2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List Is Out, Check and Drop Your Testimonials Here - Unilag Admission Guide

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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Incase you are yet to check the list, please follow this link; 2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List and after finding your name on the list please drop a testimonial about this blog in the comment section below 👇.

You can start by stating how you came across the blog and how this platform was able to help you with updates and guides in securing your admission. If you have any other thing to write about us you can also state it in the comment please.

If you are still yet to find your department or name on the list please read carefully what I wrote here about the list and also check our updates here from time to time.

Information about the next 2022/2023 Unilag Postgraduate Applications Here

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By Timothy Ozovehe

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23 thoughts on “2021/2022 Unilag Postgraduate Admission List Is Out, Check and Drop Your Testimonials Here”
  1. During the period of making enquiry for the form and exam, I came across the Twitter handle and decided to follow.
    Thanks to the post yesterday, that was how I found out I have been admitted.
    This morning, I reached out to Mr Timothy with some concerns, and within minutes, he responded.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. When you open the list, you see like three names…How will you know if you have been admitted? I put my surname and my name just came out…Please does it means I’ve been admitted because this is confusing.

  2. I got admitted!!!

    Thanks to Mr. Timothy for his kind assistance all through the application process. He made it seamless.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better Admission guide.

    Thank you! Thank you!!!!

  3. Before the exams you have been keeping me updated, and after the exams you continued. I got the admission.
    Thank you so much!

  4. I got the admission. Thanks to you for all the updates, they brought a lot of confidence to hold on and to be abreast with the goings on. I got your details online including phone number, I chatted you on WhatsApp and that’s where it all started. Your 2022 will be more glorious than 2021. Thank you sir.

  5. Thank you! My name is on the Post Graduate admission list.
    It’s been a privilege to be on this platform.
    A friend referred this platform to me

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