2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form Is Finally Here, Full Registration Details

2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Registration for new intakes has commenced and prospective students can now apply by getting the application form.

Below is the full registration guide. Go through carefully and contact us for help as instructed below if need be.

I have set up Registration stand inside Unilag as promised just like we did last year and I intend to help all my blog followers starting with registration and follow up/consultancy services till admission is guarranteed there is also an alternative way to help those who will not be able to come down to our stand(the working class/those not based in Lagos) but first let’s check out some details about the form;

  • The Price for the application Form is #22,500 as usual excluding bank charges which will not be more than #500
  • Official Sale of Application Forms begins on Wednesday, June 7th 2017 and ends No Date Announced Yet As The Form Is Still On Sale Till further notice.
  • Payment for the application form will be made as instructed on the payment advice that will be generated from the school’s official website.(we will handle this when you come over to our stand for registration)

Candidates are advised to read carefully the requirements for their desired programmes to confirm eligibility.

  • Candidates awaiting Bachelor’s degree results and Nigerian citizens who have not completed the National Youth Service Corps assignments or are currently undergoing Postgraduate programmes are not eligible(If you will finish your Nysc by October of before the end of the year, you are eligible. There is a way around it.)
  • Holders of Degrees obtained from Outreach/Satellite campuses are not eligible.
  • Every applicant is required to upload all certificates listed in the application form, such as:  * Degree Certificates (Statement of Results Can Be accepted temporarily ) * NYSC Certificate * Professional Certificates
  • If you are waiting your Nysc cert, we will know how to handle these for you during the online registration.
  • All Academic Transcripts must reach the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies on or before the beginning of registration(This is the final registration after might have been given admission)
  • All M.Phil/Ph.D. candidates are required to contact the relevant Department for availability of Supervisors/vacancies before applying.
  • Entrance exam date will be announced later right here on UnilagAdmissionGuide.com, you can order for the entrance examination materials/past questions and answers by clicking….>>>>How to get unilag postgraduate entrance exam past questions and answers for all courses

Why I Set Up Stand To Help With Registration/Consulting For All Of My Blog Followers

I decided to set up a stand in school to assist my blog followers because of too many students requesting for assistance over time most of which couldnt finish up their registration due to one hitch on the other. Also in the past students requested to see me personally for one consultation or the other regarding their choice of course & admission assistance. This is why we ve been helping out with registration/follow up over the years.

If You you feel you can do the registration without needing our assistance then by all means feel free. Instructions is on Unilag official website. We may not be able to attend to you if any mistake arises as a result of that…

We are starting our registration on 12th of June 2017 but before then, you can reach out to us to book an appointment. You can also get the past questions for the entrance exam via this link; How to get Unilag postgraduate past questions and answers

What To Bring For The Registration And How To Contact Me & My Team For Help & Follow Up

Registration at our stand begins: Monday 12th June 2017(This is to give enough time for the portal to settle up in order to avoid any tech hitch. No need rush) You can call to book an appoinment before then.

1. One white background passport photograph

2. All your credentials(Original/Statement/Professional) we will need to scan them into the portal during the online registration.

3 You don’t need transcript right now to get the application form and also register online

To get us to help you with whole registration process;
You have to book an appointment first.
To to book an appointment;
Put a call through to us first to confirm the date and time you can come over for the registration(we are starting fully on 12th but you can call to book an appointment before then);

Phone Lines To Call: 07065298446, 08188350534
(send text messages if line is switched off, too busy or not reachable we will get back to you as soon as possible)

If you reside outside Lagos or too busy to come meet us in school and you need me and my team to help you with the registration process based on contractual agreement, send me an email; contact@timothyozovehe.com or Timothyozovehe@gmail.com and I will reply your mail with details of what you need to do.
Note: Please endeavor to call us first before coming to Unilag, otherwise I might not have the time to attend to you and you won’t be happy with that.

Entrance exam date will be announced later right here on UnilagAdmissionGuide.com, you can order for the entrance examination materials/past questions and answers by clicking….>>>>How to get unilag postgraduate entrance exam past questions and answers for all courses

To Check out tuition fees for most unilag postgraduate courses, click….>>>>Tuition and compulsory fees for Unilag postgraduate courses.

I have also created a category here on UnilagAdmissionGuide.com where you can check some basic requirement about specific courses. Click….>>>> Unilag postgraduate requirement for various courses. The page is still a work in progress though.

Finally, If you don’t want to miss out on any update henceforth including entrance exam updates, then subscribe to our free updates. Simply click……>>>>>How to subscribe to Unilag free updates and follow the simple guide.

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