Unilag Post UTME Isn’t Difficult;  Read This Guide On How To Pass The Exam 

seriously Unilag post UTME isn’t difficult at all! Present akokaite will testify to this. All you need to really pass the exam and get that dream course of yours is understanding of the structure of the exam.

Most people don’t even know that Unilag will test them only in English, Maths & General papers(likely Current Affairs). I have met a lot of students in the past who went for the exams thinking Unilag will test them using same subjects they did in JAMB UTME.  The first thing is for you to know that Unilag will only test you in English, Maths and current Affairs during the post UTME.

Everybody will likely answer 40questions. This Questions will be in English, Maths & Current Affairs/General Paper. The format can be 15 english, 10 Maths, 15 current Affairs for all. It might be interchanged though, but be rest assured that it won’t be more than 40 or at most 50 Questions.

The time period for this exam will be 30minutes for the 40 or 50 questions. This means you will have less than one minute on each question.

How Do You Pass This Exams With Flying Colours? Below are the tips I have gathered from previous years experiences…..

1. You need to approach the exam with lot of confidence don’t panick, have a strong believe in yourself and in your God that you are gonna succeed weather the devil likes it or not.  I did mine few years ago and am giving the exact tips I used to succeed.  Now the only thing that can boost your confidence is your level of preparation. You need to be adequately prepared.

I will strongly advise you to get the Original Unilag Post UTME past questions and answers pack and go through it over and over again. Familiarized yourself with the questions and its structures. This will boost your inner confidence towards the exam.  If you are yet to get the past questions and answers, please do so now by clicking here

2. Focus on your strength. Don’t get confused because you aent good in one subject or the other. The ones you know, do it well and try your best in others.

3. The time is short, less than one minute on each question. Take that into consideration, don’t waste your time on one question.

Finally, the key to make use of this tips is how well you well you are familiar with the questions. It’s not majic ooh! Go through the unilag post UTME past questions and answers over and over again.

 In addition to Unilag post UTME past questions and answers, please get all these normal current affairs booklet that’s been sold on the streets and study them. They ve proven over the years to be very useful too.

This is very important; if you are yet to order for the unilag post UTME past questions and answers, please click Get Unilag Post UTME Past Questions and answers and follow the guide on how to get yours. 

Trust me, the tips above are no jokes at all!!! I have results to show for them. Click Unilag Admission Guide Testimonials to check out some. 

I still have more tips to give in my subsequent posts.

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