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2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Students, How To Print Out Your Pay Advice/Admission Letter

Have you checked 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate admission list(click here to check)?
Below is the step by step guide on how to access your own personalize portal on Unilag Spgs website where you can edit your bio data, print pay advice and also your admission letter after checking the list…


Kindly let me know in the comment below if this guide works for you

1. Go to Unilag school of postgraduate studies website( and locate the link for Current Students.

2. Enter your details; Application number and surname in lower case as password .

3. After logging in, you will see the link to Edit bio data, course registration, pay advice and print admission letter.

4. Please it’s very important you change your password too to a more secure one.

4. Take the Pay advice to designated banks for payment

5. Get the courses for First Semester from the Department

6. Go online to register the courses and submit it online afterward

7. Print four (4) copies of Course Form

8. The course forms need to be signed by the candidate, Head of Department, Bursar and School of Postgraduate Studies in that order.

9. Come to School of Postgraduate Studies and pick Prospectus for a fee #5,000 (Compulsory).

10. Proceed to Multipurpose Hall C for Screening. The School of Postgraduate Studies is the final stage of the registration process. For details On Multipurpose hall screening; Requirement For  Registration at multipurpose hall; 2016/2017 Unilag postgraduate Admitted Students

11.Students must pay both Obligatory and Tuition fees before they can register

12. Instalment payment is only for Part-Time students. Full Time Students cannot apply for instalment payment.

You might need to edit your bio data first before you can print the admission letter. To do this, click on bio data and then make every necessary correction and filled the unfilled spaces if there is any and then save before printing the admission letter.
Click Unilag Spgs current students login and enter your details;

Your application number and surname(in lower case) as password.

More updates coming up soon regarding registration processes for fresh students

Note: you might not be able to login imediately, that’s if your registration number is yet to be activated on the current student portal. You have to keep on trying.

There are documents you need to start getting ready for the final registration of all successful students, click Documents For Registration to have an idea. 

Get an idea of how much you are going to pay for tuition fees/obligatory charges HERE

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  1. The law admission list is not yet out, what do i do

  2. What should I do ? The payment advise is not downloading

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Try later! If you were able to login then your problem is half solved cos the portal is for only admitted students

  3. It’s saying username/password mismatch

  4. It’s showing usename/password mismatch. Is application number same as reference number?

  5. its saying username/password mismatch and i have not been able to chech my name on the list. I saw recommended on my the result, pls i need your advise.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Not until your name appears on the list, you won’t be able to login via the student portal.

  6. well done mr Timothy for the updates, I have followed the instruction to print the admission letter but i cant find it,, all i see is password mismatch. perhaps they have not uploaded that of system engineering, I just want to know.Thanks

  7. Odunoluwa Funmilayo

    What’s the tuition fee for pharmaceutical chemistry department

  8. I scored 60.00 and the remark given is RECOMMENDED. But surprisingly, only two names were published in d department of business education. Mine wasn’t there. Should I expect an update on d list or wait for supplementary list?


    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Go to any bank in the school and ask for details. You can also follow what is in your pay advice.

      Not yet time to start paying though

  10. Pls how do i print out the DEBIT NOTE that I’m to take to the bank for payment. I can’t find it anywhere on the portal.

  11. Hello Tim,
    i have filled my bio data, printed payment advice and admission letter. Thanks for your support. please advice on how i could make payments in order to proceed with my registration.

  12. Sir, I was able to update my bio-date, download my admission letter but couldn’t proceed except I pay, how do I pay? or is there something am not doing right.m

  13. I clicked on registration but am getting a notification telling me to pay PG part-time tuition before I can register, how do I go about it?

  14. After printing my admission letter, I click on generate fee and then applied for Installmental payment. the payment advice is showing first installment as N123,750 which is N112,500 plus a charge for MBA PT. Shouldn’t it be N 225,000 plus a slight increase?

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      MBA part time is four session. The payment you generated is for half of first session I guess

      • Thank you. But do you mean 2 sessions i.e 4 semesters? Also, is is safe to interpret the instalmental payment plan and the payment advice generated to mean I’ll be paying roughly N 112,500 each semester

  15. Good evening Mr Tim, please I need ur update on Medical parasitology, when will their list be out? Thanks

  16. Payment advice and admission letter downloaded. Are we to go ahead and pay now?

  17. Hello Mr tim, the admission list is not yet complete… Have not seen any engineering course here, please update us bro… Thanks

  18. On the payment advice, there is the part for obligatory fees which totalled #61,500 and a second part labelled tuition fee. #75,000 was written as the tuition fee and also as the total fee. I’m confused, I am supposed to pay #75,000 in all or add the #75000 to the obligatory fees? Thanks

  19. Please when will the list for Masters of Risk Management be uploaded? Thanks.

  20. Good morning Mr Tim……Are we to first generate the payment advice before we can view and print it. And is it immediately we print it that we head to payment

  21. Do you have an idea when online payment would be active for acceptance fees.?

  22. Emmanuel Oluwakemi

    I cant login

  23. Banks designated for payment were not listed in the payment advice

  24. Thanks for your updates. They have been very helpful. I wanted to enquire out about the postgraduate hostel accomodation. How and at what stage do I go about it….and about how much will it cost?

