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Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Thank God we were able to achieve our purpose again this year just like last year. 

Friends, I always thank God for giving me this opportunity to serve my generation with this blog, it’s a rare privilege mehn!!! Thanks for the trust.

As you might have seen around this blog, you will notice that I always strive to make this blog as interactive as possible. Always trying to reply comments /inquiries from everyone even though it ain’t that easy for me due to my bus/tight schedules.

I derive my drive from the fact that everything going on here is making someone’s future even more brighter. Every year I get lot of touching testimonies from readers who has found my blog really helpful and that alone is a big one for me.

I just wanna help with the little I can. I thank God for giving me the grace.

This is what I want you guys to do for me right now;

Use the comment section below to tell us:

  1. How you came across this blog or how was the blog introduced to you?
  2. Has the blog been helpful? If yes, give examples please
  3. What has this blog helped you to achieve, If it’s admission into Unilag then state the course.
  4. Your advise to incoming unilag admission seekers 
  5. Don’t forget to also tell us your full name please….

The comment section below is open now. over to you please!

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By Timothy Ozovehe

Timothy Ozovehe is a Digital Media Expert & Blogger who is passionate about educating, informing and giving the general public knowledge that will benefits them in their day to day life.

94 thoughts on “2015/2016 Unilag Admission Guide Testimonial From Blog Readers”
  1. I really want to use this medium to thank the owner of this blog cos he has helped people like me who doesn’t have an insider in unilag to get very important updates and details on matters concerning admissions 2015/2016, I don’t even bother myself anymore asking friends about the latest updates cos I get updates before them. U might not know how much u have helped me but GOD BLESS YOU. Thank you.

  2. M d first,my name is adegbuyi blessing,i found out bout dis blog wen i wanted to write dis year’s utme exam.i saw other blogs tho but mr tim’s blog is just very interesting and educational,i particularly like ow u respond to ur comments,very mature.tanks to all d updates plus my hardwork tho,lol.i was offered admission into unilag to study linguistics with igbo nd yoruba.nd i’d advice oda aspiring jambites to follow up mr tim’s blog,cos as far as m concerned,its just d best platform.tank u so much

  3. My name is muyiwa oyinola.i saw this post through my curiousity,i searched in google “what is the jamb cutoff mark for unilag admissions” (jamb initially sent me 197 as my jamb score but was later changed to 253)..and was directed to your blog.i read your comments on it,and was believing the cutoff could be 180.so afterthat,i continually started reading from your testimonials and was touched..so i kept on reading.i even subscribed to your post.i thank jah for my admission to study finance in unilag(my first jamb exam)..am so happy.rejoice with me people.uncle timothy my jah will bless you,you will never lack anything you wish for in life! amen

  4. This blog is so informative, interactive and educative to mention few…I encounter the blog when I was about to write my 2015 utme and have been following the blog since then till my post utme…uncle tim and bro micheal are so generous when it comes to giving advice, some may not like their replies sometimes bcus its pessimistic but that’s just d facts…my advice for the jambites is read, pray and be informed, always check for latest info here inorder not to be left out….wit God all things are possible also have dat at the back of ur mind, people will be saying unilag is difficult, to me its not at all when u have all d requirement u are gud to go….This is my 1st attempt of writing unilag post utme after my OND in mass communication and here I am in d prestigious dept of philosophy…I really appreciate uncle tim and micheal once again, If not for God, my grandma and u where will I be 2day….Greatest Akokites!!!

  5. I really want to thank d creator of dis blog….u’ve got no idea hw helpful dis blog hv bin to me@bro Tim, may God make tinz easy for us u have made for me. This blog went a long way in making my dream come true @unilag @ business administration. I Neva taught it will be dis easy(@ my second trial), but dis blog really made it for me.
    To new Unilag aspirants(cuz we don bcum students; tnks to dis blog)..my advice for you is to study really hard, be prayerful (pray like u’ve not read and read like u’ve not prayed), and most importantly follow and do as you are told to by d surest path to Unilag which is dis blog(unilagadmissionguide)…I blive strongly dat with ur hardwork, God and dis blog….ur dream will also be fulfilled just like mine have been. Thanks and God Bless.

