Priceless Advice For Unilag Undergraduate Aspirants From A 200L Student Of Computer Science

The article you are about to read below is not written by me but By Thompson Jotham a.k.a Bros J.
Present 100L/direct entry freshers of Unilag that really followed my blog during the last admission process will know who Bros J is.
He was always in the comment section of every post answering question/inquiries from prospective students. He is a 200L student of computer science, Unilag.

Below is what he sent to me, please read it well. It’s always good and encouraging when you hear from people who are already in the position you are aspiring to be. He is a present Unilag student.

I will do a summary of the lessons in his post at the end but first read below…

It a great pleasure and a dream coming true to be given the opportunity to advice university aspirant.
Am not a type of person that floods a page with stories so as nt 2 piss off people who don’t like reading long passage

i finished secondary sch. 2012. Den i pickd up a jamb form chose the most popular sch unilag without lookn 2ru the brochure(no guidance),i wrote the post jamb i ws admitd,during the screening i was screen out bcos f NO FUTHERMATHS(despite the conectn)the folowing year i pickd jamb form and typed unilag requirement via google then this site appeared and ever since it has been helping me and now am a student of UNILAG 200L computer sci.

Some aspirants read anyhow course ( eg. Fencing and wiring,mosquito sci,library sci e.t.c..i called them anyhw courses because in Nigeria they are basically useless, well not totally useless though if it’s ur own area and you gat the passion for it) some aspirants just want to enter school and don’t want to stay at home,or maybe because their mate are already in school..

No matter how fast you are, EVERYBODY wil meet at the labour uncle wrote jamb 3 times just because he wanted to study engineering while his mate that went to read anyhow course is stil looking for job while him that graduate lately his earning 325k @GLOBACOM monthky(allowances inclusive)
N:B not how far but how well.
One course might not be better than the other but please make sure you have passion and little know how about the course you wanna study.

*we have 3 types of student(GENIUS.BRILLANT AND SLOW LEARNERS) I believe you all should know the difference and your categories by now. People who fall among slow learners are most times the one that are likely to choose big courses like medicine, law, engineering e.t.c.
when you already know your category, at the end of the day you wil say the people in your village are wicked..

PLS IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE A SLOW LEARNER AND YOU ARE WEAK ACADEMICALY OR YOUR JAMB SCORE IS LOW PLS CHOOSE A LESS COMPETITIVE COURSE though unilag wil admit more this year because there aspirants are now few(acordn 2 what i heard)and utme/putme wil stil filter some SO PLEASE BE WISE!..

MR TIMOTHY OZOVEHE has always been a source of encouragement and a life builder to the youth of this generation.Am using this medium to say a BIG THANK YOU and your labour won,t be in vain.


any question wil be answered in the comment box and please invite friends to these page irrespective of their schøol of choice.

DORMOR sir mr Timothy.

Below is a summary of the lessons I could pick from Bros J’s post above…

There are two major lessons from Bros J’s Post above.
1. If you have a dream of studying a particular course and you know you are good for that course, don’t let it go. Be persistent in your pursuit. His Uncle did and now he is doing quite well.

2. Know your strength and weakness, if your brain no fit carry medicine do what your brain can carry ooh. Lol! If you know you don’t have the capacity to meet the cut off for big courses then go for a less competitive course so that at the end you won’t say the people in your village are wicked according to Bros J.

Kudos bros J and we will be needing more of this from you as time goes on.

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