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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Few days ago Unilag released the 2021/2022 merit admission list for postgraduate students. Although some departments are still yet to be uploaded while some others will still be updated as time goes on.

You can check the Merit admission list from time to time via this link; 2021/2022 Unilag Merit Admission List For Postgraduate Students to be sure your department is fully updated and present on the list.

Now there will be a supplementary list and many are already asking when it will be online. In one of my previous post, I wrote About How To Get Your Name Into The Supplementary Admission List, you can read that post now if you are yet to.

So back to when the supplementary list will be online; Well from experience you can start to expect it any time from Mid January towards February and that’s a wild guess. It may come earlier or later but whatever happens you can be sure I will always be here to give you prompt updates without delay.

Don’t forget to read this advise of how to get your name into the supplementary admission list hopefully wishing you guys all the best of luck.

About The Next Unilag Postgraduate Application Form for 2022/2023 Academic Session, find information here (click to read details).

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7 thoughts on “When Will Unilag Release 2021/2022 Supplementary Admission List For Postgraduate Students ?”
  1. Hello Mr T,
    Thanks alot for all your updates, I have seen my name but I would like to ask when can we pay our obligations fees and school fee? What is the duration when the payment is opened?
    Thanks as I await your response

    1. BSc IRPM is not possible to study finance, you can only go for course in the department of Employment and Labour Studies

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