  6. Adu oluwatobi James. Political science. Was looking for a way 2 get info bout unilag first hand den a friend introduced d blog 2 me. She couldn’t even pronounce ur name properly. Lol I used Google, found it and my oh my. Ever since then….. got informed about d form being on sale down down 2 being admited. thanks uncle tim. Realy appreciate. 2 d incoming students my advice is dat u pray,read ur books and read dis blog. Udo#

  7. I actually came to this blog through searching google for any helpful info regarding Unilag, believe me I feel in love with what I met.. At first I thought it was one of those self-centred bloggers but in the long-run I discovered it was developed out of passion for service. Cut the story short.. The timely and accurate infos here coupled with GRACE placed me as (No.16) on Economics Merit Admission List, Faculty of Social Science. (Amosu Oluwatobi Emmanuel). finally, to incoming admission seekers my advice to you is simple.. Study Effectively, Get updates on this blog and trust in God.. #GodWins

  8. Hello bro Tim…my name is Tunji philips….I came across with ur bloc wen I was making some enquiries about Unilag and your bloc as been helpful for me….ur updates and the time u give in replying our comments… I just gain admission to study law….I just give thanks to God…and secondly I thank u for ur regular updates. My advice for the upcoming jambites is to be determined focus and pursue their goal without obstacles, and they should pray for favour from God…thanks bro Tim…now an akokite

  9. my name is Oyedokun Taofeek,a friend introduced the blog to me in 2014 and it av bin a useful 1 for me and my friends we don’t nid to worried abt unilag cuz we know Bros Timothy will sure update us dis blog plays a vital role in my admission to study political science in unilag.my advice to incoming unilag admission seeker is dat dey should find focus on dis blog,dey shouldn’t patronise ruins guy and dey should be hopeful and prayerful. tanx so much Bro Timothy Almighty God will bless u abundantly. tanx a million times.

  10. I came across dis blog when i was searchin 4 last year merit list in google so dat i cn knw hw they used 2 do it,
    2,this blog has kept me current about any admssion news in unilag.
    3.this is my first time of writin jamb nd post jamb,this group helped me 2 gain admission into unilag course-civil engineering.
    4.my advice 2 d incomin jambites is dat jamb score is nt dat true but post ume is always what u did nd pq is d major material dat can help u 2 pass very well.also,learn hw 2 solve without using calculator,

  11. I was actually referred to this blog by a friend who took diploma form last year.Unilag’s cutoff mark was the initial post I was a witness of. I subscribed to this blog so as to get subsequent updates concerning the admission. I thank God that I gained admission to study English Language. Thanks for your time and commitments Tim… Love you loads !!!

  12. I came across this blog last year while trying to get updates about unilag admission and I found out that it was more than useful and helpful,I got my past questions from Tim and so much more. Admission into unilag to study my desired course was d best I always wished for and God granted it to me.Jambites,in whatever u do,put God first and when it comes to unilag admission, put Timothy second,peace. AJISAFE VICTOR rep Accounting

  13. Aluebho Celestina Imade,course:History and Strategic Studies.Just want to thank God for his grace,mercy and love.I tell u the devil tried and tried and tried but God won.#in Korede Bello’s voice’as i don pass exam na God win.and dem be sey i no go pass but God win’.two different people told me outright that i won’t gain admission in unilag but i told them i will call them when the time comes to tell them the good news .its all about faith.have faith in him who knows all and he will never ever put u to shame.work hard and pray hard.Mr Tim and Mr Michael,a huge thanks to u guys for updates and replies.May God continue to strengthen and bless u.For those waiting for the next list God will give u a testimony like he gave me.

