that mean unilag has started uploading the list. (btw if unilag no release this list today i go take gear 5 run go one private university gbam).

  36. any body interested in unilag post graduate (economics)admission?

  37. Okoro Grace Nkechi

    Hmmm! I applied for economic & education got 71:25 and cut off is 61:25 but my name no show both merit and supplementary.

  38. Bro Tim pls how much is Arctic tutorial for utme candidate

  39. I think d direct entry portal is open …..De students can nw check their admission status nd also print their letters

  40. for DE students you can check your admission status from jamb.org.ng

  41. have been trying to create an account on the jamb site but it is not going just to check

  42. UNILAG Direct Entry List is now on Jamb Website. Check now

  43. Same thing with me I registered for civil engineering and on a Monday before the list I found out they changed my course to technology education before I could complain to anyone I knew admission list and was given technology education my friend also was given integrated science

  44. Uncle how can I get post utme result cos the portal is down

  45. Bolatito Kehinde

    Good day sir, when do you think freshers’
    hostel balloting will come up?