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Which Of The Postgraduate Courses(Masters Or PGD) Do You Want To Apply For This 2017/2018 Session ?

Are you waiting for this next Unilag Postgraduate Application Form for 2017/2018 academic session? I want you to please tell me the specific course you want to apply for so that I can get more details for you that will help you to make an informed decision about it. here to continue reading

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Admission Processing, Assistance & Follow Up 

If you are part of those waiting for 2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form and you have been following this blog for long then I will advise you continue to do so. Also invite your friends to subscribe to our updates too and you won’t miss out on all the relevant guidance coming up. here to continue reading

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application & Admission Assistance Guaranteed 

Very soon 2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form will be on sale and as usual there will be a mad rush to get the application form and all else.

There are systems already in place to help all Unilag Admission Guide followers gain their admission and these system have been in place since 2012 when we started running this blog. here to continue reading

Current Lectures Timetable For All Unilag Postgraduate Programmes

This is very important for all those coming in for the unilag postgraduate programme. You probably need these to plan well. Below is the current lecture timetable for all postgraduate programme in unilag. Go through it now to know what time your intended programme holds classes. here to continue reading

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Likely To Kick Off First Week Of June

Yes, information reaching me indicates that Unilag might likely start sales of 2017/2018 postgraduate application form by the first week of June, just few weeks away from now.

Are you ready?

I have written series of posts already on what steps to take now even as you wait for the registration to begin. You might want to go through the posts below for details; here to continue reading

Are You Ready For 2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Admission Process? Get These Materials Now

The 2017/2018 Unilag postgraduate application form will be available any moment soon and registration will commence for all programmes. Details will be posted here on There will also be a stand in Unilag where our followers can come meet us for one on one Guidance and registration help. here to continue reading

Have You Read These Three Important Posts For All Aspiring 2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Students? 

I have been busy recently preparing the way for the forthcoming 2017/2018 Unilag postgraduate admission and I have written series of posts just to help you all aspiring students with the necessary infos needed to scale through.

The application form will be on sale sooner than you know. Read details via this link; 2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Scheduled To Be On Sale This May/June here to continue reading

Orientation Programme For 2016/2017 Unilag Postgraduate Fresh Students

The School of Postgraduate Studies will hold its Annual Orientation Programme for new students of the 2016/2017 academic session on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the J. F. Ade-Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos, Akoka Campus.

The theme for this year’s programme is Postgraduate Education and Self Improvement as a Panacea for Surviving in a Developing Economy.
Chief Host: Prof. Rahamon A. Bello FAEng, Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos here to continue reading

How To Pass 2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam, These Vital Points Will Put You Ahead

As we expect the 2017/2018 Unilag postgraduate application form it is very important that we also help you guys prepare very well for the entrance exam. There will be an entrance exam for all applicants immediately after sales of application form. That is after the close of sales of application form. here to continue reading

Unilag Postgraduate Programme In Mass Communication, All You Need To Know 

There is a post I wrote sometime last year about postgraduate Programme in mass communication at the university of Lagos. That post is an indebt analyses of the mass communication programmes available at the postgraduate level.

In the post I wrote about their master of science and postgraduate diploma Programme and their cost of running, duration and mode of studies. here to continue reading

Postgraduate Diploma Courses Available In Unilag & Their Mode Of Studies 

For those who will be switching Faculties or intend to do their masters Programme in a field different from their bachelor degree courses or not qualify for a straight masters due to class of degree you graduated with then the postgraduate diploma comes into play. here to continue reading

Few Masters Programme You Can Do In Unilag  With Your HND Without Needing To Do Postgraduate Diploma 

First, Unilag does not accept HND for postgraduate diploma(PGD) Programme for almost all its academic masters Programme. The only course I know that accepts HND for its postgraduate diploma Programme is Biomedical Engineering. However, there are professional masters Programme you can do straight with your HND without needing to do a postgraduate diploma to be qualified. here to continue reading

Do Your Masters In Unilag In Any Of These Courses Listed Even With Your Third Class First Degree Grade

That you have a third class degree does not mean you must automatically do a postgraduate diploma Programme before been eligible for a masters degree. There are courses you can do even with a minimum of a third class first degree.

As we wait for the 2017/2018 Unilag postgraduate application process to begin, please go through the courses listed and be informed and then get yourself prepared for the entrance exam. Just Incase you don’t know, there will be an entrance exam after purchase of application form. here to continue reading

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Admission Will Commence This May-June, Do This To Get Yourself Ready

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form for postgraduate diploma, masters & Phd programmes will be on sale soon either this month of May or June 2017 and the whole details/procedures will be right here on UnilagAdmissionGuide.

