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Updated 2016/2017 Unilag Jambites Supplementary Admission List

There is an update to the 2016/2017 jambites supplementary admission list that was released few days ago.

 You can now check the updated admission list by going through the list again.

Click….2016/2017 Unilag Jambites Supplementary admission list now to check again. 

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  1. Was there any drastic update? Because it’s not opening and i am full of disgust for that school rn

  2. Brother Tim.can u pls send the PDF of faculty of science to my WhatsApp no…08096698041….pls…I uld appreciate.. Thanks

  3. Bro tim mehn is there really any difference nothing added nothing removed.
    Lets protest change of course students
    Either we are given admission or our money returned we cant be the double loser.send ur number if you up for it

  4. Brother Tim, can u pls send the PDF of faculty of science to my WhatsApp number 08096698041.. Pls

  5. Bro Tim The site is down .. i checked my admission status from jamb site still saying no admission … sir is all the department list they updated? looking forward to hearing from you soon.thanks.

  6. bro tim
    is nt going

  7. bro tim
    the site is nt going

    • Please can someone upload de engineering list am having issue downloading

    • Mr Tim…tanks so much for u fr support and help to people you don’t know… Believe me Gos will surely reward you…Mr. Tim the site is not going and I need the PDF for social science plssss…WhatsApp me 08092927385

      • Check later please

        • I downloaded it yesterday and the list was still not updated its exactly the same as before…department of creative arts is still missing from the list…is this a mistake or there’s no supplementary admission for that department?

  8. does Unilag accept Ijmb

  9. The link is not opening.. What’s wrong??

  10. Abeg let’s protest oooo…..the school na shiiii

  11. The link isnt opening.. Plss what’s wrong??

  12. The list is not even opening,I don’t think they’ve updated it yet

  13. mr tim pls in case u eventually gain access to the list can u pls post i t(like a screenshot or sumtin) cuz time is going and i have not seen d supplementary list for education/biology plssssssssssssssssss…data capture is ending on friday and i don’t know my fate plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  14. Bro tim re sure names re added?

    I jux pray my name shuld be there.
    I use ova 8marks to pass d zoology.

  15. Bro Tim is dere anywhere we can go chk d list from..instead of waiting..for the site to come up..pls reply ASAP….

  16. Can we check from jamb.org.ng now that the site is hanging

  17. Bro Tim No name was added, why??. I just checked it

  18. No changes hoping for the best.

  19. No name was added an I didn’t see education biology,am confused over here

  20. Pls sir, will the sch still release another supplementary list?

  21. Would there be another list please

  22. No name was added bro….. hv checked it nw……. can we still wait or we should give up…. cuz i dnt understand unilag dis tym around oooooo……

  23. Bro Tim. there was no addition to the already existing engineering list… xo disappointed

  24. bro tim
    no names was added

  25. The list is the same

  26. bro tim pls reply na

  27. whats wrong with unilag

  28. The list for other departments wasn’t updated @ll its still as it was… Only education department i think was updated….

    • please mr timothy I can’t find department of creative arts on the updated list…does this mean there won’t be any supplementary admission for creative arts

    • Pls take a screenshot of education/geography and send to me. 08168025948 on whatsapp. God bless u

  29. What’s gonna happen to those that changed course?

  30. Mr Timothy please what’s gonna

  31. I dunno where Mr Timothy saw his own Updated Unilag Supplementary admission list….

    Nothing was updated there abeg.

  32. when can we print putme result cos d portal is down

  33. Pls sir,help me check human kinetic and screenshot it.

  34. Mr Tim d list is d same there is no biology edu there

  35. oga tim..good day o,i wan ask weda anoda list go dy..cuz d wae i dy see finz,e be lyk say everyfin don end as 30th reach

  36. please mr timothy I can’t find department of creative arts on the updated list…does this mean there won’t be any supplementary admission for creative arts

  37. Mr Tim u said dere is nothing like Vc list does dat mean dere is no more list

  38. Unilag WHY?
    Number 1 fucked up school,am not sure if another list is coming out

  39. Bro Tim is dis all d list??..coz nothing was added we DAT were recommended nnko oo..is DAT d end..y would dey recommend us if dey are not giving us admission.. Why is unilag playing with our emotions now..dey should av just said no recommendation instead of all d wait and still nothing to show..data capturing is ending tomorrow and nothing to show yet..pls sir tell us our faith to wait or give up..thanks

  40. Bro Tim pls nah reply us….wat next??no hope pls I am confused

  41. please should we go and register for jamb or new list is coming out

  42. Hello here,this is actually the first time m commenting here.Bro Tim, thanks so much for your constant update,you just don’t know the number of youths you’ve helped.And as per the VC’S list, I heard from a very reliable source that it’s the only list that’s coming out from unilag.But the thing is they might not name it VC’s list, I think.

  43. Mr Tim. I beg You an urgent reply is needed… I am waiting for the supplementary list for Unilag.. i got admission into yabatech and jamb asked me to change the institution from Unilag to Yabatech… I just want to know if I change the institution into yabatech and my name comes out in Unilag supplementary list.. it won’t affect Unilag or anything because of the institution jamb asked me to change into for admission.

