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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

My dream is when people see me, they think that guy made my life better.

So help me God!


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By Timothy Ozovehe

Timothy Ozovehe is a Digital Media Expert & Blogger who is passionate about educating, informing and giving the general public knowledge that will benefits them in their day to day life.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Unilag Admissions Guide Testimonials”
  1. After graduating from Rich Devos International High school, Aba, Abia state, Nigeria as a science student in the year 2010, crediting all my (0 level) subjects except Physics which I had a D7 equivalent to ”a pass” gradewise and which in this part of the is a low grade for a science student to gain admission into a reputable university.
    I was faced with a limited future, so deseprate to be enrolled into an University against all odds considering what my school and classmates would say ”can you imagine our senior prefect wasn’t able to secure admission this year”. I started writing University entrance examinations. Wrote Fedral University of Technology Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria and it wasn’t successful. Confused and desprate, I started thinking of what next I should probably do.
    Fortunately for me I got an information about a particular private polytechnic in Enugu state, Nigeria currently running admission program for prospective candidates by the name OSISATECH Polytechnic owned by one of the well known Rev Father(Rev Father Edeh) also the owner of MADONNA University and CARITAS University(all private institution) in Nigeria. Though I have never been a fan of Polytechnic talkless of a private one. I made up my mind to give it a shot.
    After writing their entrance examination, I made it in. I was giving admission to study Science Laboratory Technology, though not yet satisfied with with the school, still longing for a reputable University I had to accept the admission after my two years program and one year industrial training, I obtained a National Diploma(OND) in my discipline in 2013.
    At this moment I was at the crossroad of my life, it is now up to me either to continue my Higher National Diploma(HND) or to go for my dreams of being a graduate of a reputable University. Still in deep thoughts I went ahead n purchased the HND form with my coursemates to study Biochemistry in HND. We wrote the exam and made it. I was giving admission to study Biochemistry outwardly happy but inwardly not satisfied. I went home that day and prayed to God to direct my path I am so confused right now I need Him in my life more than anything.
    After much contemplations and resolutions within myself I made up my mind to decline the HND admission offered to me and pursue my dreams.
    I went back to Aba, processed and wrote Fedral University of Technology, Owerri(FUTO), Imo state, Nigeria Direct Entry examination with my with my 0 level, I knew I had slim chances but I had to give it a shot hoping that my National Diploma would compensate my physics grade, but the result came out and it didn’t favour me.
    I went to Lagos, Nigeria in October 2013, seek for employment and got one as a sales representative in a cosmetics wholesales establishment and also do site managing work for my Employee in my free period. With the money I realized from my job I was able to make some part payments for processing my registration for the West African Examination Council exam(WAEC)0 level exams in a high school in Aba, Abia state, Nigeria through a friend.
    In 2014, I came down to Aba, Abia state, Nigeria and with the support from my Father I was able to complete the whole payments and that of Joint Admission and Martriculation Board(JAMB) exam. I prepared heavily for the both exams.
    God being by my side from on set, I cleared my 0 level with credits and distinctions and made it in my JAMB and currently was just giving admission to study PHARMACY in the University of Lagos.
    This whole drama has made me to understand that in life you can be just what ever you want to be, don’t let circumstance or unfavorable environment distort you from reaching your goal. Always believe in yourself, be focused, and determined and always be prepared. ”Luck is a thin line between preparation and opportunity”. The more prepared you are the luckier you become, thus you can create your own luck. All glory to Almighty and tanks a lot uncle Tim, positivities and possiblities shall be your potion for all ur efforts and sacrifice.

  2. Al-Hamdu lillahi…Am so so so so grateful to GOD Almighty,for his grace, blessing,support and am so grateful for having seen this sight on google…Am now a student of unilag,studying systems engineering…Thank u bro tim,for all ur help,what u’re doing here is smtin really wonderful and i know by the special grace of GOD u will acheive all ur goals…AMEN

