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Finally 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List Is Out, Check Here

It’s finally out. Unilag has released 2016/2017 postgraduate merit admission list. Although as at the time of writing this post, upload is still ongoing but some course are now online and you can check yours via the links below;

Click the links below to view admission list for the respective programmes

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

Masters Programmes

Master of Philosophy Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy Programmes

Masters Programme (College of Medicine)

Master of Philosophy Programmes(College of Medicine)

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes (College of Medicine)

Doctor of Philosophy Programmes(College of Medicine)

Please note that if your department is not yet online, then you will have to check back later with the same links above as upload of list is still ongoing till the end of this week.
Registration procedures and more updates will be posted soon. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our updates henceforth. 

There are documents you need to get ready for registration/clearance. Check them out via this link; Documents to get ready for Unilag postgraduate registration 

If you want to know when the 2017/2018 Unilag postgraduate application form will be on sale, then read details HERE

Get an idea of how much you are going to pay as tuition fees/obligatory charges HERE

To access your admission letter and print your pay advice for tuition fees/obligatory charges, click How to print your admission letter/pay advise

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  1. Whoop whoop thanks Tim. Just checked. You are awesome.


  3. Yippyyyy. I made the list. Educational psychology(sandwich)



    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Stepped down means something is wrong with your qualification. Head too the department for further clarification as soon as possible

  5. Hello Tim. I can’t find masters of process Engineering in the list.. please advise. Thanks

  6. Tolulope Kolatimi

    I made M.sc finance full time, However I had applied to the through the Hod to the Dean sch of Post-Graduated studies as directed for a conversion to part time upon passing the exams, so I didnt expect my name to come under full time again but part time, but it still did, Please what do I do asap so as not to forfeit this precious slot in Unilag.Please advice me urgently

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Go back to the department and ask them to switch you back to part time. It’s easy since it’s from full time to part time. No qualms

  7. Thanks for your post, however there was no admission list for Masters in Education Administration and Planning (Part-time).

  8. Thanks a lot for your post, however there is no list for Masters in Education Administration and Planning (Part-time).

  9. Adewale ADEDAYO Aregbesola

    Not yet approve by the VC. To be presented as supplementary. This is what i saw on mt platform now. i was recommended for an admission though. Its now been stepped down . what can i do?

  10. Bro civil engineering isn’t there… applied dor that. What am I to do

  11. I want to know why civil engineering isn’t included mr Timothy. Please kindly let me know

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      But I already explained in the post above that uploading of list is still on till end of this week. Calm down!!!!

  12. WhaooO! Thank God I made d list. MPIA

  13. Hello Tim, Thanks for the update. Please is it possible to pay the acceptance and tuition separately. And can you do the payments online?

  14. ademola adebayo

    my name isn’t on the list, but i saw “recommended” in my results , any chance that i might still get admitted?

  15. Good evening Tim, please notify us for more list coz my department isntvincluded Medical parasitology, thanks for the info

  16. My guy you are information yourself, evrything is through you. Exam date, Exam result and Admission list. THANKS A LOT M.Sc Maths Applied Option

  17. Msc IRPM has just one name on its ‘list’. How come? Its funny to imagine only one man in a class.. lol. I want to believe that the list is still being uploaded. It is well. Mr Tim you are doing a great job. Kudos

  18. Thanks….seen my name. What’s the next stage of admission processing going to be

  19. Alimi Adekunle

    Enter your comment here…sir, please why would one remark be changed to not recommended after seeing recommended

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Don’t know really. Maybe after careful consideration they decided to recommend you but it does mean nothing.

      You can still make the list. Pray though

  20. Are we still expecting another list soon. My name is not out yet for MBA part- time. Any hope?

  21. I didn’t find masters of science in Economics (part time)?

  22. Thanks timothy for the update, I can still see that only one name is been updated for pgd biomedical engineering

  23. Tim, what about MBA Executive??

  24. Good evening, i saw recommended on my result but my name is not coming up on the list,what could be wrong

  25. Good pm. Will a supplementary list be released??

  26. Thanks to God, thanks @Tim for the update, i made it!!!

  27. Esther oluwabusayo

    Good morning sir, when will they post the second list?

  28. Hello Tim,

    Good morning. Thanks so much for all your efforts to always keep us updated. I am equally glad to see my name in the list for M.Sc. Marketing (FT).

    I need your advice. I want to add a name to my surname. After swearing affidavit and publishing on national daily, how do I start the implementation during my registration with Unilag PG? Your guide will be very helpful.


  29. Thank you so much Tim for this update. I made it. Glory be to God!

  30. Faculty of law is not out but my remark is not recommended.. do i still have a chance at all. Please advice

  31. Thanks a lot Mr. Tim. Please on Masters of Science in Compt. Science, it suppose to be full time but its part time that is on the list. please why?

  32. Thank you Mr. Timothy. I made it. Now what? Can you advise about fees. I really need to know if there is no hike.

  33. Thanks Mr. Tim i made the list…..but how come all the remarks has the same time of 6:30. Your time no dey change?????

  34. Hello Tim. I did not see my name in the Msc Accounting List. Though I got “Not Recommended” as my exam score remark. Would I still scale through?

  35. I made the list…..Thanks Timothy

  36. PGD Computer science admission List is yet to be updated, checked yesterday and this afternoon. Any ideas when it will be done and also do you know what the total fees are

  37. Michael Adeboyejo

    Hi, I can not find Master of Risk Management (Part Time) on the list. Please help

  38. Etadafe Jeremiah

    MILR is missing, should i still wait

  39. M.sc in environmental chemistry is missing ……. hope there is no problem bro

  40. Hi Tim… Please,how about Masters in Professional Ethics (MPE),it is under the department of philosophy. Thanks

  41. Hi,

    Is there a special reason why there is no list for International Law and Diplomacy (MILD)?

