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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

It’s another year of success, we did it again. Many of our followers gained Admission into the prestigious university of Lagos Nigeria for the 2017/2018 academic session through our guide and now it’s time for them to tell us their stories with their own hands.

Please if you are part of those that has been following our guide and this platform ‘Unilag Admission Guide‘ has really helped you a lot in so many ways please share your story using the comment section below;

Use this format;

  • Your name
  • How you came across the blog; Unilag Admission Guide
  • How Unilag Admission Guide or Timothy Ozovehe contributed to your success
  • Your advise to incoming students of Unilag
  • Your advise to Unilag Admission Guide on how we can better improve our services to all prospective students of Unilag.
  • Any other comments you feel led to write to us and our readers

Use the comment section below….Thanks

Thank you…

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By Timothy Ozovehe

Timothy Ozovehe is a Digital Media Expert & Blogger who is passionate about educating, informing and giving the general public knowledge that will benefits them in their day to day life.

26 thoughts on “2017/2018 Testimonials From Unilag Admission Guide Subscribers & Followers”
  1. Gudevening everyone,my name ilodigwe chinaza Geraldine .I applied for industrial relation and personnel management this is my first time of seeking for admission.my name is on the merit list all thanks to God ,my family and lastly unilag admission guide has really help from one day .may God bless you and your family Mr timothy.

  2. Thank God fr a huge success. A big thank u to mr tim fr ur posts and guide. I gained admission to study irpm…bless upEnter your comment here…

    1. Hello everyone..
      My name is Ajayi Toluwalope and I’m so glad I found my name in the merit admission list to study Estate Management..

      My sincere gratitude goes to the founder of Unilag Admissions Guide,Bro Tim..
      I was just checking stuffs about Unilag on the internet when I saw his blog..
      I was so happy cos I found all the solutions to my problems..
      I subscribed and I kept getting mails dat were really helpful..
      I made no mistakes because I was always getting fresh news here..
      I’m so thankful to God and to Bro Tim..

      My advise to the incoming students is that we should learn how to pray and be patient..

      That’s all..

      Thanks again..
      God bless you!💖

  3. i give praise to almighty God. He guided me since the day i wrote GCE in ss2 which was last year, and i cleared all my papers once, he did d same for me in my dis year waec. i sat for jamb, i also had above 200. he directed me to choose university of 1st choice in my jamb nd i did it. i wrote her post utme nd i also passed it. now i saw my name on merit list. i give praise to him.. i also appreciate mr. Timothy for his great job he has been doing for us since day 1. i pray GOD will continue to be with u.. thanks

  4. My name is on the Merit list for Theatre art, I’m so happy…thank you so much to the owner of this platform. Like I usually comment before my brother is in 300 level entering 400 and he always tells me if Timothy Ozovehe didn’t post it…disregard it….thanks so much your blog has been a big help.

    1. congrats to all those dat av bin admitted…. wish u more success…. still awaiting admission nd I pray it work out for me nd odas dat are awaiting jez like me….congrats once again

  5. Erhm.. Bro Tim ..I won’t say much …Your blog has been wonderful and timely in this our generation…I regard it as a blessing to us..For all the timely informations, accurate and reliable information , encouragement and inspiration..I’ll say a big thank you to you and weldone.. May God honor you and bless you beyond ur wildest imagination.. And yes..I finally got in after 3yrs of trying… First time, tried for Economics,2014..didn’t materialize ..second time ,put in for Finance 2015 remember the guy that keeps disturbing u about .13 shy off the cutoff?..Unilag shenk me that year…just .13 Pere…Unilag didn’t admit me for finance , last year 2016…put In for Biz-Admin..this time I had no chance cos I was like 7points shy off the cutoff..Unilag referred me to one Christopher university but as per fees challenge..I shenked Christopher …Now finally this year 2017…put in for Philosophy at first..found out I didn’t meet O’level RQ ..changed to sociology(social wrks) and by God’s grace..I’m officially admitted into UNILAG no12 on the list …is nor play play ..I know I said I won’t say much… Just pardon me Biko…it’s over joy … God bless you bro Tim

  6. I applied for accounting in the University of Lagos and I just got admitted on merit. I got to know about bro Timothys blog when I was about to write post utme examinations. The blog has really been helpful in terms of providing up to date information about Unilag and this has really helped me in gaining admission. I also ordered unilag post ume past questions and answers which I practiced when studying for the exams, he is also very accessible and he is ready to help at anytime. I really appreciate him. thanks once again bro. I advise the incoming aspirants to never doubt him and they should listen attentively to what ever instructions he gives.

  7. I don’t know what to say than to say a big thank you to to Mr Timothy.A Friend introduce this site to me and told it was through this site she was updated about everything needed to know about the process….Your site has been greatly helpful.I made it…thumb up to Mr. Timothy

  8. Thanks indeed for the flawlessly accurate and reliable information provided on this blog. For me it’s a job well done by Mr. Tim and all those working tirelessly behind the scenes. I made the merit list.
    Best wishes.

  9. mr tim and everybody on this blog please pray for my to get my admission too oh, and congrats to all those that have gotten there’s and i also pray for people like myself that are still expecting admission to unilag this year that we all we pass the post utme and our name shall be on 2018’s merit list.

  10. mr tim and everybody on this blog please pray for me to get my admission too oh, and congrats to all those that have gotten there’s, and i also pray for people like myself that are still expecting admission to unilag this year, that we all shall pass the post utme and our name shall be on 2018’s merit list. #made mistake on the first one.

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