Possible Reason Why 2015 Unilag DLI Application Form Is Delayed & When To Expect The Form

Unilag DLI application should have been on sale by now. Last year, the form came out first week of April and this is already first week of May and the application form isn’t out yet.

Many have been asking if Unilag will still sell the form this year and the answer to that is yes they will. Am 100% sure of this. Yours is to just hold on and if possible get yourself prepared for the entrance exam Excercise. Order for the Unilag DLI Past Questions And Answers by clicking How To Get Unilag DLI Past Questions And Answers and get yourself prepared. This is very important.

I heard that the major reason why the application form is not yet out is because the management is waiting for new courses accreditation. In order words it seems they wanna add new courses to Unilag DLI programmes and the wait is for this courses to be accredited so that they can included in the forthcoming application process.

I think if this is true, then it’s good news. Applicants will then have more options to choose from.

Presently the courses available in Unilag DLI are listed below;

* B.Sc. IN ACCOUNTING Duration (5 Years)
* B.Sc. IN ECONOMICS (5 Years)
(a) B.Sc. in Education/Biology ( 5 or 6 Years)
(b) B.Sc. in Education/Chemistry( 5 or 6 Years)
(c) B.Sc. in Education/ Physics ( 5 or 6 Years)
(d) B.Sc. in Education/Mathematics ( 5 or 6 Years)

DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES Duration: (2 Years)
(i) Diploma in Mass Communication
(ii) Diploma in Library and Information Science

According to news reaching me. They may likely add more courses to the ones listed above. I pray so.
Nevertheless, the wait is almost over. Expect the form any moment from now. 

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