You Can Do Your Jupeb Direct Entry Programme Anywhere & Still Use It To Gain 200Level Admission Into Unilag & Other Schools, Here Is My Recommendation

Surprised ??? This is going to be a long read than most of my posts here but I will try my best to be brief and then you can use the comment section below to ask questions and make enquiries and I will reply them all asap…..

Many people don’t know that you don’t have to do your Jupeb Direct Entry Programme inside Unilag to be Admitted by Unilag. Unilag does not own Jupeb Programme, Jupeb Programme is an independent Programme Own by the federal government and there are many private centers around licensed to run the Programme.

The full meaning of Jupeb is Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board, it’s a national board and not peculiar to Unilag alone.

Therefore if you have tried your Jupeb Programme in Unilag and it ended up not giving you the right result you are looking for, why not try other centers. At the end of the day only those who got the required Jupeb point will be admitted into 200Level in any school of your choice in Nigeria and even some abroad. Whether you did your Jupeb Programme in Unilag or not what matters is the end result of the Programme.

Let me tell you one secret: I have seen students who did their Jupeb Programme in Unilag and at the end of the day didn’t meet up to the cut off point for their course and Unilag ended up taking other students that did theirs somewhere else but meanwhile met the require point for their course..

What does that tell you? Where you did your Jupeb Programme does not really matter what matters is the point(result) you came out with after the Programme. That’s what determines your admission into 200Level.

The popular belief is “If I run the Unilag Foundation Programme/That’s the brand name for Unilag Jupeb then Unilag will consider me before others that did their own Jupeb somewhere else. That’s very far from the truth.

Unilag as a school have no say in Admission process, it is Jamb Direct Entry platform that manages admission and they use the point system to determine admission not where you did your Jupeb Programme. This explains why Unilag admits those that did Jupeb Programme elsewhere but met the require cut off point and abandons those who did it in the school but fails to meet Cut Off point.

Unilag requires entrance exam for you to even be allowed to come in for the Programme while most of the private centers will allow you to run the Programme even without an entrance exam and they will teach you well what you need to know to come out successfully.

In the university system like Unilag they lectures while most of the private centers teaches the students. There is a big difference between teaching and lecturing. Lecturers don’t go the extra miles like teachers that make sure you understand every bits of what they are teaching you…

Although not all private centers are that good but I can recommend a very good one that is guaranteed to help you pass the Programme with a very strong point that will guarantee your admission into any of the state, federal or private universities in Nigeria..….Check out the details of my recommendation below

Arctic Circle Conference runs a total package for the Jupeb Direct Entry Programme with sure guarantee of teaching you to make the required cut off point to get you admission into 200Level Direct Entry Into any school of your choice and yes Even Unilag.

You can pay a visit to the Arctic Circle Conference now for more information and full details about the Programme and also how to enroll. You can also put a call through before visiting them. I recommend you visit though to check out their facilities…You will like it.

Address: 15, University Road, Abule-Oja, Akoka, Lagos. (Just like 5 buildings to Unilag Main first gate)

Phone number to call for Enquiries; call:, 08034756194, 08143173277, 09078420187, 08076313467 or simply pay them a visit.

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