Breaking News; Unilag Postgraduate Application Form For 2022/2023 Academic Session Is Out - Unilag Admission Guide

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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Hey my people and blog followers I am happy to tell you guys that the form for 2022/2023 postgraduate programme is now officially on sale. I will drop application and registration guide right here on the blog before Monday morning May 16th. Watch out for my next post ๐Ÿ‘Œ.

Note that our special registration guide LIKE WE ALWAYS DO EVERY YEAR for all of my blog followers will start on Monday May 16th. The special registration guide will help you all not to make any mistake while feeling the form and we will also advise you on what course to go for based on your first degree and area of interest. Necessary guidance that will help make your admission a success will also be given appropriately.

For now, make sure you subscribe to our free email updates as Instructed below in order not to miss out on any special information henceforth. You can also add me up on WhatsApp with the number below this post.

Wait for my next post where I will give details about registration and how to go about filling the form online without any hitches.

Now let me know in the comment section below the course you want to apply for and I will let you know if the course is available this session or not with proper guidance.

If you are sure about the course you want to apply for already then you can get the entrance examination past questions and answers HERE Via This Link It will go a long way in helping you pass the test with flying colors.

Updated: The full application/registration procedure for 2022/2023 Unilag postgraduate programme now posted. Follow this link; How To Apply For 2022/2023 Unilag Postgraduate Programme

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9 thoughts on “Breaking News; Unilag Postgraduate Application Form For 2022/2023 Academic Session Is Out”
  1. First degree:PGD Electronics and computer LASU
    Prospective course: Msc Electrical/Electronics engineering

  2. I hold a Bsc in Political Science and Public Admin under Social Sciences. What are the possible courses i can do that is related to Management?

  3. Good morning Tim, my daughter scored 200 in the last JAMB examination and the course is computer engineering, is she qualified

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