  14. I came across this blog last year , and I have no regrets … I just want to thank God for the owners of this blog , God bless them all .. This blog has been with me all year long , way before post ume form came out .. I’ve finally gotten admission to study Estate Management. This is going to be a wonderful journey so help me God. God bless Mr Tim

  15. D blog created by bro timothy is indeed a superb one and i can wholeheartedly refer it to incoming unilag aspirant.

    Bro timothy really saved me an entra year by telling me dt without further mathematics, someone can be given admission in unilag but during screening such admission would be forfeited.
    I had to quit unilag and use same info in dis blog to process my Direct Entry admission to Obafemi Awolowo University, ile ife. Today i’m one of d great ife students.

    I stil follow bro timothy blog despite dt i’m in OAU cos d blog is up to d task.

    Please d new jambites should pray earnestly, read wel and use dis blog as update for information cos no matter how u read, without information u wil be deformed.

    I’m Taiwo Joseph by name. OAU elect/elect engineering via Direct Entry

  16. I’m Ahmed Onibiyo (Elect/elect eng. Student) .. I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Unilagadmissionguide blog for success in securing admission into Unilag..
    I found out about this blog when waiting for Utme result, i was surfing the net and i bumped into it, eversince then i’ve constantly visiting and posting comments which are well replied.. My candid advice to incoming Unilagadmission seekers is 1. Unilag is not hard to enter (secure admission) 2. Be determined (dont let factors like how many applied for Unilag or my desiredcourse hinder U) 3. Always follow advise 4. Pray vigorously… Thank you once again Bro Tim, i look forward to meeting you and helping this blog financially.. Good day

  17. O yea…. I came across dix blog when I was searching for helpful blog about admission…. Ever since then dix blog just always hit it…. Fast update,interactive, and educative… Good job… Please bro Tim keep d job going… God will reward In a very big way.
    For the coming admission seekers please there z just three things u need to lay emphasis on…. Work hard, Pray hard and always check on this blog. If you get all dix done…. Success is indeed urz. Economics.. Social Sciences.. UNILAG ALL THE WAY!!!!!! YAGAAAAAA!!!!

  18. I was just inquisitive and scared of the possibility if not gaining admission and asking google stupid questions about unilag. Then, I came across this blog just after the utme exam and it’s been helpful ever since. The jamb policy affected me but especially that post about grey matter helped a lot, I went and sat in for a day lecture just to know how the test is conducted and although, the post utme was my first while the utme was my second, I’m am as I type this a bona fide student of the English department of Unilag. Thanks to bro Tim/Micheal and of course, God almighty, my four year wait is finally over.

  19. My name is Johnkelly Enas. I came across this blog last year after having a wrong jamb combo last year and couldn’t make it. So I had to take another jamb form, asked Mr Tim. for the right jamb combo for my course. It helped me alot in the aspect of Jamb combination. And from the very first day jamb started its registration exercise till date, there was no single day I didn’t visit this blog. And by the grace of God, with the help of this blog, I have gained admission into the First choice institution and Nation’s Pride. My advice to those incoming unilag admission seekers is always visit this blog for issues on admission and follow its stated instructions, and u won’t regret u did. God Bless u, Mr Tim. I remain my humble self, Okpokrire Johnkelly Enameguono…Political Science.

    I dont even know where to start this testimony!
    But trust me this very long but awesome.
    Seriously i dont know how i found myself on this blog but trust me i never for once regret coming here daily.

    Advice to upc0ming unilag aspirants, plsssss and plsssss pray and read! There is n0thing like prayer. I spoke to my God and he answered my prayer,
    pls PRAY and visit this blog all time for the best of unilag info.

    Uncle Timothy is obviously a guardian angel for us, thanks so much for dedicating most of your time for us.

    I gained admission to study BIZ ADMIN! Wow! Finally after 3 years! My 1st year i gained admission into U.I but something came up which stop me from processing U.I. I wept hell mehn kai omo mehn i cried o.
    The second year i didnt do well in my Jamb, wanted to process the poly i picked but my uncle told me to try another year! I wept hell again!
    Here i am now rejoicing at the same time filled with tears, so the Nation’s pride can give me admission? Its God trust me, my faith is just so strong like the love we gat for Bro Tim simply bcos even 4 the fact that Unilag didnt release the list on time, i didnt write any Poly exam, my exam was on wednesday! Trust me its hard making that decision, such a big risk for a big school!