    • Change to Yaba tech now and if you decide on Unilag or Unilag gives you admission you will still be able to change back.

    • Hello…I heard u say change to Yabatech…is Yabatech still accepting student?

  44. Bro Tim y are u ignoring us nah…..pls help us nah…if u are also confuse let us know nah…we put our hope in d updated list yet not in to show. Y is unilag doing dis nah I applied 4 law and scord 69.75 and can’t find my name in both merit and supplementary list but yesterday I started checking pples aggregate dat applied 4 law and I was surprise wen I saw 63 64 65 66 and even 67…Hw come did my name not appear…plz bro Tim I need ur reply??is all hope lost lemme go and read 4 next year…and b d last pesin to ever put unilag as a choice….rubbbbisshhh!!!!

  45. Let’s forget about the admission,if you have seen your name,that is not the end of the world roll on for next year,as for unilag am out,if out thinking of vc list,that one nah super runs list…as in you go no person die…..i rest my case,stop disturbing tim,the guy don try,my younger don loose hope..

  46. If at all there is another list coming out don’t hope on it unless you do runs. So if you don’t have money and you have not been givem admission just get another jamb form and hope for the best. I also was not given admission dah one no mean sey i go jump inside canal.

    U’ve help a lot of student.
    I appriate dat.
    God will surly reward u ijn.
    The bad thing in ur life will turn 2 good ijn.

    I dnt knw wat unilag re doing.
    I had 63.25(microbiology) cutoff z 68.88
    I did coc 2 zoology which is 55.
    I waited 4 suppl list could nt find my name.

    A guy did d sme thing.
    his was 50 he did coc 2 zoology he saw his name.

    I aso heard unilag omitted 800 names. Why?

    Is really paining me. Cos I really hard 4 dis admission.

    Nd u’re giving us hope dat anoda list will be out.
    Nxt list we be vc list.
    I dnt knw any vc, lecturer, anybody.
    But I knw God.

    Uncle TIMOTHY OZOVEHE I swear is really paining. Ova 8marks 2 pass zoology.

    If dey knw dat they’re nt goin 2 give us admission y did dey tell us 2 do coc.

    I did cos sm1 tld me dat suppl list is 4 dose dat do coc.

    1st come 1st serve.
    I was among d 1st 5 student dat did coc in unilag.
    Yet no admission.
    I’m in pain.

  48. Tolu im really sorry to hear about that….

    The information i was told is that there is no more admission list for the session according to what someone in d admission office told me wen i went to complain

    Me i didn’t even apply for the COC form…
    My course was changed by unilag to a less competitive course.
    Yet my name wasnt on d admission list.

    This thing is really painful upon all my 249 in jamb.

  49. Moyesore are u sure?? Ahh dis should not be true o….bro tim is it true??

  50. bro tim,unilag no try dis year..i was jst 0.5 below my cutoff nd my course was changd,at least our eyes don open to d wae unilag dy run dier finzzzz…xo guyz jst chill out nd hope for d best..many were affectd one wae or d oda,xo no nid to complain..ghu werent d onli 1 in dis admission shii…fankz for all ya support nd updates..KUDOS!!

    • Eehya which course u put??u are even lucky me I wasn’t given at all…nd if u see pole wey get below me like mad wey they give that course ehh!! I wan cry….but life goes on jawe

  51. Abiodun Gabriel

    I have more than the cutoff mark for physics which is 53 and my score is 63 yet I can’t find my name on the supplementary list

  52. If u have not gotten go and read 4 next year o…bcuz with d look ov tinz no more list….unilag has always been did way,very partial in giving admission….lemme advice u dat have not gotten go and read unless u want to have double years wasted….its not d end of life.

  53. I heard they’re uploading anoda list.

    Bro tim haw true is that?

  54. Bro tim plz y are all d list refusing to open….does it mean they are working on it??

  55. sir, i checked my admission status on jamb and i ve been given admission but my name was not on d list

  56. i do not know what to expect anymore.. by this action unilag has demonstrated u have crushed so many dreams. i know with all opf my heart that i really deserve admission this year no doubt about that, i do not have any connection or money for it, but i havent given up just yet. and you all shouldnt. i still hope to see my name

  57. But why did Mr Timothy lie to us that the supplementary admission list was updated sef?….

  58. Why did Mr Timothy even Lie to us that the supplementary admission list was updated sef… Mtcheew just playing with people’s emotions…

  59. bro tim how can we lay our complaint to unilag online…….pls it urgent

    • U guys should not blame bro Tim cuz its not his fault…just believe…i still HV a feeling that unilag wud release anoda list….hoping 4 d best o….dis year must not pass me by

    • Unilag sef ehh deir own partiality 2much o….just go to d supplementary list check ur faculty and copy some ov d reg no and surnames there…den u check deir screenuscreening results.i swear u go wan cry bcus u go see pple wey u pass by far but deir name there….those wey dey above wey no get admission nah mistake….abeg dis skul wicked die….after all my 241 in jamb…life goes on any way