Masters Degree Courses You Can Apply For Even With Third Class First Degree Grade In Unilag 2018/2019 Session

Many prospective Unilag masters students don’t know there are lot of courses you can apply for even if you graduated with a third class degree without needing to do a Postgraduate Diploma first to be qualified.

Some of this courses are academic masters Programme while others are professional masters Programme.

As you prepare to apply for the forthcoming 2018/2019 Unilag Postgraduate Programme, take note of this courses and make the right decision on which to go for.

The application form for the 2018/2019 academic session will be on sale by May/June. You can read full details about that via this link; When To Except 2018/2019 Unilag Postgraduate Form & How Not To Miss Out On The Application

You can also get the Entrance examination past questions and answers now and start preparation for the Entrance exam via this link; Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Examination Past questions and Answers

Below are the full list of courses you can apply for with minimum of a third class degree

Msc Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Education(PGDE)

Masters in public & international affairs(MPIA)

Masters In Industrial and Labour relations(MILR)


Masters Environmental Management -MEM

Masters Public Admin(MPA)

Masters In Business Administration (MBA)

Masters In Information Technology(MIT)

Masters In Process Engineering(MPE)

Masters in Project Management(MPM)

Master in developmental finance(MDF)

Masters In Diplomacy & Strategic Studies(MDSS)

Msc Criminology

Masters International Law and Diplomacy(MILD)

LLM ( Mastes in Law)






MSC Political Science


Pgd Accounting

Pgd Cell Biology n Genetics

Msc Cell Biology n Genetics

Pgd Chemical Engineering

Pgd Guidance & Counselling

Master in Transport Planning MANAGEMENT

Pgd Maths and Statistics

Pgd Philosophy

Pgd Applied Geophysics

Msc Psychology

Master Managerial Psychology MMP

Masters In Geographical Information Technology(MGIT)

Msc Medical Physics

Msc Parasitology andBioinformatics

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