    I would say congratz to us all, and 4 those who havent seen their names, pls dnt lose up tha supplimentary list drops soon.
    You can add me on fb for a whatsapp group, cnt drop my num here. Just search for RAS RAP!
    Good day!
    Oh i wont forget to appreciate the effort of Micheal, oh Mic you such a humble being. Always trying to help out. May Allah reward u abundantly.
    Still wanna have a dinner with you and bro Tim tho! Lolz!

  21. I came across this blog while trying to check for requirements for Unilag Diploma for my son 2013 May. Since I subscribed to it it has been a fast and reliable source of information about admissions .Without having to go to Unilag website you’re immediately notified of all admission and projects related news .
    My son is now in 300L and the younger one has just gained admission through direct entry and I had all my contacts information through this blog!
    I thank you Tim. God has really used you to bless my household through this blog as we kept to your advice on preparations. I look forward to meeting you soon and may God continue to enable you in Jesus name.

  22. I actually came to this blog through
    searching google for any helpful info
    regarding Unilag, believe me I fell in
    love with what I met.. At first I thought
    it was one of those self-centred
    bloggers but in the long-run I
    discovered it was developed out of
    passion for service. To cut the story short..
    The timely and accurate infos here
    coupled with GRACE placed me as
    (No.16) on Economics Merit Admission List, Faculty of Social Science. (Amosu Oluwatobi Emmanuel). finally, to incoming admission seekers my advice to you is simple.. Study Effectively, Get updates on this blog and trust in God..

  23. It is rare to find a youth in this generation who is devoted to being a source of help to others…i came acros this blog on facebook..and from the first day it has been helpful…my name are tiwalade omodele..its my first attempt at unilag and through God’s help n urs bro tim..i have been admitted to study finance…i just av one prayer for u dt has u v been helpn odaz..the God of all sufficiency will always be ur present help in time of need…God bless you!!!

  24. this blog has really being awesome, not only very informative but also entertaining; I can’t wait to get my life together again……..
    IRPM is my chosen field and this blog is part of my brewing success story……
    thanks Mr. Tim, Mr. Michael and everyone.
    to all incoming freshers, it has only began; the road ll be tough, rough, and ugly but don’t ever stop for we all have a glorious ending in Christ Jesus…….
    good mrng, let da party begin

  25. the name’s Randolph Ohiri, I came across this blog while searching for info abt UNILAG and I gotta admit coming across this blog is one of the best thing that’s ever happened to me coz I got all the info I needed here and there’s something special abt this guy (Timothy) that is the way he interacts with his readers as in eh I dey hardly see where them dey do am lol, no matter how yeyeish the question is uncle tim and Michael go still answer am..
    and one thing I love abt Mr Timothy is the optimism in all his replies and kudos to Michael too the guy that tells it to you as e dey go #lol..
    well am one of the newest akokites, team #finance, I just wanna say thank you Lord, thanks to my parents, thanks to Mr Tim, thanks to Buhari and his administration, thanks to Nigeria thanks to Africa and the rest of the world….oya lemme stop here

  26. It eventuated the time i was preparing for the post utme,due to the fact that i didn’t know anybody to relinquish me most of the erudition that i was supposed to knw abt the school admission routine,then i began to search thru google,auspiciously i found this daunting,serendipitous and advantageous blog by a proficient and perspicacious blogger (Bro Timothy ozovehe) it really abetted me in terms of getting information from newfangled activities , i really need not to say much about this proficient blogger he has been groovy to we aspirants which most have become a jambite via the help of Bro Tim,so i just want to use this appurtenance to say thank you so much Bro Tim……….Felicitations to the newly admitted candidates wish to see you’ll on the matric day.

