Unilag Postgraduate Course Outlines For All Programs Part 1

Many of the prospective unilag postgraduate students have asked me to post course details in order for them have a glimpse of what they will likely be dealing with after the admission.

Today I am starting a series of post that will show you course outlines for most of the postgraduate courses offered in Unilag.

Note: There will be an entrance exam into all unilag postgraduate programmes after application. You can get the entrance examination past questions and answers via this link; Get Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Past Questions & Answers.

Unilag normally repeats most of its Entrance exam questions, so get the materials now and do a thorough revision.

Below are some of the programs with their course outlines, I will post some more details for other course later. Enjoy this ones for now…

Msc Production and Operation Management

operation management

operation planning and control

production system design and analysis

problems in production/operation management

layout and location models

financial management of the corporation

managerial accounting

management process

business research methods

quantitative methods

organizational behavior

strategic management

marketing management

advanced micro-economic theory

advanced macro-economic theory

research project


material and energy balances

chemical process industry

process re-engineering

cost engineering and evaluation

reaction engineering

unit operation

project management

computer aided design and engineering

advanced entrepreneurship

fluid mechanics and thermodynamics

industrial plant maintenance

communication skills

production system design and analysis

industrial waste management

as technology

plant operations

business and project finance

solid mineral management

food and biochemical engineering

petroleum refining and petrochemical operations


Get Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Past Questions & Answers.

MSC System Engineering

Continuum mechanics

electromagnetic engineering

engineering modelling and simulation

radio waves interactions with surfaces, conductors and apertures

ICT network analysis

computational techniques

stochastic systems

environmental fluid mechanics

software engineering

artificial intelligence

robotics application

applied mechanics

design and production engineering

engineering safety and reliability

linear and non-linear system analysis

applied mathematics

mathematical programming


labour law and public policy

trade union, government and structure

human resource management

industrial relations theory

corporate managerial rewards and compensation

research methods in industrial relations and human resources

quantitative research methods

managerial issues in industrial relations and human resources

research project

corporate manpower planning

human behavior analysis

man and the work environment

comparative industrial relations systems

multinationals and industrial relations

globalization, state and industrial relations in Africa

compensation management in public sector

advanced workplace relations

women and work

employment and gender discrimination

international labour movement and institutions

principles of job valuation

multinational and personnel management


economics of education

application of research methods

personnel functions of educational administration

methodology in educational planning

theories in educational planning

case studies in educational administration and planning

educational planning in developed nations

supervisory relationships

school planting planning and management

the organization and governance of Nigeria Universities

legal context of educational administration

Practicum in educational planning

project report


global accounting

management accounting and controls

advanced accounting theory

auditing theory and practice

research methodology

public sector accounting

tax planning for management

ethics in accounting

accounting information systems

accounting practices and problem

macro accounting

financial management

Master of Facility Management

facility management principles

facilities design and procurement

structural engineering of facilities

quantitative research methods

strategic management

business economics

organizational behavior

contemporary structures

financial planning and control

building pathology and environmental analysis

facility maintenance

electricity and energy management in buildings

air conditioning

advanced construction cost analysis

procurement methods

water and waste water engineering

accounting and management economics

contract law and arbitration

procurement methods

acoustics and noise control

computer aided facility management

facility performance evaluation

strategic property asset management

professional facilities management practices


risk management

data acquisition systems

quantitative analysis for business decisions

research project

Get Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Past Questions & Answers.

Msc Mass Comm

4 areas of specialization

a. print journalism

b. radio, Tv and Film

c. Public Relations and advertising

d. Population communication

core course

communication theories

application of research methods to mass communication

communication for population and development

bibliography of mass communication

quantitative research methods


print journalism

editorial writing

newspaper and magazine production

interpreting urban problems

health communication

public affairs reporting

magazine article writing

sports reporting

reviewing the arts

newspapers management problems

specialized publications

science news writing

Radio, Tv and Film

station operation and management

advanced production techniques Radio

advanced production techniques TV and film

features/development production

magazine writing and production

broadcasting programming

new electronic

dramatic writing and production

media criticism

topical issues in broadcasting

educational instructional broadcasting Prod.

