Unilag Postgraduate Courses & Their Entrance Exam Topics To Help You Prepare For The Test..

Below are list of some courses and the areas/topics where Unilag normally sets its Entrance exam questions from. As you prepare for the application form and Entrance exam it will also be good for you to go through this. It will help you to prepare better. After going through the list below, you can order for the real Entrance exam past questions and and answers via this link; Get Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Past Questions & Answers.

If the course you intend going for is not listed below then you can also check Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam Materials.


a. nutrition

b. proteins

c. biotechnology

d. hormones


a. developmental anatomy

b. neuroanatomy

c. stereology

3. Env Chemistry

a. chemical pollution

b. seperation techniques

c. Electrochemical reactions

d. safety practices

4. cell biology

a. chromosomes

b. genes

c. environamental biology

d. technics in animal breeding

5. Production and operation mgt

a. problems in operations

b. production systems

c. layout designs

d. job shops

6. Medical Microbiology

a. clinical micro

b. entomology

c. parasitology

d. mycology

7. Management

a. corporate planning

b. management theories

c. management process

d. qualitative analysis

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8. Botany

a. Nigerian economic plants

b. cultivation

c. breeding

d. plant ecology

9. Project Management

a. building materials

b. value analysis

c. Quality assurance

d. resource management

10. Philosophy

a. contemporary issues in Africa philosophy

b. History of western philosophy

c. acient african thought

d. metaphysics


a. basic qualitative maths

b. complete sentences

c. synonyms


a. financial ratios

b. Capital budgeting

c. cost of capital

d. capital structure decisions

13. LLM

a. incorporation of companies

b. legal terms meanings

c. memorandum and articles

d. shareholding


a. National Income

b. econmic growth and development theories

c. fiscal and monetary policies

d. GDP

15. MILD

a. international bodies

b. international relations

c. regional organizations

d. quantitative analysis

16. Public Health

a. statistics

b. environmental health

c. nutrition health

d. diseases causative org

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17. Mathematics

a. Functional Analysis/Real Analysis

b. complex analysis and linear models

c. differential equations

d. Time series analysis

18. Marine science

a. fish technology

b. ecology of tropical environment

c. fish breeding techniques

d. marine pollution and management


a. chemical process analysis

b. kinetics

c. chemical reaction

d. Thermodynamics

20. Mechanical Engineering DESIGN

a. machine tool

b. maintenance technology

c. production design

d. manufacturing processes

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