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2016/2017 Unilag Direct Entry Supplementary Admission List Is Also Out & You Can Check Now

Few hours ago, I published 2016/2017 Unilag Direct entry merit admission list and you can check that HERE. Now the supplementary admission list is also out and you can now check the list via the link below.

To check the list, click…. >>> 

Faculty of Arts 

 Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Business Administration 

 Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Education 

 Faculty of Engineering                                         

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

 Faculty of Law                                                      

Faculty of Pharmacy 

 Faculty of Science                                                

Faculty of Social Sciences

Please note that for now all those on merit and supplementary admission list for direct  entry are expected to follow the same procedures for registration as those on jamb utme supplementary admission list till Unilag state otherwise. 

You can access the registration procedures via this link; Registration Procedures For Admitted Students

If you are finding it difficult to access the list now, don’t worry just try again later. Unilag official website where the list is uploaded is temporarily down for now and will be up soon.

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  1. Daddy
    Does this mean we will be going for data capture this week too?

  2. Thanks so much Bro Tim 4everything. May God ease ur affairs and bless u.


  4. please is it true that they will still add some names to the list

  5. Bro plz the supplementary is not loading on my fone.plz anyone with the Pdf file plz send to08069020388

  6. Good morning mr Timothy…. Don’t know what is happening o. Am having problem downloading the list…please can you help me.

  7. Pls is bus edu now includd…am unable to dwnload

  8. Gud morning Mr Tim. Pls is it true that all who had 16pts for medicine, but did not change course were eventually given medicine?

  9. Good morning. The supplementary list is inaccessible, can anyone pls help with the pdf file.

  10. Mr timothy…….those of we DE that has seen his/her name……what should we do next…..should we start capturing too….and how do we go about it

  11. are DE candidates to start data capturing and registration immediately or are we going to be given separate dates. please your reply is urgently needed

  12. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Please bro Tim i have a problem please i want to find out a very important issue here,is there any way i can crosscheck all the passports i submitted during the screening excluding the ones for faculty and departmental registration just to be sure i submitted the right passports and can this be done after registration because i have to use the remaining days to do my departmental and faculty registration and final enrolment that is is it possible for me to crosscheck my passports i submitted during the screening on the 21st of november after the registration period to be sure i submitted the right ones and will it be too late by then to remedy the situation if it turns out i submitted the wrong passports please if it is possible what am i to do and where am i to go thank you need a reply asap

  13. But they have started the registration

  14. am find it difficult to down load the file sir, can you help me check or should i go to the main campus?

  15. According to the link for registeration you shared. We are to start data capturing this week.

  16. Uthman Mubaraq Abiola

    God bless u Mr. Tim, I’m on the merit list of DE

  17. Pls sir,wat goin on d site is nt goin thru stil

  18. Hello sir,please Is there another supplementary list?
    Cos I can’t find my name on this one…
    Moreover,how do I check my admission status with jamb,because after creating a profile,the system keeps telling me that the site has been moved/removed…
    Please help me…

  19. Oyekunle Olatunde Gabriel

    DE merit list, creative art department here i come THANK GOD…THANKS BRO TIMOTHY

  20. mr tim, is not included in both the merit and supplementary list….why?

    • Check again

      • Please there’s this rumour going round that jamb wants to shutdown their website so as to prevent students (DE merit and supplementary) from printing out their admission letters. how true is this and is it possible to go for data capturing without uploading documents?

      • my name was not on the D.E merit and supplementary list but a colleague went to unilag today and told me she was shown a list consisting my name and hers,we both choose Yoruba education. is there going to be another list apart from merit n sup list or she was just scoped

  21. Unilag’s website is back on… Yo can now view the list

  22. Bro tim… Wah bout DE students registration procedure… Or are we to join the utme students… Pls post something soon… Ion wantu miss out on anything

  23. i got 8 pts in my jupeb exam and cut off was 10pts for pharmacology…i applied for change of into science course (chem,biochem,cell biology)…but i can’t find my name on the D.E list both the merit and supp list..wats happening ?am i not going to be given admission?

  24. adeniyi oluwasegun

    plz Mr Tim…is dere any date schedule for d faculty registration cus I was told tomorw is d last day of faculty reg

  25. Mr Tim I have been given admission by supp but jamb says I should purchase a change of insitution form or else admission will be reveserd how can I go about this av always applied for unilag and my name is on the list

  26. Bros Tim, please am having issue i want to upload the documents they asked to be uploaded but the upload is not there what do we do i went to the school cafe it there same thing they said it has been removed from their site. hope we will not have issue with that. Thanks

  27. Mr Tim good evening where can I see business Education cos I can’t find it dere ooooooo please

    • pls everyone whats the faith of buz edu students?? kos there is no list where we can check our name……….if you are opportuned to have gone to the scjool and asked this question pls post the reply they gave you here so others can benefit. thanks

  28. Pls sir,wat apenin is unilag nt admitin d.e stdt into bus edu deptmt?is nt includd again

  29. Pls sir,wat is apenin bus edu list is nt includd…wat is apenin…pls

  30. why is buz edu not included in the merit and supplimentary list?

  31. hello sir i would really appreciate if you could revert . changed my course and i have 8 points and i cant still find my name on the list and jamb website is still saying no admission given yet …pls sir what do i do… is there going to be an update or another list ?