Public Relations and advertising

advertising, Pr and Society

creative workshops in advertising and PR

Media workshop in advertising and PR

advertising and consumer behaviour

management and marketing principles in advertising and PR

environments of PR

Ethics and social responsibilities in advertising and PR

Population communication

policies in Population communication

comparative national Population

creative visual designs

documentary and variety TV/Film program in Population communication

population issues and African family

ecology of Population communication

comm strategies in Pop management


microbial technology

microbial physiology

microbial interactions

general methods in virology

advanced environmental microbiology

food microbiology



microbial biochemistry

current trends in environmental microbiology

plant virology

research seminar

Msc Mathematics


general topology

topological spacial spaces

measure and integration theory

functional analysis

complex analysis

orthogonal analysis

fluid mechanics

optimal control theory

differential equations

integral transform


plasma dynamics

non-linear waves

statistical packages

mathematical statistics

linear models

data analysis

multivariate analysis

Msc Mechanical Engineering

production process

production engineering

machine tool technology

manufacturing process

practice of management

operation research

maintenance technology

methods of engineering

advance fluid mechanics

idea fluid flow

boundary layer theory

laminar boundary layers

heat transfer


design of heat transfer equipment

mass transfer

refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation

turbo machinery

power plants

nuclear power plants

energy conversion and utilization

gas dynamics

engineering systems dynamics’matrix methods in vibration analysis

random vibration

acoustics and noise control

combustion theory

solar energy systems


Pharmacognostic analysis of drugs and surgical dressings

pharmaceutical analysis of natural drug product

advanced phytochemistry

advanced Technic in Pharmacognosy

biological variations in natural products

cultivation, conservation and biodiversity of medicinal plants and fields trips

taxonomy and chemotaxonomy

phytotherapy and Nutritional medicine

agricultural and veterinary Pharmacognosy

clinical Pharmacognosy and training

medical statistics

research seminal


Msc Economics

-advance microeconomics theory

-quantitative econs analysis OR economics models

-concepts and theories of development

-principles of project analysis and evaluation

-structure of Nigerian economy

-mathematical economics

international monetary relations

urban economics problems and policy analysis

-macro and multi-sectional planning

-socio-economic aspects of demography

-monetary theory

-manpower economics

-theory of firm/industry organization

-advance trade theory

-economics of public expenditure

-international petroleum industry

-advance macroeconomics theory

-problems and policies development

-research paper

-intro econometric or simultaneous equation and models

-Techniques of project analysis and evaluation

sector, spatial and social planning

economics of population growth

taxation, fiscal policy and public enterprise

manpower planning

market analysis and corporate conduct

problems and policies of international trade

advanced survey sampling

urban regional economic analysis and planning

petroleum and energy economics

advanced monetary policy

Msc Finance

compulsory courses

quantitative analysis for financial decisions

corporate finance

investment analysis and portfolio management

theory of financial markets and financial inter-mediation

financial planning and control

research project

advanced microeconomics theory

advanced macroeconomics theory

intro econometrics

advanced corporate finance

management of financial institution

international business finance

derivatives securities and markets

small business and agricultural finance

international banking and fiance

quantitative methods

Msc Banking and Finance

compulsory courses

quantitative analysis for financial decisions

corporate finance

banking lending and loan administration

investment analysis and portfolio management

theory of financial markets and financial inter-mediation

research project

microeconomics theory

macroeconomics theory

management of financial institution 1

management of financial institution 11

laws relating to banking

financial planning and control

advanced corporate finance

international business finance

derivatives securities and markets

small business and agricultural finance

international banking and fiance 1 and 2

monetary financial systems and regulatory policies

marketing of financial services


Get Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Past Questions & Answers.


management process

Human resource management

quantitative analysis for business decisions

Business Law

Financial Accounting

corporate finance

Organizational behaviour

Cost accounting for business

production and operation management



Computer Application




Portfolio analysis and management

Investment analysis

International business

consumer behaviour

sales management

marketing research

manpower planning

design and control of production systems

systems designs and analysis

strategy and structure

corporate planning

environmental and industry analysis

organization development

Masters Public Health

epidemiology 1 and 2

medical statistics

medical care

social medicine 1 and 2

environmental health

project design

general preventive medicine

occupational health


education for health

scientific writing

Msc Public Health

epidemiology of infectious diseases

epidemiology of non-communicable diseases

communication and Public health

health care financing

health planning

human resource management for health

material resource management for health sector

health policy analysis

group dynamics and organizational design change

social medicine 1 and 2

medical statistics

medical career education and health

multivariate analysis

scientific writing

Don’t Forget: There will be an entrance exam into all unilag postgraduate programmes after application. You can get the entrance examination past questions and answers via this link; Get Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Past Questions & Answer And since Unilag repeats most of its questions, the material will go a long way to help you in preparing for the Entrance exam.

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