  3. If I say this blog hasn’t been helpful,I’ll perhaps be among the top ten-if not the first-liars in Nigeria.After my valedictory service at my alma mater St Saviour’s High School in Lagos,I was bitterly disappointed to see that there was a blemish to my WASSCE result: I had a D7 in Maths-I didn’t believe it.Until I was saved from this bleak situation by having straight credits in the subsequent NECO exams,I wasn’t myself.I sat JAMB UTME that same year (2012) but I didn’t make it,knowing within me that I wasn’t ready for tertiary education.I had to wait till the following year.I sat this same JAMB UTME the second time,chose the prestigious Univ. of Lagos like I did the previous year;got an okay score,but still wasn’t accepted-I didn’t make the mark for the course I chose-MBBS.I planned to apply for a change-of-course but it was late already; it really pained me and was then I knew that I could still cry like a baby.I got some prodding from Dad and took JAMB UTME the 3rd time;I didn’t see myself getting accepted at any other university.I got a score that produced a real emotional and Dad was impressed.I bought the school’s post UTME form and prepared for the exam.The exam wasn’t really a test of how brilliant you are but how witty and smart you could be when it comes to answering questions in limited time.Nevertheless,it was fine and I was optimistic.In addition,I went for a lower course which was Microbiology.Within me,before merit list was published,I knew this year was my year and nothing would stop me! I saw my name on the list and was really happy.It was then I understood that God wanted the best for me.I was offered a four-year degree programme in Microbiology.If you’re an aspirant,this goes to you: don’t be moved by what people say about how difficult it is to be accepted at University of Lagos; it all depends on you! They often say: you won’t get admitted if you’re not connected to somebody in the school-that’s a lie! The greatest connection you can ever have is your relationship with the Father in heaven,the most high.Prepare well for the exams and believe that you’ll make it because the Lord God is on your side.Convince God that you’ll live by His statutes throughout your lifetime.If you haven’t been having a relationship with God,try it and you’ll never regret it! The decisions you make account for what you are.Remember: it’s all about you!

  4. bro. Tim, may God bless in all ur ways, u shall succeed in all ur ways. Thanks for all u’ve done for me by getting me informed on d latest unilag info. U’re d best Tim. God bless you!

  5. This is Farida’s story…….
    I finished sec sch in 2012 I wrote jamb that same year and scored 206 I didn’t bother getting d post jamb form cause I wasn’t even ready for tertiary education at that time,so d following year I scored 164 I was extremely sad and heartbroken cause by then most of my pals were in sch and then my parents decided to send me to a private university in Cotonou….I wasnt really happy cause my one dream was to go to unilag..wen I was still in sec sch there was a guy who was studying at Unilag and during the holidays he wud be telling us stories twas then I decided that I too must go to Unilag but many ppl tried to discourage my parents telling them u have to settle and stuff. but then my elder brother wrote jamb once and entered on merit list so that cleared the doubt…anyways on getting to Cotonou I didn’t like what I saw,I kept asking myself if this was where I wanted to be cus d life ppl live in Cotonou is far from responsible and then in January I came across this blog and then I said to myself y not try jamb again n see if it works so I quickly came bk to lag n registered against my parents wasn’t exactly easy preparing for jamb and keeping up with sch work at the same time, I ended up having two carryovers. The jamb score wasn’t exactly convincing(211) it was at that point my siblings started to discourage me telling me I was just wasting time and money but I still went ahead and bought the post jamb form by myself and I didn’t meet d cutoff for my course (MBBS)to say I was heartbroken wud be an understatement,I almost gv up at that point but then I decided to do coc n they gv me botany,but then my parents still refused calling botany an inferior course.I went ahead to do the screening (10th NOV) and after that my parents still refused and they didnt pay my sch fees I tried begging but then they pursued me bk to Cotonou…I couldn’t just stop there like that I started asking round for the money no way,I mean after all d stress I went through buying all d forms and transporting myself n havung to wait so long for the suppl list then I wud get to d last bus stop n hang there..then I begged my sis to get it but she did not mind me .this issue really gv me sleepless nights cause I kept on thinking of where to get 56k I called everyone that could possibly help me again cus it was Dec 1st by then they wud av gotten salary all to no avail.then on Thursday 4th Dec I called my sis again n she said she doesn’t have but she wud try n get it for me. so by 3.30pm she called and told me to come that she has gotten it so I ran bk to lag that evening…..av not finished with d reg but its all good tho.I had already given up cus I didn’t think sh3 was capable of getting it for me well its all about having faith cus if I didn’t call her again that morning it wud av been d end of my Unilag story….as of now am still tryna convince my parents.if not for this blog I wouldnt have written d last jamb n I wouldn’t have even known about the coc..big tnx to bro Tim cus if not for u I wouldn’t be WHR I am today,may God bless you for all what you’ve done, even wh3n I was having trouble with the reg u gv me hope…i really appreciate what you’ve done. WE STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE’RE HERE!!!!!!

  6. I want to apply for unilag DLI in economics and I want to know the cateria, the cost and the years it will take me… Thanks
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