Are you ready? here to continue reading

Unilag Postgraduate Programme In Accounting, All You Need To Know

Are you looking for all the infos you can get about Unilag postgraduate Programme in accounting such as their postgraduate diploma and masters of science Programme? Then look no further because you will get it all here at UnilagAdmissionGuide.

Few months ago I took out time to write all the details about Unilag postgraduate Programme in accounting. To read all details, please follow this link; Unilag Postgraduate Programme In Accounting; All You Need To Know here to continue reading

An Important Message For All Those Currently Running Any Of Unilag Postgraduate Programmes

Are you currently running a postgraduate programme(postgraduate diploma, Masters or Doctorate) in any of the field below at the university of lagos(unilag)? Are you in need of private tutorials or group studies or Do you have difficulties in any of the listed courses below… here to continue reading

Full Details About Unilag Masters Of Science In Management -Msc Management

Apart from professional masters of business administration(MBA), Unilag also offers academic masters of science management(Msc Management) under same faculty of business administration.

While MBA is a professional masters Programme open to all discipline including HND holders finds details here(MBA details) The masters of science in management(Msc Management) is an academic masters Programme which have specific admission requirements and not open to all discipline. here to continue reading

All You Need To Know About Unilag Postgraduate Programmes In Human Resource Management 

When I say Human Resource management I am talking about Industrial Relations and Personnel Management(IRPM), Masters In Industrial and Labour Relations(MILR) and Masters Of Employment & Labour Studies(MELS).

These are the most sought after Human Resource courses in Unilag postgraduate programmes. I have already written detailed info about them and you can access it via this link; Unilag Postgraduate Programme In Human Resource Management here to continue reading

As Prospective Postgraduate Unilag Student, What You Need To Do To Gain Admission 

Are you wondering what you need to do to gain your admission into Unilag postgraduate school this year?  Don’t wonder too far. It’s very easy to gain your admission if you just follow this simple instruction given by a current Unilag postgraduate student currently running his Masters of public health(MPH) programme. here to continue reading

All You Need To Know About Masters In Public Health Programme In Unilag 

Postgraduate Programme in public health either masters of public health(MPH Professional) or Msc Public health(Academic) in Unilag is one of the most sought after courses in medical sciences.

I will give you the basic details you need about the Programme that will help you prepare your mind against the next application form. Details such as requirement, cost & duration. here to continue reading

Requirement For Masters In Business Administration(MBA) In Unilag

I wrote about Unilag MBA requirements last year here on this blog and the post is still here. For the benefit of my new subscribers and those who wish to refer back to the post for one reason or the other, I will give you a link to the post here again. here to continue reading

2017/2018 Prospective Unilag Postgraduate Students, Make Your Enquiries Here 

I created a thread few days ago where Prospective Unilag postgraduate students can ask and get their enquiries answered.

The post is still trending and you can learn from it too as I have already answered a lot of enquiries regarding Unilag postgraduate programmes. here to continue reading

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Programme Intending Applicants, Get In Here For An Important Gist

If you are part of those that intend registering for 2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Programme, be it masters, postgraduate diploma or Phd programme then get in here now and let’s talk. 

The form is not yet out but any moment from now you will see the update right here on Unilag Admission Guide and we will guide all applicants step by step and also help in admission assistance. here to continue reading

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Is Almost Here, Are You Ready???

2017/2018 Unilag postgraduate application form for masters, postgraduate diploma and Phd will soon be on sale. Are you ready for the registration excercise???

First, the application form will sell for few weeks and after that the entrance exam, date will be fixed and then the exam will take place. Here at UnilagAdmissionGuide, there will be step by step guide through out the whole process. All you just need do is to make sure you are subscribed to our email updates and follow me on all my social media platforms and you won’t miss out on anything. You will find the links below to all my platforms here to continue reading

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Might Be On Sale Earlier Than Expected, Just Get Yourself Prepared

Yeah, normally the application form is suppose to be on sale around may/June 2017 but according to a reliable source the form might be put up on sale around later April or Early May. This is just an update to help you all plan well.

The application form is expected to sell for 22,500 Naira as usual and application will be online as usual. Also me and my team will set up a stand in school to help with registration and admission assistance just like we normally do during that period. here to continue reading