  27. It eventuated the time i was preparing for the post utme,due to the fact that i didn’t know anybody to relinquish me most of the erudition that i was supposed to knw abt the school admission routine,then i began to search thru google,auspiciously i found this daunting,serendipitous and advantageous blog by a proficient and perspicacious blogger (Bro Timothy ozovehe) it really abetted me in terms of getting information from newfangled activities , i really need not to say much about this proficient blogger he has been groovy to we aspirants which most have become a jambite via the help of Bro Tim,so i just want to use this appurtenance to say thank you so much Bro Tim……….Felicitations to the newly admitted candidates wish to see you’ll on the matric day.

  28. sir Tim if i say i begin to talk, ur blog will get filled up date dere will nt b space to received d next comment, let me say little,,,, i came to know diz group lastyr(2014) thru google while searching for where i can get info about unilag, nd i saw dz group as a favourable place,cause i read hiz infos nd pples comment. he never say what iznt. He call a spade a spade, he never give wrong information no matter aspirant anxiety, he rather tell u to ”chill” or tell u ”pretty soon”. He never use words of discouragement if even he knwz d prob uve got into iz unreversable, just like ma case last yr, i had wrong combo lastyr for psychology, which manny also do because dey ff jamb brouchure, nd same miztake pple will continue to do if dey arint carefull, unilag dont accept anyhow combo. Wen i wasnt admitted lastyr, cause of my combo after passn cutoff, i quickly ran here to sir Tim to give me d right combo for Psy, he gave me nd it led me in diz here by God’s grace. Reading pple’s comments can also be an eye opener 4 u, for ur exams and many other thingz, some pples comment has given me scope on how to answer questions, experience on screening nd many, if sir tim didnt answer ur question mayb he haz answerd it oer and oer, above., so u just gat to read it above. Or ur question ”heavy 4 mouth,,” its rhetorical” or many work on hiz decks @datmoment, but will answer latter if ure following, through God’s help. BROS J, SIR TIM, AND MICHAEL’s help am an akokite today, dont touch ur remote leave it. its #unilagadmissionguide.com. NO1 in accurate info

  29. Ok my name is Okponyia Kenechukwu. Just got admitted with mechanical engineering. It’s not been easy buh you’re blog made it stress free. I came along this blog when I finished jamb and was waiting to check my result. I just googled something(can’t remember) and you’re blog was the first I saw, clicked on it, read your posts and found out that I might actually need you’re help later on so I subscribed. In summary tho, it just made getting information stress free. It was just there for us, gave it to us straight. No mistakes and guided us through every step and that’s what I loved. Asking questions and you still had time to answer. You’re doing a very good work here. To other candidates, well, its just hard work and persistence. Don’t just give up. Thanks a lot!!

  30. thank God for this blog tho…bro Tim ur a standard guy..ur blog is the standard ..thanks bro #biochemistry😝

  31. I’m oluwatoyinbo oluwatoyosi xther,,,HISTORY n STRATEGIC STUDIES,,,,I also came across dz blog last year on google whl searching 4 some infos bou unilag n it has been so helpful tho I wasn’t successful then,,,all tnx to God n to bro Tim 4 his updates bcos if nt 4 him n my group mates,I wouldn’t av been aware of some important infos n dah 1 na gobe o,,,well,my advice to d coming jambites is dat they must b determined,,determination surpasses all,,they should read n pray,,don’t put all ur hopes on long legs but read hard n don’t be discouraged,,dnt let any1 gt into ur head n start telling u gibberish dat unilag is hard or u won’t gain an admission without knowing d VC,,my parent also tried to discouraged me after my 1st unsuccessful attempt buh all na WASH,cos I strongly believe in GOD,,n my last advice to the jambites is dah they should also try to belong to one aspirants group there r lots of aspirants there,,u’ll never have any regret of chosing d skul,,,one love #muah

  32. This isn’t really a testimony per say buh this bloq has really been helpful in term of early information.

    I came across this bloq last year after my entrance exam while searchinq for unilag diploma updates on google.

