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Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Unilag isn’t that hard to gain admission into if you actually know what to do and don’t get me wrong am not talking about illegal runs here.

I mean you actually have what it takes to gain admission into the prestigious university of Lagos, Nigeria if you only you have access to some basic guide.

This basic guide and it’s accessibility to all are the reasons why I created this blog; ‘Unilag Admission Guide’ four years ago.

We have loads of testimonies from students presently studying in Unilag and you can check out some details below. Their stories are ordinary with extra ordinary results. Read below and check out what you need to do to have a similar story before the end of this year…..

You can read more of these testimonials when click …..>>>> Unilag Admission Guide Testimonial Archives.

Now what do you need to do to get the kinda result you so much desired at the end of the day..As far as Unilag admissions is concern, all you need to do in order not to miss out on any guide/updates is to be a regular follower of this blog. I have also written lots of helpful article that can give you insight on how to gain your admission already here and what you need to do to access them is for you to browse through the pages of this site.

One thing is very much important right now more than all else and that is making sure that you don’t miss out on any subsequent updates/guide that will be pusblished here. To make sure that you don’t miss out, you can subscribe to updates alert via email/social media and you will get an alert through email and also social networks each time a new post is available here on the blog. To subscribe, click…….>>>> Please Subscribe me to Unilag admission guide updates as Instructed below 👇

Also make sure that you check here too; often for updates/new posts.

Very soon I will start dishing out useful guide/infos that will make your admission a successful one right here on this site;

You will gain admission into Unilag this year if you can only subscribe and follow updates/guide bumper to bumper.

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By Timothy Ozovehe

Timothy Ozovehe is a Digital Media Expert & Blogger who is passionate about educating, informing and giving the general public knowledge that will benefits them in their day to day life.

100 thoughts on “You Will Gain Admission Into Unilag This Year If You Can Do This!”
  1. This blog was VERY helpful when I was an aspirant. I didn’t reach the cutoff mark for MLS in the 2014/2015 post utme, but I got informed on the next step to take + the documents to get ready beforehand. I got admitted to study Biology Education,and I’m loving it all the way.
    To the aspirants: Pray hard, read hard(even when you’re in) and don’t you ever give up…

    1. Olevel requirement for economics is Five O\Level credit in English, Mathematics, Economics and any two subjects from Arts, Social Science and Science. Commerce is not accepted

  2. But sir like I told you that I have economics mathematics English biology commerce account and government E8….i have already registered for jamb using mathematics English economics and government…did you mean it can’t work out?

    1. Your Olevel result for economics is not complete.

      Olevel requirement for economics in Unilag is; Five O\Level credit in English, Mathematics, Economics and any two subjects from Arts, Social Science and Science. Commerce is not accepted

    2. Out of the five required subjects in Olevel you have only four.

      Maths, English, economics, biology.

      Accounting is a commercial subject, you have E8 in government which is a social science subject & commerce is not an acceptable social science subject in Unilag.

  3. But I have collected jamb using mathematics English economics and government so what’s the next thing to do now sir

    1. Take change of course course form when it comes out and change it to any course under business admin; business admin, accounting, insurance, industrial relations and personnel management, finance or actuarial science.

      The jamb combo nd your Olevel is okay for all the courses I just mentioned above. Just change your course later from Economics to any of these courses. You can go ahead and still write the exam but make sure you change your course later when the form is on sale.

  4. But sir I thought Commercial subjects fall under social science;
    Account, commerce, government, & economics are social science subjects.which I have does that means it not it?


  6. sir is awaiting result allowed in unilag because I register for did year weac although I have neco but D7 in economics

  7. Hey…brother tim. Evening
    I got all my jamb requirements..such as o’level result- maths,English,further maths,physics,chemistry 2 mention d IVPs :). And my jamb combination which are maths,chemistry,physics…bt d problem am having now is the name and d state differs

    Name: George Doris Ifeoma
    State: Ekiti

    Hope its doesn’t mean oh…. Becos Unilag wahala plenty 😀

  8. Mr Tim pls i’l appreciate it if u can make a post wen d Jamb Exam finally starts, by lettin dos dat av done der Jamb exam drop dos questions dat was set 4 dem, so dat odas dat av nt don derz, cn go nd read dem.., especially Antonyms & Synonyms… Dis wl reli help Me nd odas too wl gain 4rm it.. Pls put dat in mind.. Tnks

  9. pls for DLI can Unilag accept my diploma? is upper credits and I have five credits in my olevel but maths and English are pases.

  10. i want to write jamb and i want to choose unilag to study french under art and humanities but wat are the requirement need in olevel and jamb and will they accept two sitting and awaitin result

    1. You can use awaiting result of you know your result will be ready before September ending. Unilag does not accept two sittings

  11. Please Timothy help to arrange this subject for one science course. Maths , English, Economics, Agricultural science, Biology, civic Education,Chemistry, Physics, Marketing

  12. I want to study mass common and in my jamb combo,I choose eng,govt,crk and lit-in-eng Buh some pple re saying I was supposed to choose econs…Am I still on the right path

  13. Hi…Mr Tim, Pls I applied for political science this year and my utme combo are:Maths, Eng, Govt and Econs….while my o’level results are as follows:Eng c6, Maths c6, Govt B3, Agric c5, Econs c6, Biology E8, Yor c6, Crk B3, Lit in eng E8….Pls sir, am I gud to go with this result?

  14. Hi…Mr Tim, pls I applied for political science this year and this is my utme combo:Maths, Eng, Govt and Econs….While my o’level results are as follows:Maths c6, Eng c6, Yor c6, Govt B3, Bio E8, Crk B3, Agric c5, Econs c6, Lit in eng E8….Pls sir, am I good to go with this?

  15. pls mr Timothy i want to know if someone study secretarial administration as holder of HND, and want to do pgd under (educational administration and planning) in unilag will that be possible? another question is this, what are the requirements to run pgd in unilag? finally at what time do registration of pgd start at unilag and the school fees

  16. uncle timo help o,I don’t have anybody to give me clue,my email account is their to update me.thanks as u do.

  17. uncle Tim my jamb subject English,government,literature &crk to study it okay and what the best score for jamb&utme for law.pls do reply

  18. Tanx for the good job Tim . I hold a 3.51 second class upper in pharmacy from u.i, with a good grades at olevel one sitting. I wish to apply for direct entry into medicine in unilag. do I stand a chance, considering the facts that unilag always consider their jupep candidates over any other. kindly guide and advice me please

  19. I have written unilag postume twice now, but still coming for the third time, how will I know when the form is out…? Please I need an official contact for more information

  20. Mr Tim, I scored 213 in my jamb for business administration, am I good to go? And again, what’s cut off mark for it and also when is the post-utme form come out

  21. Pls mr Tim,i scored 198 in JAMB n i learnt dat unilag cutoff is 200…is there anything i can do? UNILAG has been my firstchoice right frm my secondary sch days…am so frustrated

  22. pls I want to apply for direct entry in unilag, and I really need helps and information on how to apply because I heard they don’t write entrance exam for it. I just finished my National diploma in mechanical engineering and I want to continue my education in unilag.

  23. Sir I scored 197 and I want to study pharmacy in my o level I had B2 in maths B3 in physics C6 in English C6 in Chemistry am I capable

  24. My subject jamb combinations for computer science are mathematics English biology and physics

    Am i good to go???

      1. I checked this blog before picking my subject combinations for computer

        It gave me maths physics english and any of biology and chemistry

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