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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

2013/2014 Unilag Admissions Processes for Jamb Utme, Direct Entry and Diploma/Foundation Programmes is gradually coming to an end. Its been a wonderful year so far and we really have something to thank God for.

If you come across any platform like this where everything is working out fine, the only possible explanation is “God AT WORK” .

Am so happy that after the whole struggle despite University Of lagos being the most competitive school in Nigeria, my vision for creating this Unilag Admissions Guide platforms which is to guide as many youths all over Nigeria into the prestigious university is alive and working.
Not to talk of our 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards Nominations In Three Categories; Best Educational or Instructional blog, Best Student Blog and Best New Blog

Am so fulfilled! If my guidance has really helped you to gain your admission this year, Please take two minutes to share your testimony below according to this format;

* Write your full name in the comment section

* Your course of study

* How you found this blog or how you got to know Timothy Ozovehe

* Ways In which Timothy Ozovehe has really being of help to you during the process via this platforms

* Your Advice to incoming Jambites, Foundation programe and Direct entry candidates.

* And what ever you feel led to write.

Use the comment Form below….

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By Timothy Ozovehe

Timothy Ozovehe is a Digital Media Expert & Blogger who is passionate about educating, informing and giving the general public knowledge that will benefits them in their day to day life.

18 thoughts on “Testimonies From Successful 2013/2014 Unilag Jambites, Direct entry and Foundation/Diploma Students”
  1. I got to know this blog from a friend. I was always disturbing her with questions on Unilag so she just told me about dis blog and since then have gotten a lot of vital infos about Unilag admission on dis blog. Now have been admitted to Unilag. All thanks to Uncle Tim he was really helpful and ever ready to answer all our questions. All u nid to do is follow up on d blog u will surely get d latest infos. More power to your elbow uncle Timothy

  2. I found this blog when I searched for possible results under unilag on google

    Uncle Timothy Ozovehe has really been of great help to me. Right from the onset of preparing for the post utme examination, he helped with the purchase of the past questions, and put me through on so many things. Now, I can regard myself as a semi akokite”, because of what God used him to do in my life and my education.
    He was and is really a “GOD SENT”.

    My advice to the in-coming Jambite via’n for an admission in unilag, is to;
    (1st)put ur whole trust in God, cos only him alone can make ur admission possible.
    (2nd)prepare exceedinly well, becasuse we all knw daht heaven helps dos who hlp themselves.”
    (3rd)get the past questions n answers frm uncle Timothy directly,
    (4th)always check the websites of both unilag, jamb n dis blog to be up to date on d latest news.
    (5th)Never stop reading and trusting in God.

    I am writing dis cos I know that uncle Tim is truly a rare gem, and shud b apperciated and honoured. He takes his time to write n educate us on errithin abt unilag n its admission process. I just know that uncle Tim, wud definitely go places.

    You won’t be forgotten by me Uncle Tim, I apperciate u loads.. *hugs*

  3. I was giving admission to study building and glory be to God I am through with my registration. Bro Timothy was a really great help to me starting from Jamb period up until now,I was able to get the past question and various information about the admission process early enough. Well the day I found this blog I was just searching for anything and everything concerning unilag admission and I am really grateful to God for directing me here. To incoming jambites,u guys should put God first in everything,ensure u prepare very well for the exams coming your way,follow this blog in order to get notifications early. Thanks Bro Tim 4 all the help…God Bless U

  4. If odas re testifyn dis much I wonda wat I shud say, cos I benefited greatest 4rm dis blog. I stumbled upon dis blog afta my putme, if I had, b4 d putme, I wud ve sco like 80% as against d 67.5 dat I had. Bcos apart from dis source, no oda reliable one to get original unilag past questions & answers, cos I ve tried it. If not 4 dis blog I wouldn’t ve known there is anything like change of course & supp list cos I tot it was only merit & vc list. I follow uncle Tim on twitter, facebook, gmail & I will like to attest to his fast responses & his undefatigable love for our successes despite asking him some stupid & rhetoric questions. When he said he had been nomitated in 3 categories 4 d NBA award I wonda who will, if not him. I was offered microbiology as against mbbs I opted 4, but if not 4 him I wud ve got nothing; cos when d going is tough he was of great help to me. Then my advice to d in-comings: scoring high in utme alone is not d only criterium cos I sco 293, but decisive infos like d one u re readn now is one of d penitent things. Uncle Tim I wonder how u ve been coping wit ur studies & dis blog! I know is not easy & I pray God will reward u bountifully cos ur motive is not of money but of help. We d UNILAG 2013/2014 accademic session freshers are saying a big thank u to u.