    Took the last diploma and made my cut off tho the list has not been released.

    Since i came home in june i have never been to school. Yet i get unilag updates before any of my friends even those in school (regular students).

    Between us now, i feel like a celebrity because whenever they need information, they will always call me first before any other of our friends to know if i’ve heard anythinq or if they have any question to ask (both for post utme and diploma).

    If it’s somethinq i’ve read on here before they call i’ll tell buh if not, i’ll tell them i want to confirm from my source.

    Whenever they ask for my source, i don’t tell them (yea, call me greedy). Some have even taqqed me to have a boyfriend in admission office that keeps me informed #lol

    Buh someday, hopefully, i’ll tell of my source (Tim’s Bloq) “The boyfriend” in admission office that keeps me informed.

    God Bless You Bro Tim

  33. I got to know about this blog through a friend that took Diploma form last year. My initial surf on the blog was to check the cut off mark. I subscribed to the blog immediately to get updates concerning the admission list. Well, thank God I made it to the merit List to Study my dream course, English Language. Thanks Mr Tim, love you loads!!!. PLS, what are requirements for the Screening and Registration?

  34. Got admitted to study law but first before i share my testimony…please review dis Olevel result(ENG C4,MATHS C6, LIT C6, HISTORY C4, CRS C6, BIOLOGY C6, GOVT D7, YORUBA C6, ECONS C6)neco but im scared i dont av govt

  35. i came across this blog 3 years ago…ever since then i have not done any exam…this year i chose political science as my course but along the line bro tim made me know i cnt study political science with my olevel result…so i jst had to change my course to insurance and now i got in for insurance…thank you very much bro tim…God will continue to bless your work

  36. Uncle T….I just wanna say I big thank U, Finally I got admission to Unilag dis year, I start following dis blog last year, I also follow u on all oda social networks, it really paid off….if u wanna gain admission to Unilag next year, make Uncle T ur best friend and dis blog ur home….God bless u real God Uncle T

  37. Hi, Uncle Tim and my fellow jambites. I’m Omolade Olalemi.
    Uhm… I can’t really recall how I got to know this blog.. I just found my self subscribed to it. The blog has been helpful cos I get updates on here and I read comments like cray.. Reading comments helps alot, trust me.
    Despite the hurdles and uncertainties, I came through. I was offered admission on merit to study law in the School of first choice and Nation’s pride. Smiles. Nah God oh. Something I’ve been pursuing for close to four years. I give God the glory.
    My candid advice to the upcoming aspirants is that they should pray like never before. Trust me, prayer works. I’m a living testimony to that fact. And, read. You can’t do well in an exam if you don’t read hard. An empty brain brings up nothing. Also, try as much as possible to be up to date. If you’re not informed, you’re deformed. Take that from me.
    I say a big thank you to Uncle Tim and Mike. God bless you guys much. A bigger thank you to the Lord most high. He’s been faithful.
    Congrats to everyone who made it, and to those who didn’t, the Lord is your bulldozer.
    Unilag Faculty of Law, here I come!!!

  38. Found this website around 2013 when i was in school but i didnt like the school. I Wrote both Foundation(diploma) and Post-jamb this year for UNILAG to run away from the school and Start Fresh with Unilag. Well thank God with Timothy’s Updates and Exam materials( Past questions etc) i have gained admission through Foundation(Diploma).The thing is Timothy not just updates But explains all you need to know and have, sufficient enough to Gain admission. No need for any kind of Runz. Everything is Clean.

  39. I stumbled on dis blog while surfing the net generally looking for information about d admission process in unilag….ive been following dis blog since last year..dis blog actually gave me the belief dat i could actually gain admission to d almighty ‘UNILAG’ without actually knowing anybody..with people’s testimony from last year(nelly boo) i built up confidence to choose unilag dis year and my name is on the merit list for LAW

    Registration starts on the 28th of September 2015!
    We expected to be at the MULTI PURPOSE HALL B & C 8:30a.m

      1. I just checked the screening/registration schedule, will I be missing out anything If I go for this exercise only on the days assigned to my department?
        Micah Odion, how are you going to do this?
        Are you in Lagos?

