2016/2017 Unilag Hostel Balloting For Freshers(Utme & Direct Entry) Now Shifted To 8th Of December 

The date has been shifted again from what was earlier posted HERE. 2016/2017 Unilag Hostel balloting for freshers(Utme & direct entry) will now commence on 8th of December 2016.

Check out the postponement message below;

The time will be as from 10am and it will be via the undergraduate login portal…

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  1. Bro tim,will unilag still realease another admission list for jambite. I reach my catchment cut off point for mass comm,still dey av nt gv me admission..pls reply ASAP..Thanks

  2. Hii mr tim, pls what does the balloting entail, and how do you advise we go about it? i cant afford not to get the hostel

  3. Pls bro tim. I fill the biodata form but unable to upload the do comment. I am told unilag did not allow anyone to upload documment again

  4. Ello mr.tim am DE aspirant, I went to skull today for capturing unfortunately we are still told to cum tomorrow, then I went to cafe to update my biodata, what I saw their was acturial science on my profile instead of FINANCE.because my name came out in finance dept and jamb.
    Please sir what to do?

  5. Good day bros, I don’t understand d balloting thing, I don’t know if you will want to explain how it works

  6. Please bro tim. I fill the biodata form but unable to upload the documment required. I mean theres not option to upload it again. I am told that unilag no longer request it. Pls help me out

  7. Please bro tim. I fill the biodata form but unable to upload the documment required. I mean theres not option to upload it again. I am told that unilag no longer request it. Pls help me. And reply soon pls

    • Habeeb, uploading of documents is no longer required. just continue with your screening and registeration.

  8. unilag supplementary listers just started registration today and some of us our registration is still till Friday, does dat mean we wont be getting hostel and also we have not been given hall of residence yet

  9. How do we go about the balloting, are we to go online or is there any need for student to be at the school….pls uncle timothy,,reply ASAP

    • People are going for screening regardless of when their department was scheduled for….my sister for example. My advice to you is that you go for screening today.

  10. Mr. Timothy, seems the balloting is being re-scheduled.
    Just received this; Balloting for accommodation for100l has been re-scheduled for Thursday, 15/12/16. Only registered students are eligible for balloting.
    Courtesy: DSA

  11. Pls bro Tim, I’ve not been able to log in on my portal. It’s saying username/password mismatch. Pls any clue of what to do?

  12. This is 11am and i still have not seen any accomodation link……is it just me or its a general issue?

  13. Its past 11 already nd the allocation space is not up yet, really confused cus i heard someone within d week say she has gotten a hostel already

  14. is it true that the balloting date has been prostponed to 15th because i have been on my portal since morning and i have not seen any accommodation icon

  15. Please bro tim. This is 1:00pm and have not yet seen the ballot for hostel link on my account or do i have to pay obligatory fees before balloting or does it mean the ballot date have been shifted. Pls reply soon

  16. Good day, I’ve been trying to open my portal to ballot however nothing has come up. I’ve been on it for the past three and a half hours.

  17. Good afternoon Mr Tim, i hear hostel balloting have been shifted to next week thursday, how true is this?

  18. Pls if there is any group chat for accounting freshers pls add me up…I need it…the number is 07089279061