Using Unilag As Example, Catchment Areas Of Federal Universities Explained(Full details)

Last updated on November 19th, 2014 at 12:28 pm

By definition catchment areas are the geographical areas served by an institution.

Breaking it further, we can also say the geographical areas in which an institution is located.

Every Federal Government universities in Nigeria have their own catchment areas that they primarily serves. This does not mean that the school will not admit students outside the catchment area, but the catchment areas are given special considerations.

Using Unilag as an example;

We have six states in Nigeria that are Catchment areas

1. Oyo

2. Lagos

3. Osun

4. Ogun

5. Ondo

6. Ekiti

This states are given special consideration when it comes to admitting students via Jamb Utme into Unilag in the sense that the cut off marks assigned to this state are always two to five times lower that the merit cut off assigned to every other state.

Check the screen shot below to further understand my explanation


Looking at the screen shot above, you will notice that the catchment cut off under each state is lower than the merit cut off.

The merit cut applies to people outside those six states while the catchment cut off applies to people that comes from the six states.

Note that this does not mean that because you are from any of the catchment areas, you are automatically admitted.

The truth is that if someone else from another state outside the catchment meets the merit cut of for a course, he or she will be given admission and if you are from any of the catchment and you failed to meet the catchment cut off you will not be admitted.

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