  41. I really thank God for all he is doing what he has done nd what he is going to do…all glory nd adorations I give to him… I thank uncle Timothy for helping us with all Dr useful information nd advice God will continue to bless you… for d next jambites always keep to this site work hard nd pray…jah bless y’all

  42. I found dis website while surfing d internet and thank god and bro tim for his updates i got admitted into unilag to study social work…pls what next after merit list..

  43. No long story………i saw ur blog through google took six out of the eight web pages, i waz lyk i need unilag site nt a blog….i sed i should chk it out nd i waz lyk “OMG see wetin man dey miss”……..dah waz early lst year nd i got addicted to it………….i noticed it waz kinof a big family under one roof………agreement, disagreement, quarel,lafta……i waz impressed nd i felt since others are gaining admission i can by jahs grace……..so i got jamb form(1st tym) ,nd post jamb too, waz downhearted wen eligibility stuff poped up buh waz happy twax resolved still God’s doing…….. passed cutoff nd saw my name…….sounding so easy buh am sure you all understand d struggle…….. congrats to all who made it nd dose who didn’t so far ure alive there’s hope jst put it @ d bck of ur mynd dah somfin better is ahead…….lastly bro tim…….u are one in a billion…….. ur answers short buh powerful…… ur advice to me really helped me a lot “hope 4 d bst nd prepare 4 d worst” dat alonewaz enuf for me i hoped 4 d bst nd prepared 4 d worse……buh 4tunately the bst came( thanks to Jehovah again) . Now am an akokite in d faculty of education ( edu admin)………sometimes i jst smile nd ask my self………. who will ever bliv dah onyeke will school in unilag.Thanks evry1…….thanks bro tim……. thanks Jehovah. so much more to say buh i rest my talk…….no long story ✌❤

  44. Truly,information is power! I wrote unilag putme years back, it was deir first cbt nd it was hectic,i didnt even knw wat i was supposed 2 xpect. Dis time,it was hweva easy as i stumbled on dis blog durin my research,somehw,it stood out as authentic among odas. I appreciate u Tim,i’ve bin admitted 2 study nursing

  45. Nd 4 fresh jambites,it doesnt matter wat pple tink abt u or even ur past performances,d only person dat can stop u is U! Work hard,pray hard nd bliv in urslf

  46. I came across the wonderful work that you are doing for the humanity via Twitter. My daughter was seeking admission at the University of Lagos. I discovered you have more useful information on your site more than is available on Unilag website. I followed your recommendations and encouraged my daughter to study hard for the post utme exams…she wrote it and met the cut off marks. When admission list was released initially on the jamb portal, her name was not there, I continued to follow the trend of emails from subscribers to your guide, I found your advice and Michaels very useful. My daughter’s name finally came out on Wednesday with an admission notice. My last line is that God will reward your wonderful work. Where you are trusting God for intervention In any areas of your life, the Lord will surprise you pleasantly. Thanks so much, God bless you richly.

  47. Akpoyibo racheal,offered admission to study IRPM,i came across dis blog dis year 2015,while searching for info about unilag,for my admission o after Jehovah God na tim and micheal Y,becos it was on his blog i saw dat my jamb combo for econ was wrong(math,eng,eco,comm),started looking for a nice course to switch to,it was this same blog i knew abt irpm,so i bought change of coc form,n today i’ve been admitted (num 26 on the merit list)
    once again thanks to u mr tim n micheal,for my admission after JAH na u o

  48. I actually came across this blog by chance,,,, I was just googling stuffs about Unilag after obtaining the JAMB form. From that day I have been following this blog all the way. The timely updates,the encouragement, everything has been been wonderful. And he doesn’t ask for money which is very generous of him. thank you Bro Timothy,, may God bless and reward your good work.
    …..if You’re Unilag aspirant,,, this is the best place to be and you’re sure to make it through.
    …..Human Kinetics & Health Education, merit list.
    thanks to Timothy and all glory to God.

