What Is Delaying 2013 Unilag Post Utme Form?

Lately i have received lots of calls asking me same question. Let me quickly point out something to you guys.  Foundation programme formally known as diploma II form is still on sale presently and its expected to close by July 26th. From past experience post utme form and diploma II form dont sell at the same period one must give way to another.

The post utme form is always the first to be on sale but this year reverse was the case and i guess maybe its because of the general poor performance of 2013 utme candidates or maybe hopefully unilag want to use 180 as its post utme cut off this year.

I know many of you guys who score 180 even 200 in jamb who has already purchased the 2013 unilag foundation programme form because you are not sure if your jamb utme score will be able to pull you through the admissions process. I think common sense should tell me that unilag will not sell the post utme form until the sales of foundation programme form closes because currently the form is in high demand due to low performance at the jamb utme exams.

Dont you think if unilag should announce right now that its cut off is 180 for 2013 unilag post utme while the foundation programme form is still on sale it may reduce its sales?

Do you think people will still get the form as they should if they now knows that they are eligible to write unilag post utme even with a score of 180? Think!!!

Infact  i will advice you guys to get both forms if you have the means in order to increase your chances of gaining admission into unilag. To know the procedures of getting the 2013 foundation programme form formally known as diploma II form click HERE

and for the past questions click DIPLOMA II PAST QUESTIONS(SOFT/HARD COPY0

Am not making any specific statement here am only trying to stare your mind to think on why the form is not yet out.

Here is my advice to you guys, you dont need to worry yourself too much about when the form will be out when it comes out you will know especially if you are an ardent follower of my blog. Click QUICK UPDATES to know how to get the quickest updates when it comes out.

Keep preparing by getting the past questions for the unilag post utme for revisions. Go through them over and over again in order to build your confidence. we have both the soft and the hard copy of the past questions. click ORIGINAL UNILAG POST UTME PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS(soft/hard copy)to know how to get it.

Do i think Unilag will use 180 as its 2013 post utme cut off this year? Well i think so but i must confess i am not sure because my school unilag that i know hardly bends when it comes to reducing cut offs. With God all things are possible, i have prayed and i believe they would this time.

Do you still have any questions concerning this? please leave a comment below. Thanks

Timothy Ozovehe

UPDATES AS AT 27/06/2013
Unilag 2013/2014 Post Utme form Now out. Click HERE For Registration Procedures.

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