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Finally Unilag Released 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Examination Results, Check Now!

Finally, it’s here guys. What you ve been waiting for, Unilag has released 2016/2017 postgraduate entrance examination results online and you can now check yours via your own registration portal. 

You will be able to view your score and then the remark on your score. For detailed guide on how to check your result online, click……>>>How To Check 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance examination Results Online.

Also, if you don’t understand the meaning of the remarks on your results, then find explanations via this link; Unilag Postgraduate Entrance examination Remarks Explained 

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  1. Is it for utme?

  2. Check mine MILR Scores 67.78. Recommended.

  3. Thanks for the update but after entering my reference number & password, its taking me to the page ” Start new application”, ” continue application” not my profile page. Please what can I do?

    • Click on ‘continue application’ and then enter your details again. You can use the application number on your printed application form and surname in lower case as password.

  4. If the remark column says RECOMMENDED.
    What does that mean?

  5. I saw not qualified Wt does it mean??

  6. Just checked mine. Scored 71.6. Remark was recommended. MPH. So what’s next ?

  7. Just checked mine, scored 72.35 for MED and recommended

  8. Just checked mine . 71.6 recommended. MPH… so what’s next?

  9. Good morning bros.

    I had 60.32 for Finance (Full time) with the term “not recommended”. My first degree is also Finance. Kindly let me know what the cut off mark for Finance (Full time) is?

  10. Is it 100% sure you will be admitted when you see recommended

  11. Is your admission 100% guaranteed when you see recommended on your score??

  12. Glory be to God, I made it.55.56 Applied Mechanics(recommended). Thanks alot Mr Timothy for your info

  13. I saw not qualified in the result remark! Pls Wt does it mean?

    • It means you applied for a course you aren’t qualified to apply for. If you give me your details now I will be able to explain better

  14. I had 60.32 for Finance MSC (Full time) & was told i was not recommended. Pls what is the cut off mark for Finance full time for Post graduate degree?

  15. Good morning Mr Tim.Please when are we expecting the list to be out proper for MBA programme.

  16. Hi Mr Tim, I got 48.33 and not recommended. Please what’s my fate on it. Is it possible that my name will still be on the merit or supplementary list? Please I need your response.

  17. Mr Tim, please what is the fate of those that had 45 and above and not recommended, will they still find their names on the merit or supplementary admission list? Please I need your response.

  18. Hi, what is the next step if one got recommended

  19. Just checked mine Yipee 62.35 recommended Masters of Education in Business Education
    Thanks Bruv for d updates U rock.

  20. Not Recommended Score 37.67 what cutoff mark For MSC Computer Science and can i be able to make the list

  21. @ Mr Timothy i made it,, 51.67 Recommended (Electrical power Option FT)

    • Congrats, we shall be in the same class by His grace. I scored 57.65 Recommended (Electrical Power Option FT)

  22. Congrats to all the recommended would-be ”overgraduates” (LOL). I scored 74%. MSc. Economics- full time.

  23. I scored 60% in mech eng nd i was recommended. Pls,where can i check for admission list.

  24. i scored 82.89 for MSc Finance but the result remarks is NOT QUALIFIED. My studied Accounting… I am confused. Please how can you help?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Wait for the list cos you are qualified to apply

      • I spoke with someone in Finance Department and he confirmed to me that they changed the admission requirement for 2016/2017 session. They will no longer admit students from related disciplines. I cannot believe that I will forfeit admission after this good performance…#Sad

      • Mr Timothy, I scored 56.47 for Msc. Accounting (Full Time) with Not recommended. What do you think I can do about this, I have a Bsc. Accounting with two years working experience. Secondly, is this score just the main score we had for the entire exam or the points from our professional qualifications and working experience. I am so scared and confused I need to know if I would still be admitted as I do not want parttime

  25. I scored 66.8 but the remark says not qualified. I applied for M.Sc Management (Part-Time). I had 2.1 in Economics. Is it that I am not qualified based on my first degree?

  26. Mr Timothy, I wanna ask if you know anything about the PhD admission process.

  27. I scored 66.8 and the remark says not qualified. I applied for M.Sc Management (Part-Time). I had 2.1 in Economics. Is it that I am not qualified based on my first degree?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Yes, Having an economic background does not qualify you to apply for an academics masters in management

  28. hmmm… this is funny… when i went to the dept to check my result, the man showed me and i got 59 RECOMMENDED… and when the result is now being posted online, i got 40

    the KOKO is that, it is still RECOMMENDED … i thank God

  29. I just checked my result and scored 40.00 MBA (Part time) and not recommended. Please do i stand any chances of been admitted?

  30. Scored 62.22 MILR and recommended. Thanks Tim

  31. How can we knw d cut off for d variois courses?

  32. MEM 58.94 recommended! Thank you Timothy!!!

  33. Sir, I scored 37. I applied for MSc Electrical power option part time. Is there any chance for me?

  34. Hello Mr Tim,

    I just checked my result, I had 68.42 MBA(part-time) recommended.
    Please what are my chances being on the Merit list.
    Thanks for always being there.


  35. Pls I scored 37 and I applied for MSc electrical power option part time. Is there any chance for me?

  36. I scored 58.83 for Mass Comm. FT and not recommended. Should I apply for change to part-time or wait for supplementary list.

