2014/2015 Unilag Postgraduate(Masters, PGD $ PhD) Entrance Exam Schedule/Time Table

Candidates are hereby informed that the selection process will be through Computer Based Test (CBT) and Written Examinations. Below are dates for the qualifying examinations/interviews:

2014/2015 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form is still available till 17th of October click Here For details

If you are yet to print out the exam pass click 2014/2015 Unilag Postgraduate exam pass and log in with your reference number and surname as password. You will see the link to print out the exam pass. Print in colored please.



MBA (F/T, P/T & Executive)
PGD Accounting (P/T)
M.Sc. Accounting (F/T)
M.Sc. Actuarial Science (F/T & P/T)
M.Sc. Operations Research (F/T)
M.Sc. Organizational Behaviour (F/T & P/T)
M.Sc. Industrial Relations & Personnel Management (IRPM) (F/T)
M.Sc. Management (F/T)
M.Sc. Marketing (P/T & F/T)
M.Sc. Production/Operations Management (F/T)
M.Sc. Risk Management & Insurance (F/T)
Master of Employment & Labour Studies (MELS) (F/T & P/T)
Master of Industrial & Labour Relations (MILR) (P/T)
Master of Risk Management (MRM) (P/T)

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Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) (F/T & Sandwich)
PGD Educational Administration (P/T)
M.Ed. Educational Administration (F/T, P/T & Sandwich)
PGD Economics (P/T)
PGD Mass Communication (F/T)
M.Sc. Economics (F/T & P/T)
M.Sc. Geography (F/T)
M.Sc. Mass Communication (F/T & P/T)
M.Sc. Political Science (F/T & Occasional)
M.Sc. Psychology (F/T & Occasional)
M.Sc. Sociology (F/T & P/T)
Master of Managerial Psychology (P/T)
Master of Public & International Affairs (MPIA) (P/T)
Master of Public Administration (MPA) (P/T)
Master of International Law & Diplomacy (MILD)
Master of Law (F/T & P/T)
M.Sc. Public Health (F/T & P/T)
Master of Public Health (MPH) (F/T)
M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry (F/T)
M.Sc. Chemistry (F/T)
Master of Environmental Management (MEM) (P/T)
PGD Computer Science (P/T)
M.Sc. Computer Science (F/T)
Master of Information Technology (MIT) (P/T)

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DAY 1: MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014 (Morning Session: 8.00am – 12noon)

PGD Guidance & Counselling (P/T)
M.Ed. Biology Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Business Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Chemistry Education (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Community Development & Social Work (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Comparative Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Curriculum Theory (F/T)
M.Ed. Early Childhood (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Educational Psychology (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Educational Technology (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Exercise & Sports Psychology (F/T)
M.Ed. Exercise Physiology (F/T)
M.Ed. French Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Geography Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Guidance & Counselling (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Health Education (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. History (F/T)
M.Ed. Literature (F/T)
M.Ed. Manpower Training & Development Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Mathematics Education (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Measurement & Evaluation (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Philosophy & Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Physics Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Religion (CRS/IRS) (F/T)
M.Ed. Social Studies (F/T)
M.Ed. Sociology of Education (F/T)
M.Ed. Sports Administration & Management (F/T & Sandwich)
M.Ed. Sports Psychology (Sandwich)
M.Ed. Yoruba Education (F/T)
DAY 1 – MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014 (Afternoon Session: 1.00pm – 5.00pm)

PGD English Language (P/T)
PGD Theatre Arts (F/T)
PGD Visual Arts (F/T)
M.A. English Language (F/T & P/T)
M.A. English Literature (F/T & P/T)
M.A. French (F/T)
M.A. History (F/T)
M.A. Igbo Language and Literature (F/T)
M.A. Music (F/T)
M.A. Philosophy (F/T)
M.A. Theatre Arts (F/T)
M.A. Visual Arts (F/T)
M.A. Yoruba Language and Literature (F/T)
Master of Arts in Teaching of French as a Foreign Lang.(MTTFL)(P/T)
Master of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies (MDSS) (P/T)
Master of Geographic Information System (MGIS) (P/T)
Master of Transportation Planning & Management (MTP&M) (P/T)
Master of Development Finance (P/T)
DAY 2 – TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2014 (Morning Session: 8.00am – 12noon)