  5. I am not dat gud with words but let me start by stating my name which is AKINTUNDE ENIOLA. I applied 4 Quantity Surveying thru D.E. and all thanks 2 Almighty God nd Mr Timothy i am one of d two people admitted. I heard about d blog from a friend nd since then i hav been gettng so many helpful info nd evrythng has being gng on without an itch…. I pray God Almighty in his infinite mercy wud continue 2 bless Mr Tim nd may he move from glory to glory, nd divine favour wud always b his….
    My advice 2 incoming student is to pray 2 God for guidance nd favour nd most especially let his will b done….

  6. I’m OWOLABI MISTURAH ABISOLA. I applied for d foundation prog n by d grace ov God n d hlp i got frm dz blog,i’ve bn admittd for masscom altho i applied initially for law. I got to noe ov dz blog thru sm google searches n since thn,it has bn ov immense hlp to me. This is my first tym ov cmentin on dz blog cuz evrtym i ad any questnz to ask thn,i wld v seen d answrz frm oda ppl’s cmentz. M d 1st child ov my family,xo my parentz knew nxt to ntin abt many ov d admisn stffs bt due d infos i got frm dz blog,d prcesses bcam easier. My sincere apprciatn goes to Bro Tim.may God cntinue to bles n strengthen u. N my advice to oda aplicntz is to b prayrfl,dtrmined n up to date. Merci trés beaucoup.

  7. ‎​​ give all d praise †Φ GOD for bringin M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ this far, ‎​♍Ɣ admission †Φ unilag is GOD’s doin, ‎​​ ‎​​ browse A̶̲̥̅ lot nd wen ‎​​ saw dis blog ‎​​ subscribed not really knowin how helpfull itz goin †Φ be, timothy is one pro, alwayz keepin in touch , selfless, humble. Thank U̶̲̥̅̊ so much. ‎​♍Ɣ admission and registration waz successful.

  8. I am very happy my screenin was successful,although it
    wasnt easy.tanx to God and u.may God continue to b wif u

  9. Pls i want to ask u a question ao wil i get d sch account numba bcos dere is no account numba written on d bill given to us.and d officers didnt tell us anytin.pls reply ASAP

  10. Timothy, you are doing a really good job. I am not a student of UNILAG but my sister gained admission into the school to study Creative Arts this year. I have to tell you this, she gained admission last year to study English Language but was not accepted during the clearance process because she was 15 at the time. Truth is that she did not really want to study that but I put English in her change of course form without asking and with the age problem, it was a no-no. It all turned out good since what she really wanted was Creative Arts. And this year, she wrote the exams and her name is number[i would not tell you] on the UNILAG Merit list for creative arts.
    Timothy, i am sorry for rambling but i have to say that i am so happy for her. She was made for this. She just called me to tell me that she is going to fill her data card at the senate building form after about five days of going to the school unanswered. This was all done without knowing anybody and none of the Nigerian-connection factor was involved. Who says merit is not awarded?
    Timothy, information you provided helped to sooth minds and smoothen the way for this to happen . I thank you.

  11. God is great……
    I appreciate the work he as done and the one he wil still do, he as shown his greatness in my life and he ensured i gained admission via direct entry to upgrade the certificate I had before through the ever relentless timothy…
    This platform gave me the neded information when its mattered most, I appreciate timothy.

  12. MR OZOVEHE grreetngs i optedin 4 mbbs foundation p.grmme buh tru allk d struggles i was givng med lab science den i kept pondering if i could,chnge d course wen i strt d p.grmme nd gained a handful of information wen i got to knw yur blogg nd since den i becme so desperate nd determined to cme out gud in order to stnd gud,chnces of chning it to wat i,wnt i wanna be an oncologist ot gynaecology all thnks to,u,cs i found out i,kan be wt,i,wnt to be

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