  37. Hey Tim,
    just checked. i scored 58.83 not recommended, Accounting. I pray i make the list like you wrote the Many results on “not recommended” made the list last year.

    thanks for your updates bro

    please, any Accounting applicant that has info on cut off mark for Accounting department should please holla 07038487843. Thanks

  38. There was no change to the supposed updated supplementary list…Why So?
    Please reply

  39. Got 38.89 for IRPM, am I gon be considered ?

  40. Scored 38.89 for IRPM, do u know the cut off pls?

  41. Scored 38.89 for IRPM, any chances for me pls??

  42. @POJULOUS,, nice to see a classmate..
    hook me up on

    • @Folarin, i’ve sent a friend request to you on Facebook. I believe we can kick-off from there. Nice to meet you too.

  43. I scored 30.59 M.ED English Language.Is there any hope 4 me?

  44. i hv seen mine. RECOMMENDED! Thank God. I scored 77.8

  45. I left lekki when the exam has started. Got to the hall few minutes to the end. I scored 60 recommended…. Masters in Facilities management.

  46. i got 51.11 and not recommended.
    pls any one that applied for MIT wit recommended status lets have a view of what the cut off mark is or maybe…..

  47. Scored 63.33, masters in pharmaceutical chemistry( recommended).

  48. Recommended 58.92

  49. I scored 71.03 Mph recommended but I didn’t submit at d dept my credentials……. pls should i go n submit.

  50. Pls would like to know the msc accounting cut off

  51. I got 50.79 recommended for. MPA ..what will b d next step

  52. I got 58.83, not recommended. Now I want to change to part-time. Is it just the letter I need to submit?

  53. Thank you for your updates. Please do you have an idea when resumption would likely be? Because i want to tender my resignation letter at work. Thanks

  54. I checked mine, my score is 61.11 and the remark is Recommended.

  55. Good morning, please i just checked my result and i scored 53.70 and not recommended. I applied for Msc. Public Health Epidemiology option. Is there any hope for me pls.


  56. I scored 69.49. recommended for MPA. will my name be on the merit list?

    • I SCORED 44.44 in IRPM Course, and they wrote Non Recommended. I applied for fulltime…

      Can I still make the Supplementary List?

      Pls Reply Sir Timothy ..


  57. Mr Tim.. Thank you. 63.33 recommended for IRPM.

  58. Thanks Mr Timothy for your Updates. May God continue to bless.

  59. I SCORED 44.44 and they wrote Non Recommended.

    Please will my name still be released on the supplementary list?

    Pls Reply Sir Timothy


  60. pls i am trying to log in but its not going tru. pls can u kindly enlighten how to go abt it? thanks

  61. Thanks for your valuable updates and for this forum.Was recommended for MPH(FT) but has a very serious problem that I need help from anyone who can offer it.My wife whom we just got married on 1st Oct applied for LL.M,scored 60.72 but not recommended.We both hail from the NE part of this country and had planned to move down together.Now am confused and don’t know what to do.
    Will very much appreciate your response and or that of any one on my plight.
    Thank you.

  62. Please does anyone have an idea of msc accounting’s cut off

  63. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for all the updates and constant information you’ve been providing.
    please do you have an idea when the admission lists would be out?
    what period should we expect it?
    many Thanks.

  64. please is there any one who applied for MRM in the house? this is my contact 08183942562

  65. PGDE. 68.24 and recommended. Thanks Tim for this useful updates.

  66. Checked my result, scored 84% and recommended for PGD Finance.

  67. Hi Timothy, I got 49.51 msc management (part time) not recommended… what should I do?

  68. I scored MPIA (Part time). I am recommended. Thank God. Please when is the list coming out? I cnt keep calm at all.

  69. I scored 58.8 in my exam MSC finance and was not recommended. Please what’s the probability of me making the list

  70. Thanks Tim for the guide and updates. I’ve checked mine MBA full time Recommended scored 55.56 . Thank you Lord!

  71. MILR and I was Recommended.. am so happy.

  72. Cathy Oye-lambert

    Please is it possible for me to change from PGD comp sci to MIT…. I didn’t know I could do this while I was applying… Someone please help

  73. Economics,PGD and recommended… please i saw someone wrote about hearing about the results being released in school… how true is that?

  74. i scored 63.53 , MSC Management, and it says I am not qualified. Could this be because I have a science background? is there anything I can do?

  75. i scored 63.53 yet it says i am not qualified for msc management. could this be because i have a sience background? can anything be done?

  76. Any recommended educational psychology here? Please reach me on 08066175848

  77. chemical engineering and i was recommended.Scored 54.14.Any chemical engineering applicant.Lets chat up

  78. Please someone is talking about admission list been out, how true is this? Someone with genuine information should let us know. Thank you

  79. @ Mr Timothy or anyone who could help with the answer pls how much is d cost of the pg hostel for a session

  80. Morning Tim. I also saw “not qualified” in remarks section of my result…LLM Pt. I don’t understand why cos reading thru the comments here it is different from “not recommended”. Should I send my details to you please? Thanks.

  81. any transportation planning candidate here

  82. Oladimeji Abiola

    Hello my name is Oladimeji Abiola I wrote unilag postgraduate entrance exams in masters of science political science for 2016/17 my result came out as 53.53 and my result remark is not qualified please can you just put me through what could be happening. My class of degree in my bsc is second class lower could that be the reason or because I have not put my transcript through to the school? Please put me through. Thanks

  83. please is it true that unilag postgraduate is now 2 years and no longer 1 yr

  84. My son scored 55.88 and was not recommended. Is there any hope for his name to be in the next list? He wanted to study M.Sc Management.
    Does he needs to write consideration letter to School of Post graduate studies?

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