Unilag Postgraduate(Masters & PGD) Applicants, Deadline For Submission Of Transcript 

Many have been asking when will unilag start demanding for transcript from those that applied for its postgraduate programmes. some were even more confused when they read the statement below on unilag postgraduate official website….

All academic transcripts must reach the Deputy Registrar/Administrative Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies on or before the start of the session admission is being sought.

Am writing this post to quickly clarify from experience the deadline for submission of academic transcript to unilag postgraduate school…..

Note: Those with original certificate will not be requested to submit transcript. you will only need to present your original certificate on screening/clearance day.

Now i want to clarify whether you were supposed to submit your transcript before the entrance exam, after the entrance exam or after publication of admission list.

The answer is ‘from experience’ Unilag will demand for your transcript during clearance after you might have seen your name on the admission list. This is the only time unilag will demand for your transcript.

In order words, Unilag will not demand for your transcript until after your admission is confirmed via the admission list. After the admission list, unilag will set timetable for clearance/final registration then you are expected to either have had your transcript sent to unilag before then or bring it yourself in a sealed form on the day of your registration/clearance.

No transcript, no clearance/registration for you.

If i were you i will start processing my transcript imediately after the entrance exams. Hope this information helps.

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