About Switching From Full To Part Time Unilag Postgraduate Programme To Brightens Your Admission Chances

Ever since Unilag release the 2017/2018 Postgraduate Entrance Examination Results and remark Online, many have been calling to ask me if they can switch from full time to part time version of their chosen course. I decided to do this post to shed more light on changing from full time to Part Time of Your chosen course.

First, Know that you cannot Change Courses now and here is the reason why; you cannot switch from one course to another but if the course you applied for has a part time version you may be able to change to the part time depending on the departmental rules. Every department have their own rules and regulations.

The reason you might want to consider changing your course is because normally the full time Programmes are much more competitive than their part time hence the reason why many want to change. The Admission Cut Off Marks For full time courses are always higher than part time courses…..Check 2016/2017 Cut Off Marks here

Switching to Part Time does not guarantee admission too, it’s just to reduce the competition and remember too that if you decide to change now just know that many are also considering the same thing too and there-by increasing the competition again. So think very well!

How To Switch From Full Time To Part Time Unilag Postgraduate Programme
The switch is always handled by the departments you applied into. you have to verify from your department first if you can change, that is if there is vacancy. if its good for you to change, you will be asked to write a letter and they will also guide you on how to and who to address it to.

If it goes through then you can expect your name to be on the Supplementary Admission list.

Please note: You cannot Switch From Part Time To Full Time Programmes except on rare occasion as deem fit by the department.

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