  25. the admissionlist for diplomacy and strategic studies is also not out what do i do?

  26. My brother, the annoying thing is I was at Unilag today at the Psgd school but I was told to wait till next week even for the payment, please, I hope any of the banks in the school will help us with the account number and every bank details that we will need?

  27. I was at my department, met my psgd coordinator but was not given the list of courses, he said I should go back to the psgd school that he can not help me

  28. The account details for payment are not on the payment advice. Kindly assist. Thanks.

    • Timothy Ozovehe

      Don’t expect any bank account to be posted online. You can pay in any of the banks in school as from next week

  29. ibukun olamikposi


  30. Hello Mr Tim, pls my name is not on the list, i scored 49.40 chemical engineering not recommended. will there be any supplementary list ? Thank you.

  31. Awotunde Bolaji

    Thanks Timothy for the constant updates. Pls be still can’t log in under current students. My name is out on the admission list for M.A English. Does anyone have the same issue?

  32. Awotunde Bolaji

    Thanks Timothy for the constant updates. Pls am still unable to login for my registration after clicking on the current student icon and my name is on the admission list for M.A English. Is anyone else having this problem?

  33. Timothy, how r u, is it advisable to pay online & do I need to pay all obligatory & tuition fee at once, pls reply ASAP

  34. Your blog has been very helpful, thank you so much for all the updates. I intend going to Unilag to pay on Tuesday, Please when can we start paying the fees & when will the courses to register be ready at the department?

  35. Pls, my name is on the list, but I can’t login, It’s saying username/password mismatch

  36. I av filled every required box for me in the biodata form, but it still telling me to fill the biodata form first. Pls wat can I do.

  37. Hello Mr. T. I have printed the payment advice and am about to go to the bank but I’m abit confuse….am I to pay the obligatory fee of 61,500 or the total of 112,500.. thank you

  38. Hello Timothy, my name is on the admission list. but i can’t login. keeps saying mismatched

  39. Thanks for the info Timothy,
    Can you/anyone confirm if we can proceed tp make payment online via Remita?

  40. Thank Mr Tim,your updates has really been helpful.My name was on the ist list.I have downloaded my admission letter but couldn’t view the pay advice.Msc in Educational administration and planning. I processed my transcript to unilag,I hope it will located when needed.Nice one on the updates.

  41. College of medicine and wahala, it took them ages to update admission list, now it’s taking them years to release remita number for us to pay, nawa o

    • Hello tim I saw my remital number on my login portal and it states that I can pay the fees in some designated banks in Nigeria.I am not in lagos now,should I proceed to pay with the remital number in these banks in other states or I should pay in a bank in unilag?Please reply itz urgent

  42. i applied for installmental payment for MEM part time, when is the right time to pay the second installment

  43. Aku Theodora Olachi

    Hi Dan my name is on d list but I can’t be able to login I have tried so many times.pls what do i do??

  44. Any MPIA in the house? Please I need the courses for first semester. The lady I met at the department didn’t give me. Tim, thanks a million 😊 for this blog, it is super helpful. May God bless and greatly reward you. Amen.

  45. I applied for a full time program, all forms filled and generated reads ‘full time’, but my admission letter says ‘part time’. How do I rectify it? Thanks.

  46. mr timothy, i registered for pgd biomedical engineering part time, even during the exam,i still indicated for part time, but my name still came out in full time,i ve finished paying the obligatory and tuition fee,is there a way i can change to part time,pls reply

  47. Hi Timothy, thanks for all the posts. You have been very helpful. I got married after applying for the program and I have changed my last name.On the biodata page, it is impossible for me to change my name, however, I can change my marital status and title. Would I have to continue with my maiden name for the rest of the program? And would I fill “married” or “single” in the marital status section or “miss” / “mrs” in the title section seeing that I might be retaining my maiden name and I was single at the point of registration.

  48. Please can I defer more than a year?
    Please must I come to school before I can defer my admission due to some constraints. Thanks

  49. Nice job, please after making all necessary payments and registering my course work, the portal referred me to my old Matric number from unilag and now i cant print my PG Course form or do anything relating to PG. How can i rectify this ? Would appreciate your response. Thank you

  50. Hello Timothy. Thanks for the post. I have applied for installment payment and I have generated the payment advice. My fee has now been separated into Obligatory fee, 1st installment and second installment. Does this mean that I can pay the obligatory fee now and pay the 1st and 2nd installment later? I can see from the portal that the only thing preventing me from registering is payment of obligatory fee and not tuition.

  51. Good Morning Sir.. I have completed my registration; but I have not been able to print my acceptance letter because the acceptance form carries session 2015/2016 instead of 2016/2017….please what do I do…. thank you and have a nice day.

  52. Ololade Shin-Aba

    Thank you so much Mr. Timothy for the insights you have given. It has really been helpful. Keep up the good work sir.

  53. olatunji Erinle

    Good day Tim.. Well done with all you’re doing. My remark as changed to supplementary recommendation. But I’m unable to login to the portal. Hence I can’t eidt or print my bio data or get the pay advice and registration will close next week. Please what do I do?

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