  42. Good day Tim. What should I do about my department’s (physiology) admission list which is not included here yet? Should I check in the department or wait awhile. Thanks for your anticipated prompt response.

  43. How abt law na

  44. master of science in sociology is not posted. any news

  45. Good afternoon Mr. Tim, I can’t find medical parasitology admission list, Thou I was recommended, but am kind o worried.

  46. For updates on DPR, Npower, NB plc revruitment stages and test and interviews, visit http://www.hrtechnique.com

  47. Hello Mr Tim, I got 60 in the entrance exam and I was recommended but my name was not on the list of chemistry. Pls advise me candidly.what should I do?

  48. Hello Mr Tim,u are really doing a great job here. Please I’ve not been able to see d fees analysis for MSc Criminology anywhere; even on d post where u talked abt different fees for various department. Also,I hope d Msc Criminology admission list would be published soon cos its not yet out.

  49. Hello Mr Tim,u are really doing a great job here. Pls could u help me out with d fees analysis for the professional Masters in Criminology becos I’ve not been able to get any info on it even from d post where u talked abt fees for various departments.

    Also I hope the admission list for MCrim would be published soon cos oys not yet out too.

  50. Hello Tim, pls any hope for m.sc chemical engr, i couldn’t find my name on the list

  51. Mr Tim, Pls chemical engineering m.sc. I scored 49.40 not recommended.my name is not on the list. Pls do I still have hope? Thank youdd


  53. I can’t login with my details, can this be network issues?

  54. ademola adebayo

    pls, is the list for masters in computer Science available? cuz it keeps displaying only one name “Miss. ORHOKOMUA, EFETOBORE EVELYN” , and it has been displaying that name even before the list came out.

  55. Hi Mr Tim, thanks for your updates . Sorry, the status on my result is recommended but my name is not on the list .. Do i have any hopes still? Any idea if they would be another list(maybe supplementary)?

  56. hii please check your dm on instagram its urgent.

  57. hii please check your dm its urgent,thank you

  58. Justina Ezeuka

    Thanks Tim and greater thanks to God I made the it for MPIA and my name is on the list. When can I resume my payments.

  59. Pls what of MEM (Environmental management)

  60. Finally, my anxiety is over, MSc. Mechanical Engineering (Design and Production Option), Grateful to God Almighty…. Mr Tim, U are the best… thank you so much for your help, updates and Info’s… hoping to meet U someday…. Success to every one…

  61. I think the list has been updated (or maybe the upload was not completed at first) for Msc computer Science .. didn’t find my name yesterday . Just found my name now. Am so happy and thankful to God.. Thank you so much for all your updates Mr. Tim .. God bless your good works

  62. There is still no list for International Law and Diplomacy. What’s going on and why is it taking so long for that to be uploaded? been to the department and they have nothing to say other than check back.

  63. When are they going to upload the list for MILD???????

  64. Pls is it jst me, I CNT find MSc. Economics there

  65. House, good evening, please, is there anyone here who is in English Dept (part time), I need the courses am to click on for the first semester, went to the Dept yesterday but couldn’t get it, Admin sir, if you have any idea, I don’t mind.
    Thank you all, God bless

  66. Bro tim.. Master of philosophy is empty?… Any explanation!?… Nice job sir

  67. godstime ojedapo

    Pls what of the M.phil admission list I could not see any list and how do I access mine

  68. Goodmorning, pls is there going to be supplementary list for mph?

  69. Sir please Are there any upcoming list Apart from first and second list?

  70. Please sir are there any upcoming list

  71. Masters of education in physics education is oti there. What can I do

  72. Masters in Environmental Management hasn’t been uploaded yet…. Bet why?

  73. Owolabi Kusimo

    Pls Tim how much is the total cost for M ed in Economics education. Tanx waiting for your response.

  74. when are expecting to see the list of other departments especially doctor of philosophy

  75. Hello, i am yet to see my name on the MSc Mgt (PT) list.. i saw recommended on my result. pls what should i do now?

    • I heard from the department that M.Sc Mgt (PT) cut off was raised from 54 to 55.
      However, I am for M.Sc Mgt (FT), scored 57.16 and d cutoff is 58. My result status changed from Not Recommended to Supplemntary Recommendation last Monday.
      So am expecting d supplementary list

    • I didn’t see masters in environmental chemistry please help. Thank you.

  76. how come on unilag website the same set of name appears for 2015/2016 list? or I my the only one seeing this?

  77. Heard from d department dat M.Sc Mgt (PT) cut off was raised from 54 to 55.
    However, I am for M.Sc (FT), scorrd 57.16 and d cut off is 58, my own Not Recommended changed to Supplementary Recommendation last monday.
    So, am expecting the Supplementary list

  78. Hi pls inbox ur number to me on 09091****** ASAP, I would like to have a chat with you Timothy

  79. Pls is there going to be any supplementary list for the 2016/2017 postgraduate programme? Reply would be helpfull.

  80. Good Morning Mr Tim. According to Unilag Registration requirements, we have four weeks for registration. My name is not appearing in the merit list yet. would the second and supplementary list still be out? f yes, please when can we expect it because I heard lectures would start February and I don’t want to miss out of it and have issues with registration and lectures at the same time.

  81. Hello Mr Timothy
    Mine has changed to Supplementary Recommendation too…pls wat step should i take from here???..tnx

  82. Hi guys, does someone here know the cut off for IRPM full time?? Kindly holla thanks.

  83. Will there be room for late registration??
    I have paid my acceptance fee but I don’t have cash for school fees at the moment. Don’t know my fate

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