  49. Am Folorunso Boluwatife . Tankz 2 God n sm1 special ( Bro Timothy) . I came across diz blog jst wanderin buh i tank GOd 4 makn me a wandara in dz site. Special tankz 2 bro timo 4 givn us al doze important notice, if nt 4 God nd im, many of uz cudnt av made it. I remembad d 1st day i entad unilag, dat waz 4 my french waec exam, i wz lyk OH MA GOD, C SKUL!!! . It wz der n den i made up ma mynd 2 chuz unilag n ma jamb fom. I rilly tank God 4 seein me 2ru evry stages. Nao, am 1 OF AKOKAITE NEWEST BABE. GLORY B 2 GOD.

  50. finally! ive gotten admission to study finance..but mr tim b4 i shr my testimony i need u to verify my result i have all except govt….n m really scared i hope m gud to go? and also my jamb combo is maths econs eng and govt.pls reply

  51. This is ma first comment but ive been following this blog. Bro tim, we are bday mates. Autumn equinox. I made it into mbbs first try thanks to God and advice on the blog and studying of course. My advice is practice online tests esp 4 post utme and read ur books in btw the lines. I recently saw a lot of jamb answers in ma txt bk that i never knew about. Thanks. Turning 16 just in time. Ive not seen a birthday mate in a while. Happy bday to us. Ike jessica

  52. I came across this blog enquiring bout unilag. I was told by my dad that competition 4 mbbs is too much esp since ma jamb score wasnt high but i always said that as others are competing with me im also competing with them. I was rily pressured into changing b4 i even had a chance. Dey all said that my former inelligibility was a sign and i almost gave in but dis blog and the comments gave me hope. I prayed and God won. I was no 5 on that list. I asked 4 a chance nd i got it. Where wud i av been if i listened. Ma advice is that if u are made 4 a course, nothing will stop u. Read in btw the lines and know ur country and of course have luck on ur side IKE JESSICA

  53. I didn’t want to comment b4 but reading u guyz comment touched me…My name is Akinbinu taiwo I met dis blog since 2013 itz nt been eazy at all…passing jamb 2 good tymes..bt d devil alwayz struck in d PJ nd d screening…The first tym I wrote PJ at unilag I didn’t meet d cut off even Yaba tech gave me admission I didn’t go I said dis unilag I must go dere…d second time I ws admitted to study mathematics bt I didn’t hv further math so I ws nt registered it looks as if am dreaming..For 2month I didn’t get myself…Immediately afta dat uncle tim started advertisin d nxt jamb form….I ws gingered to go colect anoda form bt dis tym around I said to myself dat Unilag or never…..I tenk God am nw an akokite….tnkz to bro tim,soughout,bro J nd micheal…My advice to d nxt unilag admission seekers is to bee determined…unilag no hard rarara to enter forget abt d numba of tymes u hv written jamb forget ur age….jus bee determined…#biochem# loadin……

  54. i’m oluwatoyin odulana,This blog has been really helpful,trust me,timely information,i’ve been admitted into UNilag to study maths edu…..pls bro tim kindly check this o’level combo….maths,physics,Eng,geo,agric….(considerations/waivers)?…thanks.

  55. Interesting
    Lemme start my saying thankx to my new computer and browser
    following that i want to use this medium to really say welldone to the tireless work done concerning this blog tru the help of this blog i gained admission into unilag dli public admission last year but due to some reasons i couldnt honour the admission looking at this blog right now am 100 percent assured my admission is sure …this is the no 1 blog as far as am concerned many many many thankx to timothy cos we do talk chat and blogchat too despite i really troubled him when i wanted admission he still humbly respected my request thankx timothy..welldone i recommend this blog for all incoming unilag students or aspirants just keep in touch with his posts and take whatever he says seriously…thanks have a good day all

  56. i just checked ma jamb status and i have been given admission through DE…does dz mean ma name z 100% surely going to b in d unilag list???

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