  32. DE students can’t partake in the ongoing Data capturing its too late and tomorrow is the last day I think

  33. Mr Timothy
    Please I just printed my admission letter and were the wrote my name and address they filled 4 oronna street orile oshodi, Imo state instead of Lagos state.
    Will it affect registration process?
    If yes what can be done?

  34. pls mr tim, i cnt find my name on any of the lists for law, is it possible dat it could be on it for other courses? Pls reply soon

  35. Mr Tim, since the beginning of last month u ve been assuring the release of the result for the postgraduate exam uptill now, we hv not seen or heard anything. Mr Tim, what’s happening? Kindly respond

  36. I just wish there could be an updated list, or another supplementary list and my name appears there.

  37. Pls sir,wat apenin abt bus edu is there goin to b anoda list 4 d cous or an update?

  38. Bro tim pls reply.
    For utme will they be anoda list.
    Bcos dey did nt update anything.
    I use ova 8marks to pass zoology.
    Still no admission.

    Reply me pls

  39. Mherceeoggaggun

    Pls is there any de lister here dat has done data capture……… Ion wanna waste tfare cos I reside very far from Lagos….. And can I go for reg next week even without doing d data capturing dis week…. Need answers ASAP

  40. Hello Mr Tim. I was admitted via DE Merit Admission list. But are we doing data capture with the jamb supplementary students?
    I’m a bit confused.
    Expecting your reply sir.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      If you haven’t done yours by now, don’t worry Unilag will announce a separate date for you guys later. It’s no big deal

      • Please Mr Tim why is department of nursing not on the d.e. supplementary list?

      • so I was in school today for DE data capturing according to the people in charge, they don’t have DE students data with them and are not prepared to attend to us yet. he said we should come on Monday. Overall I think they would set our timetable for registration

  41. Mr Tim pls say sometin abt bus educatn nw…tnx

  42. i dont know why everyone is silent about buz edu………u guys should go to sch and ask whats happening and drop d feedbk given to you on this great platform. plssssssss……….

    • Bro Timo. Pls I apply for DE into Unilag wit the course Early Childhood Education but was not included on the list both merit nd supplementary… why pls

  43. Chukwuka Ikenna Onuora

    Good afternoon bro Tim pls i have a very serious issue here my name came out on the 2016 merit admission list i have done my screening,paid school fees,nuesa dues, paid for mobile service and the book national policy on education the problem i have now is that the cybercafe man in unilag generated a new matric number for me and i cant log into my portal with my jamb registration number.I was told that i was not supposed to generate a new matric number as a fresher when i have not matriculated and i cant print out my payment advice for faculty dues with this new matric number. 0ther people who did not change their matric number from their jamb registration number to a new one where able to print their payment advice. The cybercafe man in unilag said he cant change the matric number back to my jamb registration number and that i should be using the new matric number henceforth.Please bro Tim i have been to the admission office,cits,faculty of education yet they were not able to be of help to me.what should i do i cant change my matric number back to my jamb reg number,I cant print out my payment advice for faculty dues because the cybercafe man changed my matric number from my jamb reg no to a new no. Please bro Tim i was told a new matric number will be given to me after matriculation but the cybercafe man has already generated a new matric no for me even though i am a fresher and have not matriculated.If my matric no had not been changed i would have been able to print out my payment advice for faculty dues.please what do i do other freshers have already paid their faculty dues and are already through with their faculty and departmental registration.please reply asap as final enrolment is starting on monday what do i do

  44. pls when are the freshers going to resume lectures proper

  45. Mr Tim …after both utme supplementary and De students admission list are our…are we De students going to also do online registration before the commencement of the main registration at multipurpose hall?? Or online registration is only for utme students… if we are to do how would we open our students portal without a matric number and what application number should we fill in to be able to open undergraduate student portal and to fill the necessary documents , print payment advice… please and please your response would be very appreciated… ignoring of message won’t be allowed because it took me time typing this long message so your reply would be very much appreciated thanks God bless

  46. Bro Tim, pls would there be another list for direct entry students. I really need u to say somtin as i got 11pts and applied for coc yet my name z not on the list.

  47. Bro Tim, pls would there be anoda list for direct entry students. I got 11pts and applied for coc but my name wasnt on either of the lists released. I rili need u to say somtin.

  48. bro timo do you know anytin abt buz edu students? for de………kos dere is no course like buz edu on the list

  49. Chisom Maduabuchi

    Still having problem downloading the list, pls help for faculty of education, biology education

  50. Weldone sir….. The supplementary list is still not downloading sir….. Kindly reply sir…… Pls sir

  51. Tim Av been trying to check out d DE admission list for clinical science but has not been able to do so cos I couldn’t access d site .and right now Data capturing is going on. What do I do now.

    • pls can u hlp check my jamb admission status bcos I still can’t check my faculty list (biz edu) unilag for a whl nw….pls hlp…69028762IB

  52. Bro Tim pls is any other list still coming out?

  53. They’re releasing an ommision list………… Dunno when tho.

    Buh i dont know how authentic it is……

  54. Wat about direct entry is anyone still coming out?

  55. I thank GOD for d big job u’re doing SIr bro Tim no more supplementary list for dis year again is dat so is not gooood ooo

  56. Shai…..mopeola are u sure????…..I kind still have a feeling DAT around Jan anoda list may show….Oluwa ans mah call o!!!