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PGD Forensics (F/T)
PGD Genetic Counselling (F/T)
PGD Mathematics (P/T)
PGD Statistics (P/T)
M.Sc. Applied Entomology and Pest Management (F/T)
M.Sc. Biochemistry (F/T)
M.Sc. Botany (F/T)
M.Sc. Cell & Molecular Biology (F/T)
M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology & Pollution Management (F/T)
M.Sc. Environmental Biology (F/T)
M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry (F/T)
M.Sc. Fisheries Biology & Management (F/T)
M.Sc. Genetics (F/T)
M.Sc. Geology (F/T)
M.Sc. Geophysics (F/T)
M.Sc. Marine Pollution & Management (F/T)
M.Sc. Mathematics (F/T)
M.Sc. Microbiology (F/T)
M.Sc. Natural Resources Conservation (F/T)
MAG (Engineering Geophysics Option) (P/T)
MAG (Environmental Option) (P/T)
MAG (Exploration Geophysics Option) (P/T)
Master of Aquatic Resource & Pollution Management (P/T)
M.Sc. Physics (F/T)
M.Sc. Statistics (F/T)
Master of Natural Resource Management (P/T)

DAY 2 – TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2014 (Afternoon Session: 1.00pm – 5.00pm)

PGD Anaesthesia
PGD Biomedical Engineering
M.Sc. Anatomy
M.Sc. Clinical Pathology (F/T)
M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacy (F/T)
M.Sc. Haem. & Blood Transfusion (F/T)
M.Sc. Medical Microbiology (F/T)
M.Sc. Medical Parasitology (F/T)
M.Sc. Medical Physics (F/T)
M.Sc. Parasitology and Bioinformatics (F/T)
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
M.Sc. Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology (F/T)
M.Sc. Pharmacognosy (F/T)
M.Sc. Pharmacology (F/T)
M.Sc. Physiotherapy (F/T)
M.Sc. Physiology (F/T)

DAY 3: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2014 (Morning Session: 8.00am – 12noon)

PGD Chemical Engineering (F/T)
PGD Civil & Environmental Engineering (P/T)
PGD Metallurgical & Materials Engr. (P/T)
PGD Surveying and Geoinformatics (F/T)
M.Sc. Applied Mechanics (F/T)
M.Sc. Chemical Engineering (F/T)
M.Sc. Design and Production (F/T)
M.Sc. Highway & Traffic Engineering (F/T & P/T)
M.Sc. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering F/T)
M.Sc. Structures (F/T)
M.Sc. Surveying and Geoinformatics (F/T)
M.Sc. Systems Engineering (F/T)
M.Sc. Thermofluid (F/T)
M.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning (F/T & P/T)
M.Sc. Water Resources & Environment Engineering (F/T)
Master of Geoinformatics Information Technology (MGIT) (F/T)
Master of Process Engineering (P/T)

DAY 3 – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2014 (Afternoon Session 1.00pm–5.00pm)

PGD Environmental Design (P/T)
M.Sc. Construction Management (F/T)
M.Sc. Construction Technology (F/T)
M.Sc. Estate Management (F/T)
Master of Environmental Design (MED) (F/T & P/T)
Master of Facilities Magt (MFM) (P/T)
Master of Project Management (MPM) (P/T)
Master of Conflict Management (P/T)
Master of Criminology (F/T & P/T)



Click Here to get entrance examination past questions to aide your preparation



Please Note That:
Completed application forms are to be submitted online not later than Friday, October 17, 2014.

Hard copies of the Application Forms with Credentials are to be submitted to the respective Departments.

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